Dreams 2000

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January 2, 2000 (Elevator Crash Ending with a Small Point of Light)

I was in some kind of building and got on the elevator to go to the 2nd floor. There were two other people in the elevator with me. I did not know who they were. The elevator was circular in shape and the walls were made of glass. We started going up and accelerated very rapidly. We went past the 2nd floor and did not stop. I was wounding if this would stop at the top floor or if it would just crash into the ceiling. We went up to the 7th or 8th floor witch was the top of the building and the elevator crashed into the ceiling. All three of us lifted up off the ground and hit the ceiling of the elevator.

Then it started falling at a very high speed. Crashing into the ceiling caused the cable to break. I knew we were going to die. I went into a meditative state. When we hit the ground I became a very small point of very bright white light. I'm not sure if the other two were part of this point of light or not. I yelled out I was enlightened. Then I thought perhaps this was ego death. Then I was at my dad’s house on Gates Road. It was being torn apart. The place was empty and they were taking it apart. I was ok with this, and I woke up.


I think this relates to the dreams of trouble around you that you have been having. Perhaps having something to do with Becky. Your life is changing rapidly. Not only your personal life, but the lives of those around you. The only "answer" and certainly the way to get through it all is to meditate. What you experienced in the elevator is an illumination experience, a taste of enlightenment. We have many illuminating experiences that help prepare us for enlightenment. This time of change will (is) challenge us all. Your meditation WILL save you, but it may not save those around you. Meaning that you can rise to a new level, while those around you may not be able to embrace the higher path at this time. Part of growing is to move up and up and sometimes that means passing others in the process. Keep your heart open, use compassion, but stick to meditation and rising consciousness.

January 14, 2000 - Around 4:15am (Visit from Becky)

I was at my dad’s house at Gates Road in the kitchen. All of a sudden my sister Becky showed up at the door to the living room and she came inside. We hugged and then sat down together and talked some. I told her that I loved her and she told me that she loved me too. I don't really remember what else we talked about. It lasted around 10 minutes or so, then I woke up.

NOTE: It was later this day that she passed away from cancer.

January 31, 2000 (Attacking a Snake)

I was in a room with a snake that had two parts to it. These parts were the front half and the back half. I was attacking the back half with some kind of laser. There was a gauge on the snake telling me how much damage I was doing to it. I decided to kill the back half then to kill the front half afterwards. But once I killed the back half, the snake generated a new back half that was stronger and fully healed. It started shooting lasers at me. Then I realized I should have tried to kill both parts at the same time and woke up.


I think this dream is a little message to you. Life is tough sometimes. One often picks an aspect to focus on, only to find that there are other aspects needing attention as well. One cannot develop only certain aspects of oneself, one has to work on all aspects at once. I know that you are dealing with many aspects of your life right now...job, your dad, Becky, love, etc. Take a look at what you are focusing on. Expand it. Look for the aspects that you are ignoring. This may be a tiny warning to look about and take care of something you are avoiding.

March 2, 2000 (Ancient Elevator to Ocean)

I was someplace near the ocean. There was this big elevator made of stones and it was kind of medieval looking. It had definitely had been around for a while. It went about one mile down in the elevator that was big enough for a car to fit in it. Down at the bottom was the ocean, a few houses and some people. I don't remember to much else about the dream.


I don't get too much from your dream. Time and space are constants...the past, present and future are with us always. The elevator seemed to work kind of like a worm-hole, a transport to another part of the space time continuum. Nothing major, just a trip to another area of life.

March 21, 2000 (Adventure in Castle from the Middle Ages)

I was inside an old castle and I think there was some kind of party going on there. I was exploring the castle. It had many rooms and floors to it. At one point I ran into a man dressed in expensive cloths from the Middle Ages. He looked like he was the owner of the castle. I asked him if he was and he said that his father was, and that his father built the place and then shortly after became sick and was never really able to enjoy it. After talking to him I walked out on a balcony and there was a statue of gargoyle or something there. I looked at its face and it made a look at me. So I went back in from the balcony.

I continued to look around. I went into one room and came across an old book. It belonged to the father of the guy I had talked to. It had something to do with genes and creating creatures. There were several other personal belongings of his there. My friend and I grabbed a few of them because we felt they would protect us and may later be useful.

We walked into another room. This room was kind of dark and very dusty. It had looked like no one had been in there for a long time. We could hear a voice kind of like over a PA system warning us that this was a private room and we should leave. We figured the warning was out of date since no one had been in here for a long time. As we were walking we saw a Goblin come out of an entrance of a mine that led into this room. It started to chase us so we ran out of the room. It was kind of like going through a maze to get out of there.

We went in another room that had a dead woman in it. She was at the party earlier and I think she had just given birth before she was killed. It was then that we decided it was time to get out of this castle. I know I could not let the other people in this castle know that I have seen this or they would try to kill me or keep me in the castle.

I took a fire pole type thing and slid down several floors. Then I was in the room next to the main gate to the castle. There were several big men in this room talking. I thought they probably were the ones that killed that woman. I tried to act normal and not seem like I was in a rush to get out of there. I slowly walked out of that room and over to the main gate. Then I saw they were onto me when I reached to open the gate. I ran out of the castle as fast as I could. They were throwing things at me but nothing hit me.

I came up to a path. It went over the water and was made of tree branches. There were many trees around, and it was a warm sunny day. Other then the fact that I was being chased it was a peaceful setting. At first I was thinking I could go into the water and hide under the path that went over the water, but the path curved around and they probably would be able to see me from other parts of the path if I was under it. So I saw some low hanging tree branches with lots of leaves off to my right a little ways off the path. So I jumped into the water and hid amongst them.

First I saw a large strong man walking down the path. Behind him was a lizard like creature that stood on its hind legs. It had a large thick tail that dragged on the ground behind it. He had a spear in his hand. He threw the spear into some branches to the left side of the path. I was hoping he would not throw it into the place where I was hiding. The large man stopped on the path near where I was hiding, then he started to walk on past where I was. The lizard type creature threw another spear but this time it landed in the water near where the other guy was. It was floating on the water. I realized him seeing this spear floating in the water made him think that maybe I did not follow the path and perhaps I was hiding in the water.

The very moment I thought that, the branches I was hiding under disappeared and I was just sitting in the water in plane sight. Luckily they were looking in the other direction when this happened so I tried to quickly get under the path so they would not see me. I don't remember if I somehow tricked them into thinking I was dead, or if they just gave up looking for me and moved on.

After they were gone for a while I came out of hiding and then continued along the path. I entered some woods, and came up to a small stream. I walked through the water in the stream to get to the other side. It was only about 6 inches to one foot deep. Near the bank of the river where I crossed over, I saw an ax lying on the rocks in the water. It was a small hand ax. I picked it up thinking this was kind of like a Role Playing Game where I was collecting weapons and items.

I continued walking a short distance. Then I came out of the woods into a clearing. I was on a hill on the other side of valley from the castle. I could see some houses down in the valley. There was also a house on this hill a short ways off. I thought I would stop there and see if I could get food and stay the night, then move on the next day. It was still sunny outside and just a few puffy clouds in the sky. As I walked closer to the house I saw the big man and the lizard creature walking towards the house. They did not see me. I could also see a woman outside of the house doing chores.

I knew that if I did nothing or if I ran away that this man would rape and kill this woman and take stuff from the house. I took the ax I found and threw it at him. Then he turned towards me and was coming after me to rape and kill me. I ran as fast as I could.

Then me perspective of the dream shifted over and I was the friend I was with. I saw him throw my friend to the ground. I had a spear in my hand. I drove it into his throat. This would have killed him if he were human. Instead it just made his throat unstable and kind of wavy like when Odo shape shifts on Star Trek DS9. I hit him with the spear in other places and eventually his whole body was unstable and my friend was able to get out of his grasp. The man was now a big puddle of liquid gook. The lizard type creature told me that this puddle would soak into the ground a little bit then remerge back as a puddle above the ground. He said to remember exactly what I look like right now because in one day he would come back to life and look exactly like me.

I then knew that he would go back to the castle looking like me and cause problems. So I knew I had to go back to the castle to stop him when he went there. Then I woke up.


Funny, I do not get any really deep meanings from this dream. Seems that you are practicing skills of various sorts and taking responsibility for yourself and things done in your name (or shape as the case may be). That is about all I get.

March, 24 2000 (Old Fire Tower)

The first part of this dream took place during the night. I went in a fire tower with someone. This was a very old structure made out of wood. It was kind of run down and not in the best shape. I think it was about 50 stories tall. I noticed about halfway up that the emergency escape latter only went halfway up the building. The part that went the rest of the way up was not connected to the other part. I made it about halfway up.

I was lying down on the floor. It was dark and I was kind of scared to go up any further. The wooden floorboards were old and could easily give way. After a little while I decided to continue on. The path was now clear. There were places marked off where I could safely step where the floorboards were strong, or were patched up so they could hold my weight.

In the next part of the dream I was with my mom and dad. We were on a cliff over looking a beach and the ocean. The cliff was about 150 feet tall. It was extremely steep. My mom and dad ran down the cliff. I knew I could not do this because it was way to steep. I saw several other people try. They just fell down to the bottom. They got up and continued on their way. I looked around and found a part of the cliff that was less steep and I was able to run down it to get to the beach. That's all I remember of that dream.


I think the fire tower is the path to higher consciousness evolution. It is very old and it is dangerous. If you relax and look carefully you will find your way. The second part is similar. You have to find your own way. You cannot always follow in the footsteps of your parents. They have done some fine things in their lives and they have made some mistakes. You get to choose your way in the world. Sometimes you follow, sometimes not, you use your own wisdom to choose.

April 1, 2000 - Around this date (War in Cuba)

I went to Cuba. I was in a building there that people go to when they first arrive at that country. Food was in very short supply in that country. I heard an announcement that the Americans that were visiting there would get fed twice a day on weekends and once a day on week days. There were some vending machines in this building I was in. They were hardly any items left in them. I grabbed a pack of M&Ms. Then I saw my sister Lisa Simpson run off. I guess I was Bart Simpson.

Then in the next part of the dream I was walking outside with Keith. He started to eat the M&Ms, but I saw two kids, a boy and a girl. They were starving. I grabbed the M&Ms from Keith and dumped them on the ground. The two kids ran up and started fighting over them. Then I realized I should have split them up equally. So I started dividing them into two equal piles and did this as they slowly ate them. Eventually they were both full.

In the next part of the dream I was swimming in the ocean and I was near this ship. There was a rope that came down off the ship, at the end of the rope was tied a candy life savor. I knew this could be used to bribe the two people standing on the deck of the ship, to get information or to let me get on the ship. I thru it up to them. Then I came aboard the ship.

Now I was one of the men that was up on the ship before. There was a lantern next to me and I gave it to the guy that came aboard the ship (The guy I was earlier in the dream). He took the lantern and went into a room on the ship and thru it on the ground. It shattered and caught the room on fire. It was my room that he thru it in. I was hoping that he was going to throw it in someone else’s room. Then as I was transitioning back to the person I was (the one that was swimming in the water and started the fire), I thought it did not matter where the fire started that it would burn down the whole ship. Then I was the person that started the fire again. I jumped off the ship and started to swim away as fast as I could.

Then the guy on the ship, a very big and strong man, jumped in the water and started swimming after me. I was doing the back stroke, and I could see that he was catching up to me. So I went to were the water was very rough in the ocean. The guy that was chasing me started to drown. I pulled him up on a small boat or plank of wood that was floating in the water and saved his life. The next day he took me to his superior officer and he told him that I saved his life and did not tell him that I started the fire on the ship.

In the next part of the dream I was hovering over three mannequins or dummies. They were swimming in a circle and laughing. It was a decoy to make people think we were swimming there, and they would not really know where we were. It was day break, and as the sun started coming up the people on the shore could see that it was not really us.

In the next part of the dream I was swimming up to a cliff. It went about 150 feet up. I was with three other people. I started to climb up the cliff. It had lots of nice foot and hand holds so it was easy to climb. When I was most of the way up there was a bicycle that I grabbed onto and it fell down into the ocean. Then I made it to the top. There was a guy up there with a machine gun. I knew that if I made a lot of noise that some other people in the woods would come out and kill this man with the gun. I made a lot of noise. He started to shoot at me. Then some other people came out and shot him and he fell of the cliff and into the ocean. I don't remember if I also fell or not.

In the next part of the dream I was on top of the cliff with the three other people I was with. It looked like the coast was clear and we started walking inland. Then we heard some troops were coming. We had no time to hide or run for it. So we just laid down on the ground with our faces in the mud, hoping they would not notice us, or that they would think we were dead. They walked past us and thought we were dead. Then one other guy that was on our side came running up and asked Captain Janeway why we were laying down with out faces in the mud. This alerted the other troops that something was up. They came back and fired the machine guns at us. I laid perfectly still, everyone else got up and started running. The machine guns were full of blanks. They only fired them to see if we were still alive or not. I was the only one left laying there.

Right next to me my fellow people were being beaten up. Then they started to rape them. I was terrified laying with my face in the mud. I woke up, but it took me a little bit to realize I was awake and that it was just a dream and that I could move again.

April 4, 2000 (Rapid Tree Growth with Beautiful Music)

I was in a parking lot. There was this woman there with a R/V motor home and I was talking to her. She was going to be watching my child for a little while. My child was at her house and she was going to go there now. She said that she would have to leave my child home alone sometimes during the day. That made me a little uncomfortable. Then she said that she might be out some evenings as well. That made me even more uncomfortable. She had a small trailer behind the camper. Stuff I had given her that was either my child’s or would help her to watch my child was in it.

As she drove off the trailer hitch broke and the trailer was left in the parking lot as she drove off. I went inside the small building that was near by. There was a store in this building and it was just about to close. The owner was complaining about me going inside so close to closing time. I was going to use a phone to call the woman I spoke to and let her know that the trailer was left behind. But I heard an announcement on the radio. It said that there was a very large space ship orbiting the planet. It gave the exact dimensions. I don't remember what they were but this was over 10 miles in size. It had missiles targeted on every city in the world and was just about to fire them.

I walked outside of the store. I saw a red caravan driving rapidly up the dirt road and go past me. Behind it I could see some trees falling. Not all the trees fell, there were a lot that were left standing, but a lot of them also fell. Then I heard this kewl music. It was nothing I had ever heard before, or if I had heard it I don't remember it. Then many trees one right after the other, sometimes a few at once, started rapidly growing out of the ground. In less then a second it would come up out of the earth and become a full grown tree 50 to 70 feet tall and in good health. Some of the trees were covered with tons of white flowers that had just blossomed. Some trees grew right up and burst thru that building I was in. It was a really kewl sight and the loud music (kind of like the music an orchestra would play) enhanced the moment. Then I woke up.

April 10, 2000 (Saving a Baby from Falling of the Roof)

I don't remember the first part of this dream. A bunch of people and myself went up onto the roof of the house at Gates Rd. We were going to play some kind of game up there. I noticed there was a section of the roof near the edge of the house and garage that was only roofing paper with no roof under it. I knew if anyone stepped on this they would fall right thru. I was just about to warn everyone when a baby fell thru it.

I ran over to the roof of the garage. At first I did not see him and I thought he fell. Then I noticed he was still hanging on just about to fall. So I quickly grabbed him. At that time he was a normal sized baby. I brought him to safety. Then he was the size of a new born kitten. I was holding him in the palm of my hand thinking how cute he looked and how much I loved him.

April 10, 2000 (Held in a Room by Aliens)

I was in a large dimly lit room. There were probably about 50 other people in the room. We were all sitting on the floor up against the walls of the room. I was not sure if we were on a space ship or not. I think it was aliens that were holding us hostage there, but I don't know for sure. One came in and gave me half a watermelon. All the good part was gone from it. There was just a little bit of it left, but I was not allowed to eat that. There were two seeds in it about the size of a walnut. That was the only part I was aloud to eat. That was all I had for two days.

Then I was thinking that we had not seen these aliens for two days and what was stopping us from just getting up and trying to get out of there. Then a few moments after that one came in again, and took the part of the watermelon I did not eat. Then he had a bag of marshmallows, and started handing some of them out to the other people in the room. Then he left. I woke up shortly after that.

April 14, 2000 (Three Snakes Merging into One)

I was in a room with a few other people. In part of the dream I was doing something with a small snake. I was walking around with them and I held it up near one person. Not in a way that scared them or anything. I'm not sure what I was doing. Then I had 3 small snakes and I held them up to another person. The three small snakes turned into one big snake. It looked kewl and I think it was red in color had some kind of a pattern on it.

First Quarter of 2000 (Helping People in a Small Town by a Lake)

Gwen and I were in a small town. We walked down to a lake and swam in it for a little while. Then when we got out we saw there was a power plant or something that would pollute the lake. We decided to do something about it to stop that from happening.

Then we were walking around in the town. We went in one persons house. There was a husband and wife in there and they were arguing about something. Gwen and I talked to them and got them to work things out. I don't remember anymore of that dream.

First Quarter of 2000 (Being Held Hostage on a Bus)

Gwen and I were riding on a bus together. Some people held up the bus and were taking hostages off the bus and putting them on another bus. They took Gwen and I could not bare to think of losing her so I jumped out of the bus I was on and got on the bus Gwen was put on, even though it meant I was now a hostage as well.

First Quarter of 2000 (Deadly Ride)

It was Keith's birthday. At first I was going to the bank to deposit some checks but I had trouble finding one.

In the next part of the dream I was with a group of people walking in a park someplace on an open lawn. Gwen and I were running together holding hands. Then everyone came up to this ride. There was a rope over this big valley that was several hundred feet deep. It had some kind of thing that slid across this rope out over the valley. Some guy I did not know went on it first.

I was going to go after him, but there was an accident. Something broke and he was about to fall. Then he was back where we were standing laying on the ground. Except he was not a real person. He was like a mannequin. He had a knife or something driven thru his head. I was glad he did not appear as a real person because that would have looked real gross. Then when I looked back again he was a real person and that freaked me out and I woke up.

May 5, 2000 (War in Ireland)

In this dream I went to Ireland. I flew there, and caught a connecting flight. I was traveling with my mother, but she was only in the first part of the dream when I was on the plane. I knew that when we got there we would have to jump out of the plane because it was not safe for the plane to land there due to the war that was going on. It turns out the plane crashed so I did not have to jump out of it. No one was hurt in the crash.

We were just kind of wandering around in the woods, trying to avoid being seen. At one point I knew that it was only a few people responsible for this war. These people were in high up places and all we had to do was get to them. I don't remember much else from it.

May 10, 2000 - Around this date (Trying to Find Time to Watch Star Trek)

I was at my house, not a house I have ever seen in real life, but in the dream it was my house. I was going to watch Star Trek the Next Generation at 7pm and then Gwen was going to watch it at 8pm. The one I was going to watch was canceled. So I went in to the kitchen. I had a pot of tea in my hand and was going to set it down on the counter. Gwen was also in the kitchen and it was a small kitchen. I was trying to avoid bumping into her or getting in her way. She had a cup of tea in her hand. Then I told her that the show I was going to watch was canceled and asked Gwen if I could watch the one at 8pm with her.

May 12, 2000 (Tornado in Orlando)

I was in some big city. I think it was just a dream city and not a city in real life. If I had to compare it to a city I would say it was similar to Orlando. I was in a smaller building across the street from a big skyscraper. There were big windows in this room so I could see out across the city and off in the distance beyond the city.

I was in a very big room. I saw a tornado off in the distance that was about a quarter of a mile wide. Then it went away. At one point lightning struck about two feet from the corner of the building I was in. Then there were a bunch of people in this building with me. They all started to dance. There was only one person other then me that was not dancing so I went over to her and asked if she wanted to dance. When I got up to her I saw she was pregnant. Probably about 7 months pregnant. She and I danced but I told her I did not know how to dance and I was dancing very poorly. So she kind of showed me as we went along.

I looked out the window again. The tornado was back and it was much closer now. It was inside the city limits near a big water fountain. I could see small explosions caused by it. Then four bolts of lightning hit in that same spot outside of the building a few seconds apart. I was thinking that it was weird, that normally they say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, and it hit the exact same spot 5 times now. It was starting to rain and hail outside.

People were running out of this smaller building we were in across the street to the skyscraper. I ran outside and across the street. I entered the basement of the other building. There were only a few other people in there with me. They were all very old, in there 70s or so. It was dark in there and they were walking around. They walked down this one path and came to a dead end. I no longer wanted to be in there so I went back outside and the tornado was gone and it had stopped raining.

I went over to a restaurant where other people had gone from the first building I was in. I asked if they knew where the girl was that I danced with. They said she was still back in the first building. I realized in her condition she was unable to run across the street to the other building. So I went back to the first building.

I wanted to talk to her but there were other people talking to her and I did not want to interrupt. I asked someone for a phone so I could call her, so they handed me a cordless phone. I was surprised it was not a cell phone. I asked where the base of the phone was since there was static on the line. Then I went in that person's room in this building to make the call. I sat down to make the call and then I woke up.

May 29, 2000 (Becoming Gwen)

I was in the living room with Gwen at Tom and Bev’s. I had a video tape that I wanted to give to Gwen. I set it down on the table. Then my perspective switched so I was Gwen. I picked up the video tape and thought that it was probably something boring and was a bit frustrated that Rick kept on pushing all this stuff on me that I was not really interested in, but I did not want to hurt his feelings at the same time. Then I woke up.


While I was Gwen in the dream I could feel all the emotions she was feeling. They were many levels to them and it felt totally different from the way I perceive emotions.

May 30, 2000 (Poem about Fish)

Gwen and I were in a class together. There were about 15 to 20 people in this class. Our assignment was to look thru this book and pick a poem to read out loud to the class. I was looking thru the book trying to find the shortest poem to read. Most of them were a page or two long, but I found one that was only about a quarter of a page long. The only problem was that about half of this poem was written in Japanese. It used the English alphabet, but I was unsure how to pronounce some of the words. I knew this would be a hard poem to read to the class but decided to do this one since it was so much shorter then all the others.

I asked Gwen for help on how to pronounce the words that were in Japanese. Then this video came up that was like a cartoon style animation. It took place in a small lake underwater. I saw this big fish swimming and it was about to eat a little fish. Then someone that was fishing caught the big fish with a fish hook, thus saving the little fish but killing the big one. I felt bad that the big fish was going to die, but I thought at least it was nice that some good would come of it and the little fish would be saved. Then the video ended.

I still was not sure on the pronunciation on some of the words in the poem. I asked for Gwen’s help but all she said was that I should have remembered how to pronounce them from that video I had just watched. Then I woke up.

June 8, 2000 (Gwen’s Help with a Drawing)

I was at my dads house on Gates Road in Jamesville, NY. I was in the driveway and walked out to the van. I think I was going to drive it someplace. When I got inside I saw a drawing of the house that I had started but never finished. I noticed that Gwen had started to color parts of it in with pencil and I thought that was nice of her to help me complete the drawing I never finished.


Sounds like you would like to have Gwen complete and bring to life/color the dreams of your life. Couples complete each other and fill in the unfinished places and brighten up the world. Good luck.

June 8, 2000 (Driving in a Stream)

I was at my dads house on Gates Road and I was supposed to drive to Dawson’s (one of my dads friends) house. There was snow on the ground and I could see the stream by my dads house, the water level was higher then normally and with the snow and ice it was very beautiful. I thought I would rather go for a walk down along the stream then be driving over to Dawson’s house.

All of a sudden I was driving my car in the stream. Then I was out of the stream and at an intersection waiting for my dad and Dawson to show up so I could follow them to Dawson’s house. I was just about to give up waiting and go back to the stream when I saw my dad and Dawson come up. Turns out they took another rout to Dawson’s house and were on the way back so I did not have to go after all.


We each have duties that we must perform, even when we would rather be doing something more fun. Sometimes it seems that the burden is heavy or difficult. But it is our job and our duty to do it. And sometimes we get let off the hook.

June 9, 2000 (Figuring out Words from a Story)

This dream took place at my Uncles summer house in Wanakena. Gwen came along with me to my family gathering there. The dream started just after dinner ended and we were moving in to the living room to sit down and talk. There were a lot more people there then I had expected. At first Gwen and I sat down in two chairs next to each other, then more family members came in and we moved apart to make room for them.

My mom and a few others gave up their chairs for others to sit in, and they sat down on the floor. I went over and sat near my mom. I looked around, but no longer saw Gwen in the living room. I thought perhaps she went upstairs to be alone for a little bit and read some. But just a few moments later she came back in and sat down behind me. We were all siting in a circle facing each other. One by one each person started telling a story or saying something.

When it was my moms turn she started reading from something. She came to a word that she did not know how to pronounce. Gwen offered to help, and put on her glasses and took a close look at the word but she could not make it out either. It was very sloppy handwriting. Then a bit later my mom came to two other words in a row she could not make out. I took a look at the first word and could not figure it out, then I looked at the second word, and was able to figure that out. Then from that and the context of the sentence I was able to figure out the word before that as well. Then I woke up.


Gwen seems to be integrating more and more into your family scene. There is a nice level of comfort between her and your mom. The words are little aspects of life that are often confusing or poorly presented. By working together and figuring out what you can, will allow you to figure out the entire meaning of the situation. Often confusion is a gateway to understanding and communion.

July 8, 2000 - Around this date (Two Headed Creature of Good and Evil)

I was on some other planet. There was this creature there that had two heads. One head had one horn on it like a unicorn, and the other had two long and twisty horns on it. The one that was like a unicorn was good, and the other was bad. Me and some of the other people there were trying to learn more about this creature. Then I went back in time to the year 1730. That is the year it was on the planet I was on, I don't know what year that would have been on earth.

A lot of people were looking for gold, and also looking for ancient books that had been buried in boxes. For a little while I tried to find a book that would have information on the creature with two heads. Then I went into a store like K-mart. I looked around there for a while and then walked into the paint section. The signs near the cans of paint that described what was inside were written in some alphabet I have never seen before. Also people in this isle were talking in a language I have never heard before. Apparently this was the language everyone spoke and wrote in. This was the only place where I saw what was actually spoken and written, every place else it appeared in English to me. Then I went to another section of the store.

I saw some figures that were similar to the two headed creature. I looked for one that had the unicorn horn on the right head, and the two long and twisty horns on the left. I grabbed the figure that closest matched the one I saw in real life.

I was back to the time period I started the dream in. I was in a building similar to a church. Now I had a lot of figures. These figures just had one head. Some the one with the unicorn horn, and some with the two twisty ones. I knew I had to give the unicorn one to one person, and it did not matter what kind of figure the rest of the people there had. Then this somehow converted the creature so it was all good, and no longer had the bad aspect to it.


Very cool dream! Many aspects of life involve "good and "evil". At its most basic, "evil" is simply an absence of light. A little more complex version is that it is energy that is not balanced or is not being used correctly. Anything can be misused, overused or abused. When it is properly used it becomes "good". Some energies are very appropriate for certain individuals. Those same energies are very inappropriate for others. An example is explosives. In the "right" hands they do great good. In the "wrong" hands they become deadly. Animals are another good example. Some people take very good care of creatures, others abuse them. Some people can handle strong, energetic creatures (like big dogs or powerful horses). Other people can not handle these creatures and the creature becomes dangerous to them and to others.

It is also up to us to foster the "good" in any situation. We always have a choice to encourage the "good" or to encourage the "evil". Look at little kids. When faced with a difficult situation they often pitch a fit, causing more trouble, adding to the difficulty of the situation. As we grow wiser, we realize that there is a better way to handle things and make a "bad" situation as easy as possible. Sometimes the way to minimize "evil" is to ignore it. The IChing says, "The way to overcome evil is to make energetic progress in the good." I have found this to be true. As in your dream, often "good" and "evil" reside together. Things are rarely all one way or the other, they are a mixture of both (even inside ourselves). It is our job to guide the energy into the positive path.

It is an interesting responsibility for one to properly handle and distribute the energies that come our way. I basically feel like a caretaker of the planet and its resources (including subtle-level energies). Whatever comes my way I feel is God's way of having me deal with it.

July 11, 2000 (Visiting Sissy in an Old Town)

I drove over to Sissy’s house to meet her. Not the house she lives in in real life, but some other place. I left my car about half a mile from her house. She and I walked thru town to her house. I told her about a spark plug I found, and that I thought there was something special about it. When I showed it to her and looked at it closer I realized it was not a spark plug but something used on power lines back when they started using electricity.

Sissy told me that this town was one of the first towns in the country to be hooked up to electricity. When we got to her house I saw it was right next to a lake. It was a hot day in the afternoon. We went inside. I realized once I got inside that I forgot to bring anything thing with me. I was going to stay for the weekend but I had no change of cloths, toothbrush and stuff like that. I told her I was so excited when she said I could come and visit that I just got in the car and drove there and did not think to bring anything with me. I was also disappointed I did not have my swimming trunks to go swimming in the lake.

September 16, 2000 (Riding Motor Bike on Raquette Lake)

I was at Raquette Lake by the marina. Andy (a friend of mine) was out on the lake riding something that looked like a motorcycle. The wheels where much smaller and where white in color. It was kewl because it looked like it would not be something that could float on the water but it did. He came over to me and said I could try it out.

The steering on it was controlled by the direction you looked with your eyes. It took a little while to get used to the controls but is was really fun. I was going all over the lake in big zigzags. The water on the lake was incredibly smooth. There were no waves at all. For the most part I was doing this 1st person. But after awhile I switched over to a 3rd person view and could see myself zooming all over the lake.

I wondered what would happened if the lake was not calm and if there were lots of waves. Then I went over a few ripples and it bobbed around a little then was ok. Then I went over to a section of the lake that had waves and soon as I hit the waves I fell in the water and the motorcycle thing sank into the water. I grabbed it and then started walking back along the shore of the lake in shallow water. I saw a small garden snake curled up under the water. Then I was sitting by the shore talking to Andy. I had two of my tee shirts sitting on a rock in shallow water. There was a small garden snake curled up in them, then it started to crawl thru the sleeves. Then I woke up.


My take on this one is that it was training for astral travel. What you describe is very much how it is, except that things can move much faster. I think the snake represents doubt. It is not serious doubt, hence the garden snake (instead of a poisonous one).

September 21, 2000 (Car Almost got Stuck in Water in Adirondacks)

I was driving around with my dad in the Adirondacks in Upstate NY. We came up to a spot in the road that was flooded with water. We were going so fast and did not see it in time to stop. Once we did stop the water around the car was about 2 or 3 feet deep. We were able to put it in reverse and get out ok. We took another route to get to where we were going. I don't think the car would have been able to get out of there if that was real life since the engine was under water.

September 23, 2000 - Around this date (Two Kids Getting Lost up North)

In this dream I switched back and forth from being different people. There was this family that was going to a Mormon or Amish community. It was a father with four kids. I switched back and forth from being the father and one of the kids. I have never seen anyone in this dream in real life.

We were in the main meeting house. My dad was selling some kind of fake potion that did something like make you look better. One woman there was acting all happy and saying how great the stuff was. Then either she or someone else said it was a fake and the stuff was hurting them somehow. I had remembered my dad told me that if anything went wrong to head north. Then the dream switched locations.

I was outside walking with two of my brothers. I was wearing a tee shirt and it was cold outside. I think it was starting to snow. I grabbed a towel or blanket off a cloths line to keep warm. Then we started to walk up a dirt road. We went past a lake to the right. Then after awhile came across a house. We hid in a barn for awhile. Then continued on.

The dream switched again. I was now the father. The woman that said that the potion hurt her was just playing a joke. I realized that two (I know it was three but somehow it had switched) of my sons had ran off and went north not realizing it was just a joke. I was very worried about them and went with my other son and started to look for them. We stopped at the lake. There was a guy there on a jet ski. He came to the shore and said that he had not seen anyone. We continued up the road and came to the house with the barn. I found traces that they stayed there but they were gone now.

Now I was the kid again. I came across a village. But it was not really a village. It was like one of those props used in old western movies with just the front of the houses being there. There was no phone or way to get help there and we continued on past that village.

Then I was the father again. I came to that village. There was no power or phone there, but there were phone lines. At first I thought if I damaged them someone would come out to fix them but that was no good. Then I knew that they had frozen to death up north and I was never able to find them.

That dream was very long dream. I woke up in the middle of it and it continued when I went back to sleep.

September 27, 2000 (Searching for Old Man by Ocean with Three Dogs)

It started out in a new apartment I lived in. I don't remember much from this part of the dream. Just that I was in my room for a little while, then I went out to the living room and it had a glass roof and was inside a much bigger building, and other people could look down and see into my living room.

In the next part of the dream I was out by the ocean on the beach. It was dusk and I was standing with my feet in the sand feeling the water from the waves come by my feet and slowly wash the sand away from around them. Gwen was standing about 15 feet to my left. I wanted to kiss her on the beach. So I went over to where she was and we started to walk out into the ocean a little bit. This spot where we started to walk in was muddy and our feet got messy. Then we got to a better part of the beach where there was sand underneath our feet.

We walked out a long ways, and we were on some kind of road. At first this road was about 2 inches under the water. Gwen told me to watch my step because this road was going to end soon and there would be a big drop off. Shortly after that we got to the end of the road and I saw the section she was talking about.

Now the water level was about 10 feet below the road and we were above the water. There was a ladder that went down into the water. I was going to jump in the water to get the gunk off my feet from that muddy part of the beach we walked in earlier, but the tide was coming in and there were big waves. Then this big wave came and I told Gwen to hold her breath. There was a ceiling above us so we could not swim above the water level. We were completely underwater for about 10 seconds as the wave went by. Then we were ok.

In the next part of the dream I was in the third person watching an older guy walk around in a bad section of the city near the ocean. He was going thru back allies and stuff heading towards the beach. He finally arrived near the ocean. There was a wall there and this very small and narrow tunnel. When he was younger he used to crawl thru this tunnel to get inside this building that was above it. There was another guy there. They older man asked this guy about the tide and if he had time to crawl thru the tunnel before the tide came in.

This other guy said that it had been a long time since he was able to tell how much time for the tide to come in just by looking at it, and he was not sure if the older man would have time or not. The older man decided to try it. I knew he would not make it. It went all the way thru the tunnel and dropped off into the ocean on the other side of the wall. There were very big waves around 10 feet tall. He was thrown by the waves up against the rocky shore. I was not sure if he was going to be ok or not.

In the next part of the dream I was searching for this older man to try to help him. I had three dogs with me on a leash I was holding. They were leading the way towards where the older man was. One of them got tangled up in a tree so I had to mess around with the leash and then we continued on. I woke up around this point in the dream.


I think this relates to the difficulties of your relationship with Gwen. The mud and stuff being her past and how it affects her present with you. The older man is the wisdom of those who have tried to wade through the same sort of difficulties. It is difficult and tricky with only a slim chance of success. The three dogs are divine wisdom = Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, your ever present divine helpers (you lucky dog!). Great wisdom may help you find your way through although there may be some tangles along the way.

September 27, 2000 (Maze in 100 Floor Building)

I was in this very huge building that was very high up in the sky. It may have even been in a different dimension or planet. I just know there was a long trail up a steep mountain that lead to it. I think I had another dream that took place in this same building a while back. Maybe a year or two ago. This building had around 100 floors. I was working my way up to the top. The whole building was like a big maze. Floors constantly changing around. The elevator taking you to strange places. There was this music, and as I got closer to the top the music built and had more parts to it. There were other people in this building. Some that could help me and some that were trying to stop me. I don't remember too many details about this dream.


Yes, I remember this setting. Anyway, I think it is along the same vein as the first. You are taking on a great challenge, it is complicated (a maze), with many levels.

All great undertakings have personal spiritual/character building elements. We take on the challenges to evolve. Karma is always involved. The trick is to remember that they are designed for our benefit and we must keep our own journey in focus and not be distracted by the details (especially if those details have a romantic element). We can share a path with others,(marriage included), but the path itself and our lessons from it is our own.

September 27, 2000 (Using Energy to Reconstruct an Apple)

I was at Ananda Ashram. I don't remember too much of this dream. Just in one part I was in the main house. There was meditation going on and there was a bucket of water in the center of the room. There were three different pieces of fruit in it. One was an apple core. I asked if I could stick my hand in the water and she said it was ok. I picked up the apple core and brought it out of the water. She showed me how to hold it with two hands. One on the stem and the other around the core. With the hand around the stem I could direct energy into it and I forgot what she said to do with the 2nd hand, but also something to do with channeling energy thru it. By doing this it was keeping it alive and eventually the apple would grow back and become whole again.


This dream was a lesson in energy dynamics. It relates to the first dream in so far as learning to gently but powerfully restore that which has been damaged (eaten).

More dreams will be inserted here when I have the time to sort thru them...

October 14, 2000 (Gwen at Three Different Ages)

I had just arrived at Gwen’s house. I’m not sure weather it was her parents house, foster parents house or Aunts house. It was a very expensive house and one I have never seen before. Also in this dream Gwen switched between several different ages. She was her current age, around 6 years old and around 3 years old in different parts of the dream. At the beginning of the dream she was her current age. We were sitting on a couch together watching TV in the living room. I was with Gwen the day before and then dropped her off at this house in the evening. Gwen said that they heard the doorbell ring late in the evening and she wanted to know if it was me and she was kind of mad that I would have come back that evening. I told her that it was not me. That I just went home to bed after that and had come over this morning.

I was now alone watching the TV in this room. I was wondering where Gwen was because I have been sitting there alone for about half an hour watching a movie on TV. I decided to go look for Gwen and see where she went off to and if she wanted me to leave since she was not spending time with me. I walked over to the next room. It was another living room but this one was more open and was also connected to the kitchen and a den. There were big sliding glass doors that lead out to the back yard from the kitchen.

Gwen was sitting on a couch similar to the one I had been sitting on in the other living room watching the exact same movie on TV that I was watching. I asked her why she came out here and left me since she was just watching the exact same movie I was. Then the dream switched over:

I was now in the backyard. It was fenced in and other peoples backyards were right next to it on the other side of the fence. I was with my mother. At first we were on the patio, then we walked around some. It was a big yard. It also had a small passageway that went between two other peoples yards and had another section of yard. This was up on a hill. My mom was talking to me about how she loved the change of the seasons in New York State. We were comparing it to other climates where it was warm all year round. She said how she loves the green color of the leaves in the spring after they have all come back on the trees. I asked her what was different about this color green from the trees that were in the warm climate all year round. She said that when the new leaves grow and come out that they are new, fresh, and clean and full of new energy. That the trees in the warmer climate that kept there leaves where not new and as clean.

At this point I floated up into the sky and looked across the landscape. We were in a hilly area that was covered with trees. These trees were slightly different from any tree I have ever seen in real life. They all had new leaves on them and they were very beautiful. I was floating up about 150 feet in the sky looking across the landscape. Then I came back down to the backyard with my mom. She and I started to walk back to the house.

As we got close to the house there was a basketball hoop set up. A big black dog, I think it was a Doberman ran up to the basketball hoop and jumped thru the hoop from underneath and did a back flip after going thru the hoop and my mom caught him as he landed back on the ground. I thought that was kind of impressive. Then we continued on back to the house. As we were on the steps to the house I saw that Gwen’s Dad, foster dad or Uncle (I’m not sure which, he was not someone I had ever seen in real life before) had arrived home and was walking out to the backyard.

Now I was back in the living room (the one that was connected to the kitchen) with Gwen. I was not sure whether it would be ok to sit next to her or not, but her "mother" who was standing behind the couch said that I should sit next to Gwen since she was not feeling well. I sat next to Gwen and asked her what was wrong. She did not tell me at first. Then she did tell me. Now she was 3 years old. She told me that she was taking a flying lesson and was flying a plane. Someone was also up there with her but she had the controls and was able to fly around some. I thought this was amazing since she was only 3 years old. When she was telling me she used smaller words and had difficulty with some of the words since she was only 3 years old. I don’t remember exactly what she said happened. Something to do with something hitting the right wing I think. After she told me she was 6 years old.

We were still sitting on the couch together. She was now sitting on my lap and I put my arms around her as we watched TV. Then she was in the first living room again and was talking to my mom. Something about the subject of a one week vacation coming up. My mom was saying that she was going up to the Adirondacks for that week to go cross country skiing. Gwen did not know for sure what she would be doing and thought she probably would be at this house for that week. Then Gwen started talking about Authorware (The main program I have been using at work) and how she has been working on lesson 10 and going into details about that. I thought it was interesting that she knew about all this stuff since she was only 6 years old.

In the next part of the dream I was in the kitchen with Gwen’s "mom" and she was making something on the stove and was pouring peanuts into it. She asked me if I thought there were enough peanuts in it. There seemed to be a lot in there but I said I thought it could use a couple more as she put a few more in and then closed the jar of peanuts.

Then she asked if I wanted Benedict eggs for breakfast this morning or regular eggs. Gwen was now standing next to me and was back to her current age. Her mom also asked someone else and it was going to be a vote between the 3 of us as to what kind of eggs we had. I picked Benedict eggs since I was not quite sure what they were and wanted to see what they looked like and how they tasted. The other person also picked Benedict. Since 2 out of 3 picked that it did not matter what Gwen said she wanted. She had wanted regular eggs and was a little ticked at me since the Benedict eggs would take more work to cook up. Gwen was about to go off to start cooking them but her mom said she would do it.

October 22, 2000 - around 1:40am (Fish That Started to Grow Feet)

I was inside a restaurant like McDonald’s. The time period appeared to something from around the 1940’s. There were several older woman who took turns making the food. The woman that was on duty at that time cooked up the last fish patty and set it up on a tray. A guy came in and wanted it. She warned him that there was something wrong with this fish patty. That she did not realize it till after she had fried it. The guy seemed not to care and bought it anyway. After he got it he lifted up the bread and looked at the fish patty. The fish had a foot that had started to develop. The guy was disgusted and gave it back to the woman and he asked how she could try to sell someone something like that. She apologized saying it was the last fish patty they had and that she never seen anything like that before.

I was now standing outside of the McDonald’s. I was in an enormous hotel. The McDonald’s was on the first floor of the hotel. There was a very high ceiling in the lobby. You could look all the way up to the top of the building and people could look down from each floor to see the lobby. It was at least 20 floors high. I told someone in the lobby about the fish sandwich. Somehow this triggered a big event to happen. We knocked on everybody’s door to get them to come out for some kind of meeting or something. Then we also told everyone in the other wing of the hotel as well. They all gathered around at the base of the lobby and on every floor on the balcony overlooking the lobby.

I was now on the 20th floor. I don’t remember if that was the exact floor number just that I was on something like that. This was all set up like some big show now. There was a woman down in the lobby singing with a microphone. It was very beautiful singing but her voice was very loud. I leaned out over the railing and looked up trying to figure out if there were anymore floors above me. It looked like there were two more floors above me. The ceiling had a very interesting design on it and was very fancy.

I was content with the one floor I was on but one woman next to me said that she was going up one more floor because the next singer that just came up had a higher pitch voice and the music was a little too loud for her. She said that it should be a little quieter up on the next floor since it was slightly further away from the singer. I decided she had a good point and also went up one more floor.

In the next part of the dream I was down on the first floor in the lobby, way off to the right side. This area was kind of set up like an airport terminal the way it looked and felt. I sat down on one chair. I started jumping with the chair but pushing off with my feet. I went about 5 feet into the air with each jump. I did this a few times, then I got up and looked around. There was a door that was closed off to the section where the singer was. This lessened the volume from it so it was not quite so loud in here.

They were now in-between singers and this guy was talking on the microphone. I opened the door and walked over to where I was able to see him. He was about 15 feet away from me. I was standing next to this other guy. He seemed to know the guy with the microphone and was trying to say something to him but the guy with the microphone was just ignoring him. The guy with the microphone knew if he let the guy standing next to me talk so everyone could hear him he would discredit him. Somehow the guy with the microphone was lying or saying something misleading.

Now it was after the event. I’m not sure if I was in the same building or a different one. I was walking in a hall on the 1st floor or the basement. I had a video tape with me that had something to do with the fish that started to develop feet. Some security guy or research guy came up to me. He told me how that show was misleading to the public. That it gave the idea that the aliens were some special race that would come down and help us. But that in reality that they were more like us and that they could be dangerous and have bad intentions. He said something about in most areas their technology was more advanced then ours, but in a few areas our technology was more advanced there theirs. He mentioned that they were still working on programming some software that we had already completed.

I then continued walking down the hall. A rope or something that I was carrying with me got caught on the statue of an alien that was sitting in the hall. It was of a gray alien with the big black eyes. The typical alien you always see in the media. When the rope got caught on it, it pulled the head around so it was looking straight at me with those big black eyes. Even thought it was just a statue it felt very creepy with it staring right at me with those big black eyes and I felt like I was being watched. Then I woke up.

October 30, 2000 (Taking a Bath in a Library)

I was at a new Art Institute with Gwen. This one was one that was created just after the new one in real life was created. So it would have been the 3rd one. Gwen and I were up in the library. I sat next to Gwen and she was checking her e-mail. Then she put up a divider so I could no longer see her or what she was doing. This also blocked anyone who wanted to enter the library. I was not sure if there was another entrance to the library or not. There was now a bathtub in the section of the library I was in.

I was taking a bath. After a little bit I noticed the water was very dirty from all the gunk I washed off myself. I opened up the drain to let out the dirty water and then was going to refill it with clean water and continue washing myself. Then I woke up.

November 8, 2000 (Spiral Walkway in Airport)

I was in an airport with Gwen. We were going to leave on a flight but I’m not sure where it was going. We were going to the gate. It was a long ways away. We were going up this spiral walkway that looped around in circles going upward. It seemed we were going up many levels to get to the gate.

November 8, 2000 (Storm Clouds and Sending Jackie Reiki)

I was laying down outside on a lawn. There were some trees around and I was out in the country. I saw some storm clouds were approaching off in the distance. They were very dark. There were two sets of clouds perpendicular to each other. I could not tell for sure if it was raining under them or not. I thought if it was not raining under them it would be nice to just lay out and watch them as they came over. As they got closer I could see there was rain under them. One set of clouds came all the way down to the ground.

I decided it was time to get up and head for shelter. I got up and crossed the street and went to Chris’s house. His house was just at the edge of all these clouds and sun was shining on the house. I went inside. Chris was not home. Jackie (Chris’s sister who has brain damage from a car accident and has the mental level of around a 5 year old) and Chris’s mother where home. I picked up Jackie and carried her over to the window. We looked outside at the storm clouds. Then Jackie and I talked some. As we were talking I was sending her Reiki and she was slowly getting better and achieving a higher mental level and not having as many problems. We walked around the house with her for a while and I continued sending her energy. Then I woke up.

November 12, 2000 - around 2:30am (Underground Bar Under Lake with Aliens)

I was with some people on a boat out in the ocean. It was a fairly big boat. Above us off in the distance I saw this enormous flying machine. It traveled at a very high speed and was also made up of multiple components like hot air balloons. It went over us and around us a few times.

Now myself and the people I was on the big boat were on smaller faster motor boats. We entered a tunnel system that lead from the ocean to a lake surrounded by mountains. The big flying machine also flew thru the tunnel system at an incredible speed. There were two exits from this tunnel system to the lake. The big flying machine took one and we took another. Once we exited the tunnel system we were now very sleek arrow dynamic and high speed air craft colored black.

We flew over to the big flying machine. I was slightly above them. I said hello as they passed beneath me. One of them said something in Russian or some other foreign language. Then they saw I spoke English and said hello back. The other people I was with and I landed. The big flying machine also landed. We were walking along by the shore of the lake. It turns out the people on the big flying machine were evil.

They captured us. We were now back up in the air. We were all in Airplane form and tied to the big flying machine. In this part of the dream it was like I was the Airplane. I knew these ropes were no match and I could just fly away, so I did.

Soon as I broke free the others did as well. However the big flying machine was not going to let us get away so easily. I knew it was coming after me. I was flying at incredible speeds and making fast and sharp turns to try to keep away from them. At one point I just started flying straight up very high into the sky. It was an incredible feeling to be able to maneuver so quickly and the landscape below was so beautiful with the lake and mountains.

The big flying machine was determined to capture me. It was throwing a very long rope up into the sky. Even though this rope was thin it was able to come up and wrap around me and cause me to get tangled up and no longer be able to fly.

Now I was with the rest of my group down on the opposite side of the shore of the lake that we first came out on. We had all been captured. The people who captured us were going to drill some kind of tunnel into the mountain to take us to. They had massive drilling equipment, and they started driving it across the lake. It drove on the bottom of the lake and did not totally go under water until it was about half way across the lake, since it must have been at least 50 feet tall.

Now we were underwater where they had drilled into the mountain from underwater. This whole broke into what appeared to a building that was there. It was kind of like a bar underwater in this cave. There were men, women and children there. They looked like humans, but it was clear to me they were something far more advanced. They looked very innocent and powerless. They were mainly just standing around not doing much of anything. The evil people who captured us now decided to terrorize these people. One of the evil men created this small dragon like creature out of fire and directed it towards one person who was just innocently standing there. The guy that was just standing there put out the fire with his mind (Don’t ask me how the fire got started in the first place since this is all taking place underwater, but I guess in dreams anything is possible). Then this man used his mental powers and killed the man who started the fire. Then all of these people started killing all the humans that came down there. They did not realize a difference between the evil people and those of us who had been captured and were forced to be there.

Just as they were about to kill one of the woman that was in my group she said that she was not with the evil people and that we meant them no harm. Then just as they were about to kill me she said that I was also with her. It think she said all this on a telepathic level. Unfortunately we were the only two people to survive. The water turned into a purple like color and was deadly to anyone who touched it except the people who lived there. This was created to kill all the humans, but me and the woman were protected from it.

We were returned to the shore of the lake. We started running to some place. We were out of breath from holding our breath for about 5 minutes. Although I don’t remember ever holding my breath. I had no trouble breathing underwater but it seemed to be an issue that came up when we got to the surface.

We had to go back for something. I don’t know what though. We did not go back to that place that was like an underwater bar, but into some other complex that was on the lake. Me and the woman were at the bottom level of this facility. It was deep underground on the edge of this lake. We were now done there and ready to go back up to the surface.

We got on the elevator and started our way up. For some reason I was thinking we were only 2 or 3 floors underground. But as we started going up in the elevator I realized we were about 35 floors underground. After going up a few floors the front of the elevator was open and we could see out into this massive complex. There were many aliens inside. We were afraid that the aliens would see us since the front of the elevator was wide open and we were in plane site. We each held what I think was a big peacock feather, or some kind of large feather on a stick that was used as a fan. I placed it in front of my face hoping they would not recognize I was human. One of the aliens stopped the elevator and came on it. She knew the woman I was with was human. She said that she was going to have to kill her. I was hoping they did not realize I was one, but then she said that I was next to be killed. Then either I or the woman I was with (I don’t remember which) told this alien about the underwater bar and how they let us go and brought us up to the surface.

The alien commented on how they normally were dormant and did not do much of anything and seemed to be pleased they did something. Since these other aliens that were more advanced let us go they decided to let us go as well. The woman and I continued our way up in the elevator. We came to the surface and continued going up along the mountain overlooking the lake. I think the sun was starting to set. Then the credits started rolling by signifying that the dream had finally came to an end and I woke up.

November 30, 2000 (Sun 1/10th the Size and Out at Night)

I was up on the hill above my dad’s old house near Syracuse. I was with my mom or dad, I don’t remember which one it was. The sun was setting and it was starting to get dark outside. I wanted to go for a walk back in the fields and enjoy the night. My mom or dad did not really feel like doing that right now. So we went down to the house.

It was now night time outside. I went into the kitchen. There was a large container there. It was filled with Gwen’s dirty cloths. I think there was also garbage mixed in with it. Gwen had lived with us there for a little while, but now she moved to an apartment that was upstairs. In real life there is no upstairs to that house. I was going to take it up to her, but my mom said that now was not a good time and that she did not want it now because she was busy getting settled into the new apartment. So I knew I should not take it to her now but wait a while first.

I went outside to go for a walk. At first it was still dark, then the sun appeared in the sky even though it was in the middle of the night. There was a very mystical feeling about this and I felt wonderful energy all around. The sun was very small in the sky, about one tenth the size as normal. The sky slowly turned from black to a dark blue then to a lighter blue like it is during the day. I looked up in the sky and I could see the moon faintly. There was a lunar eclipse but that was not to impressive compared to the sun being one tenth the size and shining in the middle of the night.

My dad and I walked down the driveway and then down along Gates Road. I was looking up in the sky. I saw these streams of what looked like white frost in the sky. They were about 50 to 100 feet in length. It made a kewl sound as they appeared and then another kewl sound as they burst apart and sprinkled down in bits of white dust. Sometimes about 10 or so appeared at once. This seemed to bother my dad and he felt we should go back inside. I did not want to go back inside because it was so beautiful outside watching all of this.

We started to walk back up to the driveway. My dad told me that it was not too bad here, but if this kind of thing with the sun coming out at night like this happened in the desert where it was hot outside that it would cause all the air in the sky to freeze and then shatter like the little strips in the sky were doing now. It was clear that no one in that area would be able to survive if that happened. Also he said it would cause a chain reaction with the atmosphere and the whole world would be destroyed.

When we got to the driveway my dad started walking up towards the house, but I wanted to continue walking further up the road. My dad said if fear is not a factor we could continue on because there was a McDonald’s further up the road and we could go in there for protection if we needed to do so. So we continued to walk up the road. Then I woke up.

December 5, 2000 (Meeting a Little Girl - Part Two)

I was near my moms house in Mt. Upton. I was driving in my car when the tire went flat. I got out of the car, and walked to the first intersection. It was a road with very little traffic on it, and the T-intersection was with a dirt road. I walked down the dirt road about one mile. On the left side of the road there was a house. It was a house I had been to before in a previous dream a little over a year ago, maybe more. I knew a girl that lived in this house. I had not seen her for about a year or longer. I went inside and she was the only one home. She gave me a bowl of ice cream and a piece of pie, or some other dessert perhaps a cookie or something of that sort. She was 7 years old and had not aged at all since the last time I saw her. After eating I talked with her for a while and told her about what had happened in my life since I saw her last. Stuff like graduating from AIP, getting a job in New Jersey and transferring to Upstate New York. We talked about a lot of other stuff but I don’t remember what it was now.

Later that afternoon her parents got home. They felt a little odd about someone being 26 years old being friends with their 7 year old daughter. They were uncomfortable with it but they let me stay. All of us went across the street. I don’t remember why or what we did there, but on the way back there was heavy traffic and it was difficult getting back across the street to the house. We went to the middle of the road and waited as several Mack trucks went by and some other cars. Soon as we saw an opening we ran across the street.

I overheard her parents back at the house making travel reservations. I knew that they traveled a lot by plane. That evening we went out onto an glass enclosed porch. I was sitting next to the girl. Her parents and her older sister were also in the room with us. We all were looking outside. It was starting to get dark. There was a beautiful sunset and a very big tree between us and the sun. So we could see it thru the branches. After the sun set the moon started to set as well. It changed size several times. At first it was normal size, then it was about twice as large then back to normal. It did this several times as it was setting. Also I could see there were planets between us and the moon because sometimes the planets blocked some of the light from the moon.

After this I was in the girls bedroom and we talked a little bit more. She said she wanted to see me again and I told her I was going to be in town for a week. She said she wanted me to come back each day that week. I said that I should be able to. Then I left for the day. It was now late afternoon and the sun was out. It was the same day, but it seemed perfectly natural in the dream.

I was walking down the dirt road. I had called a tow truck to get my car, and a TV repair man to fix my broken television. I was carrying a 27’ inch TV with me. I decided to try it to see if it would work. It stopped working the same time my car went off the side of the road that morning. I turned it on while I was carrying it and it came on and worked just fine. I thought it was slightly odd that the power came on and it worked especially since it was not even plugged in. The TV was very heavy and I had to carry it about a mile or more to get back to my car. I decided to try to hitch hike back. So I stuck up my thumb to some passing cars. One of them stopped. The guy in the car asked if I was the one that called for a tow truck and I said yes. I was surprised he arrived only a few minutes after I made the call. I got in his car with the TV and he drove me to my car. When we got to the T-intersection with the road my car was on I looked down the road and saw my car. I also saw two other cars that also went off the road and had flat tires as well. They were also in the process of being towed away. So we sat in the tow truck and waited for them to get out of the way so we could get my car. Then I woke up.

In the previous dream I had with the same house and girl, she had many brothers and sisters. They were a lot poorer and there were family problems. They were dressed in rags and the house was a mess. It was winter in the previous dream and it was spring or summer in this dream. There was a lot of snow on the ground in the previous dream and there was something to do with an old beat up pickup truck outside. I don’t remember much else from the first dream. I just think it is odd that I had another dream with the same house and the same girl. I have never seen her or the house in real life. I also woke up from this dream 2 or 3 times and fell back asleep and continued the dream from where it had left off.

December 18, 2000 (Past Life with Gwen?)

I don’t remember the first part of the dream all that well. At one point I was in a library or some kind of a school setting and I saw Gwen was there. She was sitting at a desk and I sat down across from her. She had an empty notebook opened in front of her. I asked her a question but she just ignored me.

Later I was back home and Gwen was there. She asked me if I was afraid of her. I said yes. She asked why and I told her I was afraid of losing her as a friend.

Then the dream switched over. I heard the words "In another dimension" in my mind. The rest of this dream from here on took place in the 3rd person. I saw a man standing on top of a snow covered hill up in the mountains. He lived far away from anyone else. I had the impression that he lived in a cabin no too far from where he was standing. I don’t know if this guy was me or not.

Gwen was off in the distance coming back to this man after being gone for a long time on some kind of journey. In this part of the dream she did not look like she does in this lifetime but I knew it was her. The man standing on the Mountain did not know who it was because she was still very far off and just coming into sight range. He pulled out a gun of some sort and fired it in her general direction. He was not trying to hit her, but just scare whoever was approaching off.

A few moments later as she got closer he realized it was his wife. They were both happy to see each other and had been separated for a long while. Once she got to him they hugged and then I woke up.

December 20, 2000 (Under a Bridge in Pittsburgh - Part Two)

I was at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I was in a class with Ben Alpi. Some how Ben and I along with a few others won a prize by completing some assignment and doing a great job on it. The prize was that we could take one day off anytime that quarter. The other students that won that prize decided to take the next day off to go to an amusement park of some sort. Ben and I decided to save the day off and use it towards the end of the quarter so we could have extra time to work on our digital portfolio.

I went with Ben to his ‘house’ in Pittsburgh. He lived under a bridge in some kind of tunnel. It was about 10 feet wide and about 50 feet long. It was made of concrete and was open at both ends.

I had another dream a few months ago where I visited Ben in this spot and it was his home then. Then one end was blocked off by wood and other junk so you could only enter from one side. He had a tarp over that side to try to keep the rain out but it still leaked. It was raining in that dream and dark and cloudy outside.

Now in this dream all the junk that was blocking off the one end was gone. The tarp on the other end was gone as well, leaving both ends wide open allowing the sun to shine inside. A flood went thru there and all the water going thru the tunnel washed out everything. Ben told me that he lost his mattress that he slept on along with some other stuff. But he had replaced the TV and he had a dresser and some other things that were in newer condition then the stuff he had before. I was thinking to myself how much nicer this place looked as compared to the last dream I had when I was there. Then I woke up.

Also in the previous dream I was showing Sean around Squirrel Hill where I used to live and went for a long walk with him from Squirrel Hill back to Keith’s house. It was some point in that dream that I visited Ben and saw that tunnel.

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