Dreams 2004

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April 10th, 2004 (Five Pages to Heal Gwen)

I was at Ananda Ashram with my dad. He and I were walking up from the Lake House to the Main House. We were about halfway between the two. I had five pages of text with me. I looked like it had been printed from a computer and each page had many paragraphs on it each separated with a space.

I know I got this document from my sister Becky. I also knew it was connected with the spiritual healing work I wanted to do with Gwen the next day. I looked part way down the first page and read one of the sentences at random. After doing that I did not feel much of anything from it. My dad told me that it had no power unless it was read starting from the top and going in order.

So I read the first paragraph. Before I started to read that paragraph it was a nice sunny day. As I started to read storm clouds approached and the wind started to pick up. By the time I was finished reading the first paragraph it was very dark and windy as well as pouring rain.

I stopped reading after I finished the first paragraph. I was thinking my dad and I should take shelter in the Main House. However my dad suggested that we go to the basement of the Lake House instead since there was food there from the dinning hall.

I agreed with him and we started walking toward the Lake House . I noticed since I stopped reading the storm was starting to dissipate. It was not as windy and the rain was not coming down as hard. Also the sky was getting a little lighter.

At that time I realized that if I took a break after each paragraph that the storm would subside. However I now knew that if I read the entire document from start to finish with out stopping for a while between each paragraph that the storm would just keep getting stronger and stronger until there would be tornado force winds and even stronger and that there would be know way to survive it. Not even in the basement of the Lake House.

August 4th 2004 (Keith and I Living Together)

The only part I remember from this dream is that Keith and I were renting an Apartment together. At one point I was peeing in the toilet and Keith came running in needing to throw up.

(I have had multiple dreams were I was living with someone else. I think this has something to do with integrating two different aspects of myself. The peeing and throwing up I feel has to do with releasing old gunk)

August 4th 2004 (Removing Gunk from Gwen)

My sister Diana and I were watching the new Starwars Movie at the theater. We were at the very front of the theater and were lying down on a bed that on some kind of small platform so it was up about 5 feet in the air. At one point my sister wanted to go out to the food court in the mall. We moved the bed (kind of just riding it as it moved) to the exit of the theater where my sister got off and left. Then I tried to move the bed back to where it was before to continue watching the movie. I was using my mind to move the bed. I had some trouble controlling it. I could get to where I wanted to be but then it would slide past that point and I would try again but it would then slide past in the other direction. Then I realized I was trying to move it one row back further then I was before. I then noticed where it was before and was able to get it back to that point. Shortly after that the movie just stopped shortly before it was over and was just a black screen. One person left the theater thinking the movie was over.

I saw someone who worked at the theater come in. I went over and asked him what was going on. He said he was working on fixing the problem. He had a video tape with him. He jokingly asked if I wanted to barrow it so I could see the rest of the movie. It was a tape of the movie that was being shown in the theater for the people who work there to review. It was not supposed to get out to the public. Then he left to go work on something else and left the tape behind. I decided to take the two reels with the tape out of the tape. As I was in the middle of doing that he came back. He was disappointed in me for trying to do that. Then he and I walked out to a gift shop. He was showing me the DVD section there where I could buy movies that were already out. He however was joking around and just showing me the children section that contained children's TV shows. I knew what some of them were from being around Laura when she watched them. They also had these kewl looking greeting cards with fairies on them.

The guy that was showing me this section was a little surprised. He was trying to show me a section he thought I would find boring as punishment for trying to take his tape. After that he gave up and let me walk around the gift shop on my own.

When I left the gift shop I saw Gwen coming towards me in the hallway. She had just got done watching the movie. She told me they got it working again just after I had left the theater. I was disappointed that I missed the end of the movie. I asked if I could have a free pass to see the movie again. However they would not let me since it only took them a few minutes to get the movie fixed and it was not their fault that I left the movie when I did. Then I asked if I could just go into another theater that was playing the movie to catch the end. The woman at the counter said that would be fine.

Gwen and I walked around and found a sign for a theater that was playing that movie. When we tried to go in the door it was just a maintenance hallway and not a theater. We tried a couple other doors and had no luck. Then we left.

Now Gwen and I were outside in the woods walking down a stream. It was a nice warm sunny day. I was doing some energy work with Gwen. I don't know why or how we got in that situation. That is just where the dream picked up when we walked out of the movie complex.

I started to extract a filmy white substance that was kind of bubbly and foamy from Gwen's body. My first thought was to stop because I thought I might be hearting her. But then I felt that I should continue because this was working out some gunk that should not be in there. I knew I needed to continue applying pressure until the substance stopped flowing out. Once it stopped flowing out I washed Gwen using the water from the stream.

After that I was by myself walking down the stream. There were lots of mosquitoes flying around and trying to bite me. The water was about 2 or 3 feet deep there. It was just deep enough that if I lied down I could be completely underwater. I thought I could go under water for a few moments to get the mosquitoes to leave me alone. However when I took a big breath through my mouth so I would have enough air in me to hold my breath for a while I accidentally swallowed a mosquito. I woke up around that point.

August 4th 2004 (Meeting up with Old Friends)

Gwen and I were visiting Rani in San Diego . Rani was at work. She gave Gwen and I directions how to get to her work so we could meet here there. We drove close by and were going to walk the rest of the way.

Once we got out of the car we meet up with several other people. Including my dad's brother (my dad has no brothers in real life), Greg (My mom's old boy friend), and a few other people from my past that I can't remember now. I had left my camera back at Rani's apartment. I was disappointed because I wanted to get a picture with all these people. At one point we were in some kind of a class room together with a bunch of other people and kids. One of the things I did was to shave in there with non electric blade with out being able to use a mirror. I don't remember much more after that.

August 6th 2004 (Bed on Rails)

I was renting a room in an old style house. I remembered talking to the land lady about food arrangements. At one point I was in my bedroom on my bed. Somehow the bed was hooked up to a rail system that when all throughout the house. Some parts of the house could only be seen by riding the bed through those sections. I wanted to stop at some of these sections to further explore the house, but the bed would only stop at certain points where it intersected with other sections of track and back in my bedroom.

August 6th 2004 (Black Gunk and Traveling in Space)

I was at my mom's old apartment in Sherburne. I had this small plastic container with me. Earlier I knew that this black gook that was a creature of some sort or alien came out of it. I kept the container around because I thought it might come out of it again, or perhaps it was the container and it shape shifted to the black gook.

At one point in the dream I was on a space ship with several other people and we were taking off from Earth. I watched earth as it got smaller and smaller. It was a great view.

September 18th 2004 (Belts and Tombstones)

I was standing on a street corner in NYC. I was waiting for Gwen to come and pick me up there. The Chief of Police walked right next to me and he had his nephews with him. They were about to get into a taxi cab. I got the urge to shake his hand since he was such a prominent figure in NYC. We shook hands and he shook the hands of several other people nearby as well. Then they got in the cab and left. I was surprised at how friendly he was and how happy he was to shake our hands.

I saw Gwen pull up on the street and I walked over and got into the car on the left side. She was driving the car on the right side. As she started talking I realized she had changed her way of communication. Before we had both communicated on the level of the belt. Now she was communicating on the level of the tombstone (one level up from the belt). I only knew a little bit about that level of communication so I told Gwen I was unfamiliar with that level and it might take me a while get up to speed with it since I only knew a few words from it and have not used it much before.

September 18th 2004 (Walking Along the Path)

Gwen and I were in Florida . We had met up with Cathy and perhaps a few other people as well. We were going on some sort of spiritual journey together. We were on a narrow foot path. We had just started out and have not been on it for too long. I realized I forgot my camera in the car. I wanted to go back and get it. Cathy said not to worry about it that we would only be gone for two weeks. I still wanted to go back and get it. We were walking at a slow enough pace that I figured I could run back and get it and then walk quickly and catch back up with them. I asked Cathy if I would know the way to get back to them or if they were going to make any unexpected turns I should know about on the path ahead. She said that they were staying on the main path and that I could just follow that to get back to them. Then she made the comment not to wonder off to China while I was out getting my camera.

As I walked back I had to go through many doors. I opened them and closed them behind me. As I got to the last door I checked to make sure it would not lock behind me and I saw that it would not.

One I was outside the last door I realized I was dreaming. I looked around and thought about exploring the dream landscape. I decided I better just get the camera and head back. As I did that I fell back into forgetting this was just a dream. I walked down the street through a small town and got back to my car. I grabbed the camera and started walking back. I got to around where the small town was and then I woke up.

September 19th 2004 (Move back to Mt. Upton)

I was sleeping at my mom's house in Mt. Upton . I was in a room next to the one that was my bedroom when I first lived there. This room does not exist in real life. I had a lot of the stuff with me from my Ballston Spa Apartment. Apparently I had just moved back there. I was sleeping on a foam matters and I realized that the mattress had two parts to it and the other part was on top of me like a blanket.

I went over to the room that used to be mine and slept on the futon in there. When I woke up in the morning my mom came in. She wanted to know why I had decided to quite my job and move back in there. I told her I had no memory of packing up any of my stuff and brining it there.

She said perhaps Dr. Mishra had something to do with it since today was the anniversary of his leaving his physical body. As soon as she said that I woke up and had a tingling sensation in my body that lasted for a few moments.

September 19th 2004 (Storm on a Lake )

I was out on a motor boat on a lake. I was with someone else. I think it was my sister Diana. There was a major thunder storm going on and the sky was very dark. At one point I was able to see a little sun light peaking through up ahead. It was slowly moving towards us. The patter it made on the water was very kewl and it was kind of slowly twirling around as it came towards us. Then a little further off in the distance I could see more sun peaking through and it appeared to be the edge of the storm. Finally that passed over us and the storm was over.

In the next part of the dream we were driving down a road. There were lots of trees that had blown down and we were not sure if we would be able to make it through. Then we came to a spot where part of the road had collapsed. It was pretty narrow because there were fallen trees and branches on the other side. We tried to get through but there was not enough room.

There was a guy on the side of the road who had stacked some firewood where the road had collapsed so people go drive over it. He did not have enough there for us to get through so we got out of the car to help him. There was not more fire wood so we looked around to find other stuff to stick in there so was could drive over it. I found an old egg carton with eggs in it and some other junk and started to pack it in there so we could try to drive over it. I think I woke up at this point or don't remember anything after that part.

September 19th 2004 (Walking after a Storm)

A big storm had gone by. I was supposed to go for a long walk to prevent something bad from happening. I had to go on this walk at least three times. I started out in the morning and followed a path in the woods. There was debris from the storm along the path. Some of it objects from homes or other items. Some of it I was tempted to pick up and bring with me, however I felt that was a bad idea so I left it there.

I got back in the mid afternoon. The people of the town wanted me to start the walk again for my 2nd time. It was late enough that I would not be able to make it back before dark. I knew that it would be very dangerous to be out there after dark. They said I would be ok as long as I kept moving and did not lie down. They gave me a long stick with some string to tie to my back and if I needed to stop to rest I could prop myself up against the stick so I would not be lying down. I agreed to this and started the 2nd walk around. Then I woke up.

September 19th 2004 (Watching a Movie that Turned Live Action)

Gwen and I were in a movie theater watching a movie. The people in the movie were doing disquieting stuff and stuff that was socially unacceptable. After watching a few minuets of this I leaned over and told Gwen that if this movie did not get better soon we should leave because it's not something I want to watch.

Shortly after that it switched over to live action. Actors came out into the movie theater and the roof opened up and sunlight was shining in and we were outside. At this point it became similar to the Renaissance Festival. Some of them were acting out funny skits and others were selling stuff.

September 19th 2004 (Astral Travel)

I was sleeping at my dad's old house on Gates Rd. I had left my body and was floating around the living room. At first I was thinking to go to the back room and see if my dad was sleeping there, but then I realized that I was really sleeping in Ballston Spa. So then I thought to bring my astral body to Ballston Spa. I felt this spinning sensation that was very neat and then I woke up with a tingling sensation in my body that lasted for a little while.

September 20th 2004 (Bouncing Up to the Sky)

I was with my niece Laura. We were each sitting on a small cardboard box that somehow let us bounce on them. I was following Laura and I came up to a spot where I needed to turn to avoid hitting a metal fence. I bounced high enough where I might have been able to go over the fence. I turned in midair to avoid going over it. Then I realized I must be dreaming since I was bouncing so high in the air.

On my next bounce I decided to see how high I could go. I bounced up and kept on going up and up into the sky. It was a very kewl feeling and I enjoyed the view from way up there. I was thinking that I would soon be in outer space and then I woke up.

I was not sure if I woke up because something was trying to stop me from going into outer space in my dream or if I just got too excited from being in the lucid dream that I woke myself up. I don't remember what happened after that. A little while later I woke up again for real. I then realized that I did not really wake up from the lucid dream. I had just woken up into another dream where I did not know I was dreaming.

September 20th 2004 (Anima Style Movie)

I was watching a movie on DVD. I think I was at the house on Gates Rd. and Dawson was watching this movie as well. The main character in it worked in some building. I'm not exactly sure what he did there. At one point I paused the movie. I had a magna book that went along with the movie and I was to a part that was not in the movie so I read the section of the book it was in.

I realized when I finished reading that section that Dawson had started the movie back up. I told him to rewind it to where I had paused it. Then we continued watching.

Now I was seeing everything 3rd person as if I was there and not watching on a TV screen. The main character was trying to escape from this building. He seemed to have been forced to work there against his well. Perhaps he wanted to work there at the start but then when he wanted to leave they would not let him. There were a couple people chasing him. He ran through a door and they ran in right after him but he was no where in sight. They could not figure out what happened to him.

I saw that he had ducked into a closet and was in the shadows. He has had on different clothing and a mask. At that point I was him and I made a run for it. I went through a revolving glass door and was outside. There were another set of revolving glass doors I needed to get through about 50 feet ahead of me. I saw stairs leading down to a subway on my left. At first I was in awe at being outside. It had been at least a few years if not longer since I had been outside of that building. I looked up at the sky and felt the fresh air against my skin.

I knew I needed to keep moving. There were two guards outside. One was rapidly approaching me. Luckily they were just rent a cop types that were not too smart or strong. It would have been easier for me to run down the stairs going to the subway, but I had been inside for so long I wanted to stay outside. So I knocked the one guard down and ran toward the revolving glass doors that would bring me to total freedom. The other guard had an electric shocking stick in his hand. He lifted it up and activated it. It shocked him in the face and he fell to the ground. He was lying on the ground continuing to be shocked in the face. I knew he was thinking that he had never had cause to use one of those before and he was fairly embarrassed.

I continued towards the outer doors and then I woke up.

September 21st 2004 (Video Game created by Keith)

I was visiting Keith in Pittsburgh . The place in the dream is different from where he really lives. We were up his room and he was showing me a video game on the computer he programmed.

It was dark and seemed to take place under ground. It was a tower built up against the dirt made of stone blocks. It was only about a foot wide. Each block was about 6 inches in height and represented one level. There were many hundreds of levels if not thousands. I was working my way down. At each block something had to be done. I don't remember specifically what it was that had to be done.

At one point when I was looking at one of the blocks closely I saw very kewl ancient writing on it. Kind of like runes but different.

September 22nd 2004 (Water in Desert by Prison)

I was at the Sherburne-Earlville High School . It was not what it is like in real life but it had that general feel to it. I was in a class room. On the left side of the room there was a counter for Subway where you could order food.

I went to another class room that had another food place counter on the left side of the room. This one served sandwiches, pastries, chocolates and drinks. The teacher was talking about something having to do with psychic powers. At one point she was talking about the stock market and listed some companies and asked if we would buy stock in them or not.

Instead of basing my decision on if I though the stock would go up I based it on if I think the company was an ethical company and one that I believed in their general principals and ways of doing business.

In the next part of the dream I was standing in the desert. It was a hot sunny day and there was a prison near by. I had a long wooden stick with me that had a spiral piece of metal attached to the end. I hit the ground with the metal part of the stick and it went about 6 inches down into the dirt. When I lifted it out I could see there was water down there. I did this in several other locations and found water in them as well.

One of the prison guards that was near me signaled to get one of the prisoners to come out and dig trenches to get to the water. I saw this big muscular guy come out and stand at the exit to the prison. There was a guard by him and this guard was hitting the prisoner. Then he either cut off or mutilated the prisoner's penis. Then he gave him a shovel and allowed him to come outside.

I was now seeing things in third person. There were many trenches dug with streams of flowing water. There were some cave systems that the water came out of. I rose higher up in the air and I could see all this water was flowing out into the ocean that was not far from the prison but I was unable to see it from the ground.

Then I went even higher up and I looked back inland and off in the distance. I could see the town the school I was in at the beginning of this dream. Digging the trenches and releasing this water had an impact on that town. The were lots of volcanoes there all oozing out red hot lava all over the town destroying it.

I could see the town up close now and I heard this music that was associated with the town. Then I woke up.

September 23rd 2004 (Preventing Tidal Wave)

I was staying in an apartment by the ocean. At one point I went outside and when I came back there was a guy standing at the door to the shop my apartment was above. The shop was closed and he left. I then walked up and opened the door. I realized I should have locked the door when I left since the store was closed. However I was glad I did not since I did not have the keys on me.

I grabbed the keys when I got inside so I could lock the door next time I left. I looked outside and could see a very nice view of the ocean on the right side and the desert on the left hand side. The desert was like the one in Arizona with lots of red rocks and hills and valleys.

I decided to grab my camera and go out and take some pictures. I went to the ocean side environment. The water level was very high. The whole beach was underwater and the sidewalk and road next to it were a few inches underwater as well. I walked around and took some pictures for a while. Then I started walking to the left. I look out at the ocean and could see this big tidal wave approaching. I wanted to continue to walk and explore this area so I decided to try to stop the tidal wave. I looked at it and envisioned it getting smaller and smaller until it was gone. After it was gone I had the feeling that another one would be coming by shortly.

I continued walking and saw my father. I stood next to him on his left hand side and held is left hand with my right. I was thinking that we would fly straight up in the air to avoid the next tidal wave. That is when I woke up.

September 24th 2004 (Car Crash at Gates Rd.)

This dream took place in a 3rd person view where I was on the opposite side of the road from the driveway. I saw a car slide off the road a little past the driveway. A second car tried to stop a little after the first to see if they could help but they slid off the road as well when they tried to stop. A third car slid into the second car and was sticking out into the road. A fourth car came down and hit the third car. I think another car or two came down and hit them as well.

September 25th 2004 (Cars Falling off the Highway)

The first part of this dream took place in the 3rd person. It was dark and rainy. I was up in the air looking down on a stretch of highway that abruptly ended without warning and went into a large liver. Cars could not tell the road ended until it was too late to stop in time. I saw many cars go over the edge and into the water. I saw this one van that had managed to stop just in time only to be hit by another car that could not stop in time and both ended up in the river along with many others that followed behind. There were at least 50 cars that fell into the river, maybe a lot more then that.

I then saw the cars that had fallen in the river from under water. I saw that none of the people where able to get out of their cars and they were dead or just about to die.

In the next part of the dream I was walking around town. It was still dark and rainy outside. I somehow knew that all the people that had died in the river had something inside of them. It was somehow contagious. I knew that it would probably come out and affect every one in the town. Around that point I realized I was dreaming and I flew straight up into the sky.

I was flying through the storm clouds and saw several bolts of lighting. I kept going higher, but before I flew above the clouds I was back on the ground. I knew I was not supposed to go that high for some reason that I was not sure of. I still knew I was dreaming and saw a lake. I decided I would have some fun and swim underwater since in dreams I can breathe underwater.

After entering the lake I had the feeling that I needed to deal with the issue in the town. So I got out of the lake. Then I was lying in bed and had a cat with me under the blanket. I was petting the cat when the thought entered my mind that this cat may be infected and contagious as well. I then felt safer remembering this was a dream and I knew that I could not catch it since it was a dream.

September 26th 2004 (Three Water Jugs on the Way to the Ocean)

It was night time and I was walking along in the city streets. I had three large bottles of water with me. They were the kind that are placed upside down in drinking fountains in offices. I was getting ready to go on a boat. I would get on in a harbor and then ride it out into the ocean. It was a small boat like a row boat or sail boat.

I was about to take a drink from one of the bottles of water when I noticed it was not clean water. I dumped it out and looked at the second bottle of water. It was not dirty in color but I could see a little worm swimming around in it. So I dumped out the rest of the water. I remembered that I had drunken water from bottles like that before and I was hoping those were not as dirty as these.

In the next part of the dream I was in a shopping mall. This part of the dream may have happened before the first part. I don't remember the order for sure. I was with my father and Gwen. I was on the first floor. One of them rode the escalator up to the second floor. I needed to go to the bathroom before going upstairs.

I went into the bathroom and walked up to a urinal. The guy standing at the urinal next to me had a baby with him. The baby was blocking me from using the urinal I was at. The baby (don't know if it was male or female) had large eyes. The right eye was bigger then the left. Both eyes appeared to be that of an advanced soul. I asked the guy if he could move a little so the baby would not be in my way.

September 27th 2004 (Whole in Roof to Up-Above)

I was crawling up the latter at the house I grew up at on Gates Road. When I got off the ladder and onto the plywood it seemed very weak and bowed down where I put any weight on it. I had to crawl where the beams were underneath that were supporting it to make sure I would not fall through.

I went through the first door into the big room Up-Above in this attic space I used to play in when I was a kid. I saw two large wholes (each about a foot in diameter) located in the ceiling. I could see the sunlight shining through them. I decided I would go downstairs and let my dad know about the wholes so he could try to fix them.

September 28th 2004 (Talk with Sissy)

Gwen and I went to a cabin in the woods. When we were inside she was lying down and I was talking to her and giving her a massage. She was around 80 years old and I was the same age I am in real life. I felt a very strong amount of love for her. I also felt sexually attracted to her. Obviously not on the physical level since she was around 80 years old, but I felt it on an energetic level and as a way to express the deep love I had for her.

Sissy showed up and she and I started talking. At one point she showed me drawing or photo of something. When I first looked at it I could not see the part she was talking about. When I looked a second time I saw what she was talking about was in the background. I was just so focused on the foreground the first time I looked that I did not notice anything in the background.

After that we talked more. I woke up from the dream several times and fell back asleep into it. At one point she and I were talking on the phone. I don't remember the conversation in detail. However the general idea of it was a saying goodbye and ending old karma together.

September 30th 2004 (Three Paths at HS)

I arrived at school a little early. I was able to get inside but I could not go down any of the halls yet. They were still closed off from the night before. A lot of people were starting to gather and wait for the halls to open up.

There was some kind of event in the auditorium that day. Everyone was supposed to split up into three groups. The first group represented the Europeans that first came over to this country. The second group represented the American Indians from that time period. I don't remember what the third group represented.

At first I thought I would go with the first group since that was my ancestry. Then I heard some people talking about the third group. After hearing them talk I decided that I preferred the third group and decided I would go with them.

Finally the halls opened up and every one started to going to the auditorium. The first group would be up in the bleachers. The second group down lower and the third group would be the lowest on the floor or in the basement. I looked around to follow the people I heard talking about the third group, however I could not see them. So I made went on ahead thinking they must be shortly behind me.

I ended up in this small room off the auditorium with a door with a glass window that I could look into the auditorium. I saw that I was the only person in this room. Apparently the other people I heard talking about the third group decided to join one of the other two.

One big plate of food was given to each of the three groups. The first group had several hundred people if not more in it and each person would only get a very tiny bit of food, or only a select few in the group would eat some. The second group was smaller then the first, but there were still a lot of people in it as well.

I on the other hand had this large plate of food all to myself since I was the only one in the third group. I was eating some of the chicken when four of five other people came into the room I was in. They were not the people I heard talking about this group earlier. They were people I had not seen before. I passed the plate of food to them and apologized that I at all the mashed potatoes. I explained that I did not know anyone else was coming. There still was some chicken on the plate that they could eat.

I went off to the side and was looking on the internet. I noticed Gwen had opened a chat window with me. I had driven her car to this school and she drove my car to work. She told me that one her way to work she got in an accident at a four way intersection. The car was totaled. The good news was that the insurance would cover 100% of the damage.

I told her not to worry. I was thinking it would be nice to have the excuse to get a new car since mine was around 5 years old now.

October 1st 2004 (Crawling in a Window of a Tall Stone Building )

I had made my way up to the top of a very tall building made of stone. It was about the height of the empire states building. I looked down at the ground below to make sure no one was down there and then I knocked off a small section of stone from the building and watched it fall down and hit the ground.

I was now in a room on the top of the building. I was cleaning the floor and applying some kind of substance to it. The floor seemed to be invisible. The substance I was applying to it made it so it was safe to walk on the floor without the risk of falling through it. Since it was all invisible it was hard to tell if I got all the spots covered with it near the walls.

In the next part of the dream I was with my dad. We were hanging off the side of the building and were going to go in through a window. There were metal bars covering the windows. My dad and I saw a weak spot and lifted up the bars so we were able to crawl inside. Once we were inside we started walking thru the room we had entered. The room was filled with all sorts of stuff. It was all dusty and seemed like no one had been in here for a long time.

My dad looked down at a piece of paper on a stack of other papers. He saw his hand writing on it. He looked at me and said this must be real life since the paper had his hand writing on it. Once I thought about what he said I realized this was just a dream.

I told my dad he was wrong and this was just a dream. He seemed surprised and it looked like he was about to wake up and disappear from the dream. I continued to walk around a little before I woke up.

October 2nd 2004 (Watching Rain Storm from a Porch)

I was sitting outside on a porch with my Dad, Rani and Gwen. The porch was partly covered so we were not getting wet in the rain. There were dark clouds in the sky and it was raining heavily. As I looked out across the landscape I could see lot of trees and hills. As I looked at one hill off in the distance I could see that there was a sheet of heavier rain coming our way. I moved in closer to the wall of the house so I would not get wet. I had an orange blanket my mom had knit for me over my legs. I pulled the blanket in a little so it would not get wet as well. No one else on the porch moved.

As the heavier rain came over the area we were I saw that it was a good thing I moved. I was only a few inches away from where the water was hitting the floor. I got up and walked inside the house. All the doors and windows had been removed. They were removed so the wind could freely blow through the house. That way the wind would not damage the house or break the windows.

October 4th 2004 (Elaborate Motel Room with Gwen)

Gwen and I were on a road trip together. We were in an area that had the feel of Cape Cod . I was not sure if that was where we were or just some place similar. It was getting late in the day and we decided to stop at a motel for the night. We stopped at one and went inside the office. I seemed to remember staying in this motel before. The person at the desk said it would be $50 for the night. For whatever reason Gwen and I decided to not stay there and continue driving a little further and see what else we could find.

It seems we stopped at a second place and they wanted over $100 a night so we went to a third motel. This one wanted $60 for the night. At this point it was getting late enough that we just wanted to stop and sleep. I asked the person at the desk if we could see the room first before agreeing to stay.

They walked Gwen and me to our room. On the way we saw several bathrooms. They were not connected to the rooms. Gwen and I thought that was inconvenient not having the bathroom in our room. I was surprised at the size of the room when we walked inside. It was a little dark and eerie in there. The bed was in the center of the room and was a canapé style bed made of wood. All the floors and walls were made of a beautiful wood. There was a large piano on one side of the room. There were also to very large pipe organs against the other walls of the room with elaborate wood work around where they sat.

The energy in this room did not feel right. Gwen and I left the room. I was not sure if we left after only a few minutes or if we had fallen asleep and woke up part way through the night. We went out to the office to ask for our money back and to leave. No one was at the front desk. I was debating on weather to just leave or to wait a little bit to see if someone would show up who could give us our $60 back.

October 4th 2004 (Mouse Playing with Turtle)

I was at the house I grew up in at Gates Rd. I was standing with someone in the hallway of the bedroom wing near room one. I think it was Gwen but it may have been someone else. We were about to go back into the main section of the house when I saw a mouse run out from under a bookcase. It ran into room two. It kind of made me nervous having the mouse there. I did not want it anywhere near me. I was thinking if it came close enough to me I was stomp on it before it had a chance to get to me.

I had my camera with me and I used the zoom feature to get some real close shots of the mouse in room two. I saw that it was next to a small turtle about six inches in length. I got some pictures of both the mouse and the turtle. As I was about to leave I saw around the dresser into the rest of the room. There was a large turtle about 3 or 4 feet length next to the little turtle and the mouse.

I went back into the main section of the house. I closed the door to the bedroom wing behind me. I then looked around in the kitchen for something to jam under the door so mice could not crawl under the door. I found some newspaper and used that. I was barely able to get the door shut with all the newspaper shoved under it. I then went into the living room.

October 4th 2004 (Taking a Picture in a Lucid Dream)

I was standing in the driveway of the house at Gates Rd. I had my camera with me and I realized I was dreaming. I wanted to try to take a picture with the camera and have it appear on the memory card of the camera I have in real life. I was going to look around from something to take a picture of but I was not sure how much longer it would be before I woke up. So I decided to just take a picture of where I was standing. I was standing next to a pick-up truck and there was a guy sitting in it. I aimed the camera at up to take a picture. However I was unable to get the camera to focus and get to the point where it would let me take a picture. I tried a few times before waking up.

October 6th 2004 (Practice with Astral Travel)

At one point during the night I got up and was walking around my apartment in astral form. Several times I returned to my body and then would get up and walk around some more. At one point I walked over to the mirror on my dresser and looked in it and saw myself sleeping in my bed.

At another point I became aware that when I moved I was moving in my astral body and not my physical. I rolled out of bed and after a second or two would pop back into my body. I kept rolling out and then popping back in. It was a kewl sensation.

At one point I found my self standing in a small town across the street from a building. I was slowly moving towards the building. I was moving my feet like I was walking, but I was aware that it was my thoughts that were really moving me. I speed up a little bit by using my thoughts. Then I wanted to prove to myself that it was just thoughts that were moving me. So I stopped thinking about moving and just used my legs. When I did that I was just walking in place. Then I woke up.

October 9th 2004 (Drunk at Work that turned into a Lucid Dream)

I was at work at KAPL. There had been someone's birthday party there and someone handed me a cup of beer. I drank the beer and it tasted better then I thought. Then someone set a wine bottle on my desk. I drank two cups from that as well. By that point I was drunk.

My boss Ken came over and wanted to see how I was coming on some lessons I was working on. I started to tell him the lessons I had completed but I was not sure if I was remembering correctly. I looked over on my desk to get a status sheet to show Ken. However the one on my desk was out of date. I wanted to print a new one for ken but I could not find it on the computer since I was so drunk.

Then at one point I was under my desk and I realized I had no cloths on. Then I was not sure if I had my underwear on or not. At this point I realized I must be dreaming since everything was so confusing.

Once I knew I was dreaming I walked out of the area I was working. I looked at my palm and the lines on my palm looked just like they do in real life. I thought that was kewl, because I remembered that last time I looked at my palm in a dream the lines were completely different. Then I wanted to find a mirror so I could look at my face and see what I looked like in the dream.

I found one and looked in it. I very similar to the way I look in real life. My hair was a little shorter in the dream. I also looked in my early 20's instead of 30 years old. I looked into my eyes and they looked normal. Then I stared into my eyes and after a few seconds they started to change so they were all black. I knew that I was about to wake up. I saw them change so they were all black and just as they were all black I woke up.

November 6th 2004 (Astral Travel around my Apartment)

I woke up around 6:30am and as I was drifting in and out of sleep I was aware of how if I was awake I would move my physical body and if I was asleep I would move my astral body. After doing that for a little while I fell asleep and sat up in my astral body and walked out into my living room. I stood still and looked around. At first things were a little hazy and unclear. As I focused I was able to make things come in focus and get a good look around me.

I decided to go into the bathroom to look in the mirror to see if I could see my reflection. When I looked in through the bathroom door and into the mirror I could see my reflection. However I did look a little different from real life. For the most part I looked the same. There seemed to be a little distorted.

I then decided I would go up to Gwen's apartment. I went through the door of my apartment. I was on one side then the other. I don't recall actually passing through it. Then I went to the stairs. I was aware even though I was using my feet to walk, that I was actually moving by my mind.

I had to take time to mentally movie myself not only forward by up a little as I went up each step.

Once I was on Gwen's floor I went to the door to her apartment. At this point I was starting to get excited about astral traveling. I realized I needed to calm down or I might lose it. Thinks were starting to get out of focus again. I went through the door to her apartment and stood in the living room. Things were really out of focus by this point. I stood still and concentrated and the focus came back and I could see clearly again.

I called out to see if Gwen was around in astral form, but I got no response. Shortly after that I snapped back into my body and woke up with a kewl and relaxed sensation.

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