Dreams From Before 1998

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1980 - Sometime around this year (Balloon Ride to the Sun)

I was by myself in the woods. I looked up into the sky and I saw a big balloon above me. I looked up at it and held my hands out into the air and had my mouth open in awe. Then somehow I swallowed the balloon.

I started to float up into the sky. I went up above the woods then up into outer space. I was headed towards the sun. I was getting closer and closer to it. Eventually I was close enough so I could reach out and touch the sun. I did so. Once I touched the sun the balloon burst and I saw the tremendous white light and woke up.

1990-1993 - I had this dream back when I was in high school (Lightning)

I was standing in the middle of a field on a small hill. The sky was starting to get dark. Dr. Mishra was standing next to me and he asked me what would I do if a thunderstorm came up. I saw a car down on a dirt road by the field. It was a couple of hundred feet away from me. I said I would get hit by lightening. Just then three bolts of lightning came down and hit me one right after the other. The whole time I was aware that my mom was in the room right next to me and I could call for help any time I wanted to. My dad was about 200 miles from me, but I knew he was right next to me and I could also ask him for help if I need to. As each bolt hit me I exhaled deeply. When the first bolt hit me I was fully asleep. When the second one hit me I was half-awake and half-asleep. By the time the third one hit me I was wide-awake. I felt a tremendous power flow thru me as each bolt hit. It did not hurt, but felt great. After the third bolt hit me and I was wide-awake I felt a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. It lasted about 1 minute.

1990-1993 - I had this dream back when I was in high school (Being Born)

I was outside near the house I grew up in. It was in a wooded area and it was nighttime. I was walking near the driveway and all of a sudden I heard the cry of a baby. I asked, "What was that?". The answer came, "I was born." (I meant me).

1990-1993 - I had this dream back when I was in high school (Trapped in School)

I was in a high school classroom full of people. There was a door to my left and a window to the right. There was also a speaker for the PA system in front of the room. We were all sitting at our desks. We were stuck in this room so we could not leave. We heard the announcements letting all the other students leave at the end of the day, but we were still stuck there. The next day a man walked in thru the door and left thru the window. We were still stuck there. After a while I found myself floating up in the upper left corner of the room with two other people. One of them said, "It’s a shame all the people in this room died."

A dream I had before my computer crashed in 1997 - (Bus Crash)

I was riding on a bus in the Adirondacks. We were going over a bridge and the bus went over the bridge and crashed. Next thing I know I’m in the car that was behind the bus. The driver said, "It’s to bad all the people on the bus died."

A dream I had before my computer crashed in 1997 - (Double Tidal Waves)

It was a warm sunny afternoon. I was staying at a cabin by a lake in the woods. My friend Yoshi and I were walking on the dirt road slightly above the lake. There was a slide that we could use to slide into the lake. We did that a couple of times and then decided to look for a nice beach to swim at. It was a steep 10-foot drop where we were. That was not good for swimming.

We walked along the dirt road by the lake for a little while and several other kids joined us in the search for a good beach to swim at. We took a trail off the dirt road. We saw a field to the right that was partially blocked by thick brush. I thought it would be cool to check it out but I was more interested in finding a beach to swim at first.

I went to the left and entered an empty field. There was a stone path leading down a small hill to a big expensive house that had a private beach. I went down to see if we could get permission to swim there. Everyone else waited on the trail by the field as I walked down the stone path.

The house was two stores tall. It looked like no one was home and there was a nice sandy beach there. I could see a wall about twenty feet out in the lake enclosing the beach. It was about 20 to 50 feet tall. I was about to go back and tell my friends the situation. Then I saw a tidal wave about 50 feet tall coming from the lake. I turned around and saw another tidal wave just as big coming from the other direction. I took a look at the house, but I knew it would be smashed by the tidal waves. I had nowhere to run so I just stood there. Just as they were about it hit me I woke up. I had a cool tingling sensation throughout my body after I woke up. It only lasted about 10 or 15 seconds.

May 20, 1997 - Around this date (Three Snakes)

I was at Raquette Lake. I was swimming in the lake outside in front of the cabin there. I swam quite a way out in the water about 20 feet. The water was not that deep. I could just touch the bottom with my feet. It was kind of mucky. I swam out a little further and ran into seaweed. It was then that I decided to swim back to shore.

I was walking up the trail to the cabin when I came across three snakes. One had colorful stripes. I only remember the color orange. One was about twice a thick as the other two. I was trying to figure out if the one that was not colored and not big was poisonous. I thought about it for a little while and figured it was probably not poisonous. I then continued up the trail.

May 21, 1997 - Around 4:00am (Shape Shifting Plant)

I was in a room. The room was very cluttered. I was with at least one other person(female). I felt like I was trapped in this room and had been trapped in there for a long time. There were many plants in the room. Some of them were on the top shelf of a bookcase. One of the plants was a shape shifter. I don’t remember what is was at the start of the dream but towards the end is was mimicking a small plant that was sitting next to it. Somehow I thought this shape shifter needed to become a certain form before I could leave the room.

There was another large circular pot about 5 feet around. There were large trees growing in it about ten feet tall. The person I was with moved them out of that pot, felling they needed more room to grow. She moved them out of the pot and put them on the floor to the right of the pot. When I went over there and looked at the large pot it was now full of flowers.

I walked over to the door of the room and tried to open it. To my surprise it opened. I walked into the rest of the house and then went outside. I walked down an ally for a while. I came across a kitten. I bent down and petted the kitten. It was kind of wild. The kitten purred when I pet it but it would sometimes reach up and scratch me. I figured if I kept petting the kitten it would become tame and stop scratching me so I continued petting it as we walked back towards the house.

I remember several other full grown cats walking with us at one point. All of a sudden I was walking with a little girl instead of the kitten. As we came closer to the house the other person I was with in that room looked out the window. They said something nice about me finding the girl (I don’t remember what) and said that they would come down. The girl and I went inside the house. We were playing inside the kitchen (I was watching this from outside in the 3rd person.) I was like her father and she the daughter. I felt she was very special. Even though she was acting like a child now she was much more.

May 29, 1997 (Babies in Wheel Barrels)

I was in the living room of my dad’s house in Jamesville where I grew up and it was nighttime. I was there with 3 other people (Jennifer, Chris, and Matt). We were all sleeping. Jennifer and me were on a bed, Chris was on a couch and Matt was on the floor. I knew Jennifer would rather be sleeping with Matt. Matt woke up and started to wake the rest of us up. I got mad and told him to go home for waking us up, but then looked at the clock and saw it was 8:30 and it was time to get up so I apologized to him and told him he could stay.

It was a nice sunny morning. I was out walking around in the back yard. I saw a wheel barrel with a baby in it and I saw there was about an inch of water in it also. Then I walked a little further and saw a second wheelbarrow with another baby in it. There was a lot of water in this one. The water came up to the baby’s face and it was just low enough for the baby to breathe. Someone went over to the wheelbarrow and started shoveling water out of it.

I was back inside the house. I went into the half bathroom. The sink was full of water. On the surface of the water were three beetles. Two were small and the other was big. The beetles were my three friends. The two small ones were Chris and Matt and the larger one was Jennifer. The larger one started to sink into the water. I was looking around for something to scoop it out of the water but it was too late. I saw the drain was up so the water was running out of the sink. I was going to push the drain down to stop the water from leaving the sink, but the large beetle was in the way so if I did close the drain it would crush it. The large beetle and one of the smaller ones went down the drain. I managed to raise the drain about 8 inches and the other smaller beetle was on it.

I was walking down the hall in the bedroom wing of the house. I looked in room 2 and saw Jennifer and Matt in bed together. I walked back out into the hall and looked out a window. I saw Dawson pull into the driveway. He was talking to my dad about the babies. He said that two people were there a while back and had the two babies but left. He said they have just been given enough food to survive and that they would be taken care of now.

I was in the living room. Matt had just came in from outside. He was wearing a winter coat and had snow in his hair. I asked where Jennifer and Chris were. He said that they were still up on a hill in the back woods outside.

October 14, 1997 - 8:50am (Snakes in Swimming Pool)

I was in my mom’s car with my mom and Bob. We were driving past Ananda Ashram. We were going in the driveway and driving right in the loop and leaving. There were some people standing on the roof over the gift shop. I was waving to them saying hi and sorry I could not stay longer.

Next part:
I’m in the main house, in the middle room (the one with all the paintings in it). I was sitting on the couch with some of the other children there including Bavani and some others I did not know. The morning meditation was just ending. I walked out into the front room (The one next to the kitchen that you fist walk into). My mom was there. She said we could stay till 2:30pm or 3pm if I wanted to, but that they had to go home by then. Or I could stay until around midnight when my dad would be leaving and get a ride home with him. I went back in the middle room. The couch was almost full of children. One was sitting were I was but they moved over and made room for me.

Next part:
There were a couple of us that were not in the main group (gang or whatever you want to call it). We were all going down to the swimming pool. On the way the ones in the gang were pouring water out of a hose (A lot of water like a fire hose or a shower). The ones not in the group including me walked under the water they were pouring out. As I did they followed me with it and kept aiming the water at me as I walked to the pool. As I got to the pool they stopped pouring the water on me. I was wondering if the water in the pool would be cold or not. I was the first one to arrive at the pool and I looked in it. There were lots of dead insects floating on top of the pool and lots of snakes on the bottom of it. There was also one large one in the pool. I thought they must not have cleaned out the pool for the summer yet.

Next part:
I was swimming in the pool. I saw the snakes at the bottom and swam toward the stairs to get out of the pool. As I got to the side I saw lots of small snakes and some middle sized ones. I avoided stepping on them and tried avoiding touching them. I did touch some of the smaller ones on the side and railing on the way out. Once out of the pool I saw the others that were not in the group decide not to go swimming so they left. As I walked out I joined the group. They said I was part of the group now. We headed back towards the pool. Then I woke up.

December, 1997 - Some time in December (Water Slide at Ananda)

I was at Ananda Ashram. I was walking up from the lake house and there was a new water slide on the hill. It was on the right side of the driveway. No water was flowing in it yet. I walked up the stairs to the top of the slide. The person I was with turned on the water. Lots of water came flowing down slide. It was dirty water, kind of rusty colored. Then after a few moments the water cleared up and the flow became more normal. It was not over flowing with water but the normal about for a water slide.

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