Dreams 1998

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January 4, 1998 (Cabin by Swamp With Black Creatures)

I was moving some stuff to a cabin in the woods by a lake. The lake was more like a swamp then a lake. There was no road to this cabin so it would take a while to move all the stuff in. Once I was at the cabin there was this black creature that was from this pond. It scarred me. After a while I killed it (or got rid of it).

I was at the cabin for a while. I had two servants. Both of them were thin men. They turned into creatures like the first black one. Both smaller then the first one. I was scared. They were not treated well as servants and they were going to attack for revenge. They were out walking around in the swamp and woods. My perspective change so I was watching them walk around. Even though I was still in the cabin I was scared. As I watched them more closely I slowly became them and saw their viewpoints. I was no longer scared.

January, 1998 - Around the middle of January (Fetus in Flowerpot)

I was at the house on Gates Road. I was in the bed in room two. It was just a mattress on the floor. It was nighttime and the lights were off. I saw a mouse run past my bed. I was thinking about getting some mouse deacon, but I did not want a dead mouse in my blankets.

In the morning I went to the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator. There was lots of food in there but most of it was other peoples food that were staying at the house.

I was in the garage near the garage door. There was a small flowerpot sitting behind the drivers seat in the 57 ford. Sitting on top of the soil in the pot was my daughter. She was only about 2 inches big. There was a worm on the soil next to her. As I watched the worm moved a little further away from the girl. She was still a fetus.

January, 1998 - Around the middle of January (Virtual Reality War Game at BOCES)

I was in the class I took at BOCES. There were lots of Macs in the room and it was dark. It was kind of like virtual reality. The game was running off the computers in the room. There was one computer per person. It was a war like game. Some players had magic beams they could shoot out while others had hand grenades and other weapons. There were lots of places to hide and the room was darkly lit with red lights and light from the computer monitors.

I was walking around with a friend. We locked some of the other players in a room. The computer my friend was playing thru was in that room. We decided we better load his character up in another computer in case the people locked in the room shut down the computer he was running. As we looked for a computer to start up his character, we saw that people had installed the game on more computers. I saw the disk near the end of a row of computers. I loaded up his character on one of the last computers. I was surprised so many people were playing.

We tried to attack people. I waved my hands out to shoot a beam at some people. It did not work. Then all of a sudden it started working. I shot the beam and it took someone’s leg of. He asked why was I doing this. I realized this game was going to far. I was going to walk around to the computers to shut it down. On the way I saw this big warrior like guy. I knew he was a computer-controlled character and not a real person playing the game. I decided I better not try to shoot him and hope that he would not try to shoot me. I said who is that. He said, "I am god. God is watching you". Then he walked out the door. I continued my way back to the computer to shut it down.

My alarm went off and I woke up then.

January 31, 1998 (The Red Planet)

I was looking at a new planet. It had bright light that gathered up around it and flew away every once in a while. At first I thought it was a small star. Then I was looking at an area on the planet surface. Everything had a red tint to it. I was standing on some land near an ocean of liquid. The liquid was red and textured like molten lava.

I was looking at the large rocks. They were red kind of like the rocks in Arizona. I saw some different kinds of arrows painted on the rocks. I’m not sure what they were for. This planet had some lower life forms that lived on both the land and in the ocean. I did not see any, but I knew they were on the planet.

I was kind of there in my astral body. I was looking at all this, but I was on earth talking to my mom. I asked her what the temperature was on the planet. She said it was 90 now, but some times it gets up to 160 which was to hot to live in.

February 16, 1998 (Tiger Turned into Baby)

I was in a car in a parking lot. There was a tiger in the car with me and it was attacking me. I remembered that I had this dream before (Now that I’m awake I don’t think I ever did have a dream like that). I remembered that the tiger attacked me. This time the tiger turned into a baby. I was holding the baby and caring for it. I loved it very much. I was breast feeding it at times. After a wile Dr. Mishra came up to the car and said that there was going to be a meeting in the building whose parking lot we were in. I got out of the car and started walking to the building with him.

I thought this would be a perfect time to ask him questions, but he said not to ask him any questions. As we got closer to the door I asked a question but got no answer. I walked in the entrance to the building. There were some people at an information desk. The meeting was in a room to the right. I walked into the next room to the right. There were people standing around in the room. I felt it would be best to leave the baby with one of them before I when right one more room and entered the room with the meeting.

I went into the room with the meeting and soon as I entered I was in bed. It was the bed that was in the living room at Gates Road. I was lying down and there were some people talking to me from above. They were saying it was time for me to die. I was telling them that I did not want to die. They were starting to prop me up and get ready to kill me. I said that I had not watched all the Star Trek episodes yet. I was looking up at the shelf with all the original episodes. The numbers that were normally on all of them were blank. They did not kill me.

Later I was at the house on Gates Road telling my dad about the dream. My dad said that the 72nd anniversary tape of Star Trek came in the mail a few days ago. I saw it on the shelf behind me.

March 6, 1998 - Around 5:15pm (Fifteen Moons)

Shay, Shinichi and I were moving to a new house. Shay was driving me to the new house that was out in the country. We got there at night. I got settled into a room and went to bed. I got up early the next morning. The sun was just starting to rise. Shay drove me to school downtown.

We pulled out of the driveway and started down the long road in the middle of nowhere. I looked out the back window and saw a moon in the sky. It was very big. It filled most of the sky. As I continued looking I saw many smaller moons also in the sky. I counted 15 of them. They were very beautiful.

When we got downtown she was giving me directions for how to get back home. These directions were very complicated so it took a long time to write them all down. I was using a black magic marker to write with, but it started to run out so I used another one to finish.

We were walking on the sidewalk. Shay was doing tricks with a complex item. It was made out of thin wood that was in many square shapes that were put together. She was moving them all about changing their positions. Then she had it grow and slowly form new shapes.

April 20th, 1998 (Large Lake at Gates Road)

I was at the house on Gates Road. I was in the backyard looking down in the gully where the stream would normally be. Instead of the stream I saw a large lake. It was so large I could not see all the way to the other side. There were many waterfalls pouring into the lake. I could see several beaches along the shore of the lake. I saw a couple of people on one beach. They were taking a secret passage into the lake. They walked into the lake and entered some sort of complex. That is all I remember from the dream.

May 15, 1998 (Sunset and Tornado in Pittsburgh)

I was on a small road out in the woods and no one was around. I was talking to my mom on a pay phone there. It was snowing outside but the snow was only sticking to the grass and was only about a quarter of an inch deep. My mom was saying that they were getting a lot more snow in New York.

I walked down the road to where my car was parked. It was about a quarter of a mile from the pay phone. A couple of my friends were in the car.

Later in the dream I was back at the pay phone. My mom called me and said there was a storm warning for my area. I looked up to the north and the sun was setting. It was a beautiful sunset with lots of bright red colors. I could see a tornado off in the distance. It was very beautiful. I grabbed my dad’s camcorder and started video taping it. I noticed it was coming closer so I taped a just little bit longer then ran back to the car.

My two friends were in the car. I told them about the tornado. They were taking too long to get their stuff together and I did not want to wait around. So I started walking down the road back to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. That’s when I woke up.

NOTE: Shortly after this dream when I went to pick up a friend at the bus station I saw the exact same sunset that I saw in this dream.

May 19, 1998 (Old Woman with a Camera)

I was at my dad’s cabin on Raquette Lake. It was a warm evening in June and it was dark outside. I was there with my dad and we were watching a tape of recorded TV shows from ten years ago. The next day I was out walking with my mom and dad. When going past one cabin I recognized an old woman in her 80’s or 90’s. In the past when I was at Raquette Lake with Chris we talked to her some. (Just in the dream not in real life.)

I walked over and sat down next to her. She had a high-speed camera sitting next to her. It took about 20 pictures a second. I did not see it until I sat down and noticed I got in the way of the camera and I was still sitting in its view. I talked to her a for a little while. She was like a second mom to me. Her daughter stopped by and said hi. She was in her 60’s. I had the feeling if the old woman died then her daughter would take her place.

Then I saw the camera ran out of film. I walked over to the camera and looked at the long strip of film with all the pictures it had taken. I saw that a woman in her 20’s came and talked to her before I did. I thought this woman was probably her granddaughter. Then as I looked further on the film I saw where I came and talked to her and where I looked at the camera.

At this point my mom and dad had already went back to the cabin. It was nice and sunny outside. The old woman and I walked back to the cabin. By the time we got there it was evening and raining. It was still warm outside. I knocked on the door and got no answer so we walked inside. My dad came out of the right bedroom naked (not knowing the old woman was there) and then walked back into the room.

I told the old woman that I loved her and she left.

May 27, 1998 - Went to sleep at a little after 5pm. (Star Trek Movie)

I was watching the new Star Trek movie in this big room on a college campus. The movie was being displayed on the entire wall in the front of the room. The room was the size of a big movie theater and was completely empty except for me. There were not even any chairs in this room.

I was deeply involved in the movie as if I was in it and it was happening to me. There was this alien that was forcing the captain to see some kind of illusion. I don’t remember what it was but it made him think he was somewhere he was not, and it was life threatening to him and the crew. Some how the captain figured out what was going away and managed to send the alien back to its ship.

After doing this, the captain had somehow stolen the alien’s mother ship and given it a false command. After escaping and getting away from the mother ship (Or some ship that was in command of the alien) Picard sent the alien a message to gloat. As the alien was watching this message it saw the glass dome roof in the bridge.

It sent a small 1 inch metal ball thru space that came straight down and crashed thru the center of the glass dome roof causing it to shatter from the center out. Someone else had come into the room I was watching the movie in. The movie continued a little bit and I missed what happened. I grabbed the remote for the VCR and rewound the tape until it was still paused on where the ball crashed thru the glass. I had never seen this scene before when I had seen the movie and finally understood what happened at the end of the movie.

The metal ball continued down at a high speed crashing thru balk heads and horizontally thru the center of walls. A repair crew was looking at the path it left thru one wall near a door. They were scanning it and they said that they found traces of metal that were 1000 years old.

A teacher and two students came into the room wanting to practice karate or something like that. They wanted me to shut off the movie and leave. I asked if I could stay and watch the rest of it. They said it would be too much of a bother for them and they got a little mad and left.

Captain Picard was trying to figure out how to get the alien off the ship. He knew the plan he used last time would not work again. I remembered from watching the movie before that Picard would re-take the ship and get the alien off it.

The movie was over. It was now dark when I walked outside of the building. I saw a hills department store off to the left and I was thinking that later I could barrow a movie that they showed in the electronics department of Ames and watch it sometime. I started walking back home. I was on a vacation for a week and was on my own. This was the first day of the vacation. I thought I should send my mom an E-mail and let her know how I was doing. Then I woke up at 7:58pm.

June 10, 1998 - Around this date (Chased by Shark)

I was walking around in a desert with some people and there was some kind of irrigation system there so there was water in the area. It was kind of like a swamp. Shallow water, with lots of seaweed and gunk in it. There were some fish and stuff swimming around in it. Then as I was walking further out a small shark started chasing me. I started to swim away from it. As I swam away the water was getting deeper and less and less seaweed was in it. I knew I had to get to a spot where the water was deep enough for the shark to stop chasing me. The shark was real close to me, nibbling on my fingers and almost got them. Then I made it to where the water was deep enough so it left.

July 1, 1998 - Around this date (Meeting with Dr. Mishra)

I was in a room on the 2nd floor of the main house at Ananda Ashram. This room was in a meeting room and there was a computer on Dr. Mishra’s table in the front part of the room. I went over and took a look at the screen. I saw that he had received and read all the e-mail I sent him, there were also e-mail messages from other people that he had read. I was thinking it was nice that he was getting and reading my e-mail even though I never remembered getting a reply from him.

The meeting was starting and Dr. Mishra had everyone in the room (about 15 or 20 people) stand up against a wall. I took off a sweatshirt I was wearing and I saw that I had no pants on, just underwear and a T-shirt. Then we all pushed against the wall and it moved allowing me to enter a new room. It was kind of dark when I went in there and music was playing. I got a feeling of contentment and complete happiness for a little while.

Later I was back in the room where the meeting started. Dr. Mishra had all 15 or 20 of us join hands and sit in a circle. We were going to send energy around the circle. One person had energy flowing from his face and asked Dr. Mishra if he could send it thru his face. Dr. Mishra said we could send it however we wanted to. I sent Reiki thru my hands around the circle. I felt a tremendous amount of energy flowing thru me. So much that I was moving around some. Dr. Mishra said to be still, so I sat there for a while feeling the energy.

It was time to take a break. Dr. Mishra said that after we took the break there would be a written test. We left the main house and as I was walking outside I had the feeling that I was being tested even as I walked around. I felt that I was not going to try to do anything for the test, just act the way I normally act. Then I woke up.

July 24, 1998 (Quarter in Swimming Pool)

I was standing near a deep swimming pool and was with a group of people. One of them had dropped a quarter on the bottom of the pool near the edge of the pool where I was standing. Several people tried to swim down and get the quarter, but none of them were able to. I dove into the water and ended up right near the quarter. I picked it up and started swimming up to the surface of the water. Part way up I realized I forgot to kick off the bottom of the pool, so I was not going up as fast as I wanted to be. I was holding my breath, but I could not hold it any more, so I started breathing deeply. I was able to breath, but I had it set in my mind that I was breathing in water.

I got out of the pool, and said "Here is your quarter". Then I laid down on the side of the pool, and asked someone to call an ambulance for me so they could take me to the hospital because my lungs were full of water.

July 24, 1998 (Hotel in Florida Over the Ocean)

I was in Florida with my dad and my youngest nephew. There was a flood there recently, but the waters had gone down. We stopped at a hotel near the ocean. We went inside the main office and my dad asked for the cheapest room they had. They said it was a single room and they charged $20 per person, so the total was $60. This hotel chain is the same one that I stayed in when I won that trip to San Diego. A man came by to take us to our room. On the way up to our room he said one of his friends used to work at the Hotel I was at in San Diego in 1994. I told him I was there in late November 1994, but he said his friend stopped working there before I was there. I asked if this hotel had a pool, and he said it did not.

After going up quite a few floors we got on an elevator and went up to the top of the building. This was a very tall building. It was the tallest one in Florida. We got out of the elevator. The guy showing us to our room and I where ahead of my Dad, Nephew, and Sister. Our room was at the end of the hall. There was a small room maybe 4 feet by 4 feet that you walked into before you opened the door to get into our room. There was a switch in the small room that looked like a light switch. I hit the switch while still standing in the hall, and the floor in the small room had hinges on it and it dropped open. You could see the ocean far below us. A fall from such a height even into water would most likely be fatal.

Then I reached down and pulled the floor back up so you could walk on it. When everyone else got there I told them not to hit the light switch, and showed them what it would do. After that we entered our room that had one large window in it, we could see the city from above. I thought if another flood came, we would be safe there. The only problem would be that we had no food. I thought maybe the trap door in the other room could be used to leave here if the water became high enough to jump into.

July 27, 1998 - Around this date (Slimes - Part One)

In the first part of this dream I was at my moms old house on Allen Street. I was sleeping downstairs and I got up early in the morning so it was still dark. I went upstairs to Greg’s old room. It was mostly empty and in very bad shape. There were lots of dust and holes in the floor. There was something about him having a problem with his computer and sending it in.

Next thing I know I’m outside. I think I was sitting on a bed in the middle of a road in Syracuse. It was sunny outside. There were some creatures around. They were called "slimes" and kind of looked like the tribbles from Star Trek. They did not like the sun light.

Next thing I know I’m in a building heading towards a door to the control room. I picked the lock and went in. There where weather controls there. I changed the season of the year so the sun would be out longer and changed the time of day.

Next thing I know I’m in a room in that same building trying to find a hiding place with a friend. We climbed up on some bookshelves and were trying to hide on an upper shelf behind some books. A black man walked in the room. We were not sure if he had been taken over by the slimes or not. I was not sure if he could be trusted. He wanted a place to hide. I told him to first help use by putting books in front of us. He started to help when the Slimes came in. They were in human bodies dressed in business suits.

I don’t remember what happened to the other guy, but they saw my friend and I hiding on the bookshelf. They said they would give us until 10:10pm that night to try and hide from them and then they left the room. I ran out of the room and went back to the weather control switches by the main door. I opened the door and left the building. Once outside I saw it was cloudy and raining lightly. The slimes had changed the weather. It was still kind of light outside but dark enough for them to be outside.

I walked outside and was going to find a car to get away from the slimes. I saw a car with the door open a little. I felt like it was a trap and continued walking further out. I came up to a road. Everyone driving around was already taken over by the slimes. Then they came after me in their "tribble like" form. They clinged on to my legs. Then I woke up.

August 1, 1998 (War with Aliens)

I don’t remember how this dream started. There was a war going on between humans and aliens. I was on some kind of military base and they were trying to take it over. I was inside a very large room in some building. Aliens had taken over one side of it and we had control of the other.

We managed to kill all the aliens in the building, except for the three main leaders. We decided to keep them alive for a while in case they were needed. Outside we heard and saw a big explosion. We were not sure if it was aliens being killed or humans. It turned out it was a weapons stockpile building of ours. One of the three aliens we had captured said we should not have kept all those weapons in one spot. Later the three aliens were asking for different food. They had food, but said they were getting tired of it and wanted food from a table against the side of the room. I thought it might be some kind of a trick. I looked behind me at another table with food on it and asked if they wanted food from that table. They said no. I did not give them food from the other table.

I don’t remember when it was, but I killed two of the aliens at some point. Later the last alien was adding something to my weapon to make it stronger. I thought this might be a trick since I could not shot him while he was doing this and he would have been able to kill me. Since some of the other men that were with me had their guns on him I was not to worried.

August 1, 1998 (Flying Game)

I had made this animation of a side scrolling flying game. It was really good, and I was going to sell the rights to a gaming company and have them make a game out of it. I had to redo some of the scenes, because I used some of the beginning graphics on the first stage from another game. I would be able to use the computers at AIP, and Rod’s class at BOCES to do this.

I need a place to put this game(Physical place in real life for a flying course). I wanted to put it underground under some water. I was walking along a stream and the water was too shallow. I saw the water went thru this big concrete tunnel. I thought that on the other side where the water came out of the tunnel there might be a pool deep enough.

I went inside the tunnel and it was like a maze in there. Once at the other side I tried to set up the game underneath it. I don’t remember what went wrong. But I decided the best place for it would be in outer space.

August 9, 1998 (Ashram in San Francisco)

I was riding a public bus in San Francisco, CA. I was not sure what stop the ashram there was at so I asked the people on the bus, but they did not know. I looked out the window and saw the ashram. I was not 100% sure that this was the place. I told the driver to stop and a friend of mine got out a looked around. I got a closer look and saw that it was the ashram so I got off the bus.

There were two buildings. My friend went and knocked on the door to the one on the left. A woman answered the door and it was a stripper place. She said sorry that sometimes people get confused and go there instead. So I walked over to the house on the right, that was the ashram. My friend came with me. As I was waking past the other house the woman thru me some flyers printed on blue paper. They said something about getting a massage there.

I entered the ashram along with my friend. I saw Saraswattie (SP?) there in the fist room. I walked around to the next room and saw Dr. Mishra sitting there in the corner by the door I came in. He said, "Come, Come to me."

Then I woke up and felt this tingling sensation thru out my entire body.

August 17, 1998 (Fighting Monsters and Hiding)

I was in a dungeon with several other people and we were fighting monsters. We just killed one "sub boss" and now were fighting the "end boss" to that area. It grabbed Katie with one set of arms and I ran up to it and cut off that set of arms with my sword. Then it just picked her up with another set of arms. Again I cut them off with my sword. Then it still had another set of arms. I decided that the sword was not working to well. So I decided that we would use machine guns against it.

That was a mistake. As soon as I pulled out my machine gun and started firing at it, the "end guy" pulled out a much stronger machine gun. He hit all of use bad and the battle started over again. This time when he walked out he had massive armor on. One of the people in my party had a welding kit, and was standing behind the enemy cutting thru its armor. After cutting thru it he fired his machine gun in to the enemy and killed it. Our party was very week after winning this battle. We were standing near the exit to this room. I saw a small slime still in the room, but we were to week to kill it. We needed to get some supplies first.

We left that room and went outside. Then we walked into another room. I checked the map and saw that we were in this area before. We had already cleared it of monsters. We walked into one room in this area where we fought a battle before. One of our past party was lying there dead. There was some food sitting next to him, but it looked like it might have a virus in it that killed our other party member. We left that room to see if we could find anything else in that area. All we found was one AA battery. That might have come in handy if we had a flashlight but we did not. We went back outside and walked for a while. There was some kind of monster following us.

We were standing on the edge of a town. We were trying to decide were to go so that the monster would not find us. We decided to go to a hose that was near us. It was a mobile home. I asked the people there if I could hide out there for a while. They said ok and I saw there was a camera mounted on a wall. I moved so I was not in view of the camera. Later they had to drive to a spot where they were searching for me. I hid under some blankets when they searched and they did not find me. Then we went back to where we were parked before. That is when I woke up.

September 9, 1998 - around 5:30am (Eaten Alive)

I was walking into my school (Art Institute of Pittsburgh) with Matt Knobel (He was my roommate at SUNY Morrisville). He said that there was a room with some computers in it that he wanted to download some information from. We took a set of stairs that I never took before and went to the 3rd floor. The building was 10 floors tall and I had never seen this place before. He went in the room with the computers and started them up. The main screen came up and was in Japanese. The layout of the room and the main screen on the computer suggested that this was a place for children like kindergarten students.

I was nervous that someone might come and see what was going on. I went out and waited in the other room. I was looking at some information tacked to a bulletin board. Then a woman came up the stairs. She lived in this area. I warned my friend. My friend now was Chris Dems. He got off the computer and hid.

I was talking to the woman that came up the stairs and into this area. I saw a wooden porch. It looked like it would be a nice view of Pittsburgh at night from out there. She told me that it was very old and no longer safe to go out on the porch. I could see parts of the city from looking out the window. It looked very beautiful.

I got to know this woman well and started falling in love with her. I walked into the room with the computers in it. There was a large scale in this room. The upper part had a large glass window in it and you could see water in it along with pictures in it. I stood on the scale not knowing exactly how it worked. I saw the water moving in it. When I got off the scale I could see the pictures were black and white portraits of Japanese kids.

The woman I was with came into that room and said that I should go down and take a shower. I walked down a different set of stairs that lead to the bathroom. When I got down there I saw the water was already on for the shower, and the plug in the shower was in so the water was building up. I pulled out the plug.

I walked over to the room next to the shower. Chris (My friend that I came in with he was Matt at the beginning of the dream) was lying down in the bathtub with it full of water. I knew that the woman would be coming down the stairs. I pulled the plug out of his bath so all the water went out of the tub. I told him to hide in the closet.

I then got back in the shower. The woman came down. She had 3 towels with her. One was for me. She said she was going to put the others in the closet. I did not hear her and asked what she said. She opened the closet door and saw my friend hiding in there. She told him to leave. It looked like the woman was not going to let this get in the way of our friendship.

Then she came into the room I was in and ate me.
I woke up scared.

September 13, 1998 (Girl Dressed in White)

I was staying in a motel in Florida. I walked down to the beach and sat down on a big rock. I was watching the sunrise over the ocean and I looked over to the right and saw my mom was sitting on the beach. She said that she was going back to the motel rather then going swimming in the pool. She did not want to get a sunburn.

Another family came down to the beach. They were going to go up to swim at the pool. I walked up the path with them. As we came to the road, I saw this girl dressed in white. She had light colored hair. I asked who she was. The people I was with said that she was 8 or 10 years old. That she lived on the 4th floor of Trudy’s three story house.

She was shy and walked back to the house and did not say anything. I knew it was unusual to see her.

When I woke up from this dream I was remembering it. Then I fell back asleep while remembering it and had part of the dream again a second time. I walked up the path and saw the girl there again but the timing was a little different. Then I woke up again.

October 16, 1998 (Meeting My Grandmother Who Passed Away)

I was in a restaurant in a hotel or an old folk’s home with a friend. We went up the all you could eat buffet to get some breakfast. I was waiting to get some orange juice. I walked around to the other side of the buffet and someone poured a glass and set it down on the buffet. I picked it up and returned to the table.

At the next table over I saw someone that looked like my grandmother. I thought it might be her and went over to the table and asked the person she was sitting with (an older woman) if that was Jean. She said yes. I started crying and hugging this woman. I did not want to hug my grandmother because of the condition she was in. But when I stopped hugging the other woman and started to go back to my table my grandmother said something. The woman at the table said that my grandmother has healed a lot from her past condition. Something about how it had been at stage 3 and now has gone to stage two. The lower the stage the better. She could now speak, and she could remember things now. But she still had no memory of things from before. She knew I was her grandson and I started crying again and started hugging her. That is all I remember from that dream.

October 22, 1998 (Fireworks at Wanakena)

I was at Wanakena, out lying down on the grass with some other people in my family. It was dusk. All of a sudden a whole bunch of fire works started going off. Kind of like they do for the grand finally, but they were doing it for the whole show. They filled the sky and they were very beautiful. After a shot time it started clouding over. The clouds blocked out the fireworks. I looked up at the sky to look at the clouds. Some of them were dark, and it looked like it would rain soon.

We went inside. Inside I saw a young girl about 5 or 6 years old. I looked at her palm to see her life line. It was very short. I estimated that she would live until she was around 20-25 years old. I was starting to tell her that she could change this, so she would live longer, but something interrupted me part way thru telling her.

There were two separate boxes in the next part of the dream. They both were sentient. The one I had was good. The other one was bad or negative energy. The bad box wanted to acquire or join the good box. I was trying to keep the good one away from the bad one. Near the end of the dream I realized that if they joined, that the good would over power the bad, so there was nothing to worry about. I don’t remember if they ever got together in the end of the dream.

November 14, 1998 (Trapped in Underground Stadium)

I was in a large stadium underground. I was watching a play there and video taping it. After one act, when they were taking a break, I did a panoramic shot of the stadium. There was about 1000 people there. I was sitting next to a friend. He got up and left, so I also got up. I was walking down a concrete hallway and starting the long walk up to the surface and out of the stadium, but I came to a dead end. The way up was blocked off. I could see water dripping thru the blockade from above. I knew there was a ton of water above me.

I started having problems breathing due to lack of air in the small room I was in. I went back the way I came, but the passage was starting to seal itself back up so I could not get thru. There still was a little opening, and I kicked thru the wall to make it big enough for me to go back to the room with all the people in it. On my way back I realized I was in a dream. I closed my eyes and said that I wanted to be in Sissy’s dream and then opened my eyes. I opened my eyes to find myself in a dark area. I could not see much around me. I did see two people, but I could not make out who they were because it was to dark. Then I woke up.

November 17, 1998 (Peeing in a Fish Tank)

It was night and I was lying in bed in a room. There were several beds in this room and I was the only one in it. Sissy was in a smaller room that was set in the corner of this room that just had one bed in it. The door was closed and I think the light was on in her room. I knew that this was the last night that we would be together for a while so I wanted to sleep with her. I was trying to build up the courage to go and knock on her door and ask if I could come in. I decided to go to the bathroom which was located in the next room over, then when I came back I would knock on her door.

Once I was in the bathroom I took a piss. After doing that I realized that I pissed in a very large fish tank. I saw some small fish swimming around in there. I was afraid that I might have harmed them by pissing in the water they were swimming in. As I was walking out of the bathroom, I saw there was a filter on the right end of the fish tank. I walked back over to the left side, and saw there was also a filter there. I was hoping they would be enough to clean the piss out of the water so the fish would be ok.

Next thing I know I’m standing in a big warehouse. I was standing on a wooden dock that was on the lower wall. The warehouse floor was water, and there were big fish swimming around in it. I knew that no matter how much they reproduced that this warehouse I was in would stay afloat. On the left side of the warehouse there were lots of barrels varying in size. I saw that I could crawl over the barrels to get to the other side of the warehouse to get out.

As I was crawling across the barrels it was like I was in a store hearing about the merchandise inside of them. They were the top 85 products of the year that were listed as number one in quality. When I finished crawling across them and was standing near the exit, I saw this big TV that was going to be on sale at the New York State Fair Grounds. The sign said that if you could not make it there then you could get it on sale at the store afterwards.

I think I was at Ananda Ashram now. I was in a big building that was all made of wood. It was not finished being built. All the outside work was done, but it was not furnished yet. The building was about 40 feet wide and about 1000 feet long. I was walking along this long hall way on the 2nd floor level. The building was 2 floors tall. There were no walls for this hallway, and there was no floor on the second floor except this walk way. I was able to look down on either the right or left side at the first floor. About 150 feet from the other side of the building, this walkway ended in a set of stairs that went down to the first level. There was about a 25 foot gap in the walkway, and then in continued over to the other wall, but there was no set of stairs for that end. It was just a dead end. I don’t know if there was a door at the other end or not.
I walked down the stairs and looked around a little and then woke up.

November 18, 1998 - 7:35pm (Missiles Hitting Pittsburgh)

I was at my mother’s apartment in Sherburne NY. Except it was on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. It was nighttime and I was sleeping in my room upstairs. I woke up and the power was off in my room. I picked up the phone, and I could faintly here a news broadcast coming over it. Somehow I could hear this news broadcast from the radio on the phone when I held down the button so there was no dial tone.

It was talking about how Iraq or some other country still had missiles built up and was going to fire them at the USA. I looked out my window, and I saw that the power was on in other nearby houses and was only off in my room. Then as I was looking out at downtown Pittsburgh, I saw this immense white light. It lasted for a few seconds, then this missile or bolt of energy came down and hit downtown Pittsburgh. I saw the mushroom cloud over Pittsburgh and the shock wave from it. It was destroying things in its path like buildings, as it got further out, it destroyed less stuff and started to weaken, following this shock wave was a wave of water. It was not that big of a wave, compared to everything else. I looked down at the parking lot and it just missed my car so it was ok, and there was a slight shacking of the apartment I was in, but no real damage.

I went downstairs and saw there was power in the rest of the apartment. I told my mom what happened. There was a news broadcast on TV saying that this whole thing was faked and it was a hoax. Shortly after another missile hit downtown Pittsburgh again a little to the upper right of where the one from before hit. It was at this time I decided I better get out of there.

I started looking for my car keys. I thought I left them up in my room, but the lay out of the apartment was different. I could not find the way back up to my room. This other guy came into the apartment, and I told him to get out of there. Then I realized I was in a hall connecting it to other apartments and apologized to him. Then I was back in the living room of my apartment. I saw my jeans on the floor, and grabbed my car keys out of the pocket and then left.

Some how I did not want to waist anytime by getting the car. I was on this road leading from Pittsburgh back to Mt. Upton NY. It was a small two-lane road, and it was a nice clear night. There was no traffic on this road that I was running down. Then I saw the flash of light ahead of me and another missile hit some big city ahead of me. At that time I decided to stop running from these missiles. I was looking at the sky, and looked over to my left. I saw the full moon, and seeing that made me realize I was in a dream. I thought maybe I was supposed to let one of these missiles hit me. So I stood there and looked straight up at the starry sky. I screamed out something like ok come and hit me now. After a few moments one came and hit me dead on target. I had no feeling whatsoever when it hit me. I was a pile of goo on the ground, with just my head and shoulders sticking out. I pressed right on some kind of control pad in the 3rd person, and then I moved over to the right, and I was back to normal.

Then I thought about trying to enter Sissy’s dream. I thought of Sissy on the porch, and then not much happened. I wondered if she was asleep and dreaming then. So then I just tried to center on where she was, but I woke up when trying to do that.

NOTE: When I had this dream Sissy was awake. Also earlier that day we had talked on the Internet about trying to meet in a dream on a wooden deck in a park near her house.

November 19, 1998 - 6:30am (Ananda Ashram)

I was at Ananda Ashram. I only remember parts of the beginning of this dream. I was walking around the grounds of the ashram with Katie Dixon. As we walked I had my arm on her shoulders. I was thinking that it was nice that we still got along after all this time that we have not seen each other. One part of it I was by myself going down to the lake house. The driveway had a small coat of ice on it, and I slide down it like a slide. I went past the driveway that leads down to the lower part of the lake house and ended up going to the upper side of it. I walked down the trail to get to the lower part. As I got near the bottom of this trail, large thorn bushes blocked it off, so I could not get thru. I went back up the trail a little and took a trail off to the side and around the bushes. In one part I was with a friend looking for Katie. She was sleeping in the car by the lake house.

We were walking up and over to the Paneini (sp?). As we were walking by the main house I realized that meditation was going on then. I decided to skip going to the Paneini with my friends and go to the meditation in the main house to see Dr. Mishra. I walked in to the meditation room and it was near the end of the meditation. Dr. Mishra had already left. One of the women there (the one that lives in the Cottage now) said that I could meet Dr. Mishra at 6:00am in the morning if I wanted to. She said that he was in the lake house. He was in a room on the 1st floor, but you had to go to the second floor to get to it, and normally the door to it was shut.

I was staying in the car at that time and did not have an alarm clock. I was thinking I could ask my dad to come wake me up, but I did not want to inconvenience him. I was thinking I could go and see if I could see Dr. Mishra then. After she told me that, Dr. Mishra’s father came in the room and asked to speak to my father. My dad, him and I walked out the door and were walking on the lawn. They were talking. I left them and started to go to the lake house.

On the way there I was thinking about what I would do if I became enlightened. I was thinking that I would take care of the ashram and keep it running and still help other people. The image used for an example was me cleaning out some garbage (or removing blocks) making the energy flow freely thru a friend. When I got to the lake house I walked in the front door. The lights were off. I tried to turn them on, but they would not come on. The power was off in this building. Someone came out into the room I was in and was trying to get the power to work (I think).

I walked up to the second floor. When I was up there I saw an emergency floodlight that shined down on the 1st floor and turned it on. Next to it I found a flashlight that was turned on. I grabbed it and walked to the door that lead to the area that lead to Dr. Mishra’s room. I walked in this small room. Then I slid down a metal shoot that dropped me in a small cluttered room on the first floor. In front of me was the door to Dr. Mishra’s room. It was slightly open. I knocked on the door, and it opened a little more as I knocked on it.

Dr. Mishra said, "Back", and then he tried to close the door all the way. My foot was stuck in the door. I was about to tell him to open the door a little so I could get my foot out before he shut it. I woke up before I could say anything. Then less then a second after I woke up my alarm went off.

December 5, 1998 (Golden Cloths)

I was at Ananda Ashram, in the hallway of the main house. This is the room where you leave your shoes. Rani had left me some cloths to put on. They were golden. I started to put on the pants. They were more like pantyhose, and they were made of clear plastic. Then I went to put on the shirt, and it was like the shirts we wore in the karate class but it was black I think.

December 9, 1998 (Coming Home From Vietnam)

In this dream I was not me. I was coming home to my wife. I had been away from home for a long time. She thought I had been in Canada. I don’t remember if that was a lie I told her or what. After talking to her for a bit, I told her that I was not in Canada, but I was in Vietnam. I was telling her how terrible the war was over there. Then I showed her a map. I told her about a tunnel I went into. On the map the tunnel was a dead end. But I said that in 1950 something it would be finished and you could get to the other side.

Then I don’t remember this part fully. Something about the Pope being trapped someplace in a cave or something. Then the dream became partially lucid. I started flying rapidly straight up into the air. Shortly after this I woke up.

December 16, 1998 (Working in Jamesville)

I was at my dad’s house in Jamesville. I walked out to my car in the driveway. After I got in my car it started snowing heavily. I watched as the snow covered the windshield. It was nice to be just sitting there watching the snow fall. I had to go to a job so I got out of the car and started to ride a small dirt bike down Gates road.

I realized I forgot something at the house and I turned around to go back. I was having troubles getting back up the hill, and ended up pushing this small dirt bike up the hill back to my dad’s house. It just did not have enough power in it to make it up the hill. As I got to the driveway, Andy pulled up in his pickup truck. He offered me a ride to work, so I took it.

He dropped me off at the grocery store where Smiths is now. I talked to him for a minute or so in the parking lot, and then told him that I better go inside because I was late.

Once inside I remembered that I had worked there before about four months ago just for a few days, and then was away for a while. I was just coming back now. I think I had a dream about a year ago where I worked at this place. In real life I never worked there.

I punched in and things were busy there. They did not mind I was late since I had the snowstorm as an excuse. I was wondering around a bit looking for something to do. Finally I ended up outside in the back in an enclosed area. They were making lots of pancakes back there.

They gave me this tray of them to put on a small conveyer belt. I walked them over to this device and set the tray on the conveyer belt. This device was old and did not work well. They fell off and into the equipment.

I was talking to my fellow employees and they were thinking we should set the thing on fire and collect the insurance for it. Then I thought why not just set this one piece of hay on fire. There was hay all over the ground and it continued past the boundaries of the area into the countryside. I realized if I did that the fire would catch and spread way past this place. I said that we should call the fire station and the National Guard a little before starting the fire to make sure they would be there in time to stop if from spreading.

Just then I saw 2 or 3 big helicopters with big wings like an air planes fly over head. Then I thought oh well, we can’t start this fire with them there.

December 24, 1998 (Damaged Van - Came true in real life)

I was driving down to my dad’s house in Jamesville. I was thinking I would check out the place and see how it was doing, and possibly pick up some stuff that I left there like some of the road signs at the green fort.

When I walked in the house I was surprised to see that there was still a cat there. I gave it some cat food and some water. I was surprised that there was still running water in the house. It was also surprisingly warm for this time of year.

I got myself a bowl of corn flakes at some point. I was going to call Dawson about the cat but the sheet with the phone numbers was not by the phone. I was looking around and saw a note my dad left for Dawson. In that note he left a pager number and instructions of where to look for a chart of how to type in a message using the phone key pad. Then there was also a cell phone number. My dad was saying how it was nice that it worked all over the country so that when he was not in NY it would work in CA.

I then walked over to the door and realized the cat got outside. It was just outside the door. So I opened the door and stirred the cat food around a little and the cat came inside and I closed the door making sure it was fully closed this time.

I walked back into the kitchen to grab my bowl of corn flakes and spoon. I was feeling very scared. I felt as if someone pulled up the drive way or something. I went in the bedroom wing to look out the window to see.

I saw the van parked in the turn around. It looked like a bunch of bricks fell on it. The side of the van was totally crushed. It also looked like there was fire damage. Then I woke up in the dream. I was still at my dad’s house but I was standing in the driveway.

I walked back inside the house. On my way in I saw the van parked near the garage. It was in good condition then. When I walked inside I saw my dad. I told him the dream I had. He looked at me and said that he was feeling that something bad was going to happen to the van and that this dream confirmed it. Then I woke up for real.

On May 14th 1999 my dad got in an accident driving the van from San Diego, CA to Syracuse NY. The accident happened along I-80 in Ohio near Cleveland. A semi truck hit him and the van had rolled over three times. When I saw the Van after the accident the physical damage was identical as it was in this dream. The only difference is that in real life there was no fire damage.

December 26, 1998 (A Ride From a Kind Stranger)

I was at my house in Pittsburgh. I was going over to visit Andy who lived on the other side of town. I took a bus part way and was walking part way. At one point as I was walking I found it extremely difficult to take each step. It was extremely tiring so I sat down and took a rest. I was on a sidewalk near a store. There was a barrel with soda and beer cans in it next to me.

I continued on my way to Andy’s. When I got there he was living in an apartment. The building was tall and looked old. It was made of brick. When I was there he was trying to get his phone and cable hooked up. He lived near the top of the building. After the person that hooked up the phone left he tried the phone and it still did not work. He saw a loose connection by the phone. I was walking around and saw where two phone wires were not connected, so I connected them and the phone worked.

He also had a projector that would project the image from the TV onto a big wall on a building across the way. I was down in the driveway with Andy in his truck talking to him for a while. Then I was ready to go home. He said that he could not give me a ride.

We walked back in his apartment, and he was going to eat dinner with his girlfriend in his room. I was not sure what bus to take to get home so I decided to walk home. I was not 100% sure how to get back.

I walked down the road where there was a lot of businesses. Then I came to a residential area. It was a rich area of town with nice houses. It was dusk now and I saw someone pull in their driveway. As he was walking in his house, I asked him how to get to Squirrel Hill from there. He said that he would give me a ride in his truck for a few hours to show me around town and take me home.

His wife who was standing inside the house objected at first and asked why he was doing it. At first I was a bit nervous about going with this man that I did not know. But that feeling soon went away and I felt that he was ok. He told his wife that he wanted to help me out and then we walked over to his truck. When I got up close to it I noticed it was a police car, and that this man was a police officer.

There was a locking device on both front tires to prevent theft of the vehicle. He removed both of them. I got in the truck on the passengers side, and then he also got in the passengers side and crawled over me and got in the drives seat. He said the door on the drives side did not work well. I had trouble pulling the door shut, but I got it to close.

We started driving down the road. Then it was during the day. I asked the man if he lived in Pittsburgh all his life. He said no. I asked where he was born again. He said he was not a born again. I said that I did not mean that, I just meant where was he born this lifetime. He said Mississippi.

We were driving over a section of the road near a river. The water in the river was high and flowing over the road in some places. There were small barriers to keep the water off the road, but the water was just flowing over and thru them. I thought it was very beautiful, and we were still able to get by.

When I got home he walked me to the door. I checked my mail and saw that I got a package from my mom. There was a note and three stones inside it. I don’t remember what the note said. After he dropped me off, I asked him how long it would take to walk back to Andy’s house when I wanted to visit him again. He said 15 min. Then he left. Since I was talking to the man on the way there I did not fully remember the route, but I felt I would remember it fully the next time or two I went on it.

December 27, 1998 (X-Files Dream with Alien Egg)

I was outside in or around a city. It was nighttime and someone came to me with an egg the same size as a chicken egg. I’m not sure where this man came from or even if he was from this planet or dimension. There was some kind of alien life form growing inside this egg. He said that it would take about 1.4 trillion years or some large number like that for it to fully develop on planet earth. But if it was left on the sun it would only take a year or so. He said that it required a lot of energy to feed on.

I then saw the egg on the ground about 10 or so feet from me. The man was gone. I could see thru the eggshell and the alien inside was moving around and then hatched out of the egg.

I was then standing next to agent Mulder from the X-Files and I was his partner. I felt that this alien was harmful. I told Mulder not to worry, that since we were the stars of the show we would be safe and not die.

Then the alien was walking around. It walked on a glass roof that was over the sidewalk and feel deep into this underground building. It must have fallen down about 20 floors into this underground building.

Mulder and I went into the building. I was running down the stairs, grabbing the pole or railing and using it to swing around the corners. We wanted to get to the alien when it was still week from the fall. We got down to the alien and I took an ax and struck it in its chest, but its heart was not there and I did not kill it.

Then I started working on chopping its head off. It began to wake up. I started running back up the stairs. It chased after us. Mulder was behind me a few floors and the alien was catching up to him. I remembered seeing a shovel on the way down the stairs, but it was dark and I did not see it on the way back up. I saw a metal rod, and thru it down to Mulder to use as a weapon to fight the alien. The alien saw the shovel and grabbed it.

The shovel was a better weapon then the rod I threw to Mulder, so I was looking for another weapon to throw to Mulder. I saw a sharp saw blade and thru it down. It hit Mulder in the head and knocked him out. Then I threw another saw blade down and it just nicked the alien on the face. That seemed to slow it down. Then I woke up.

December 30, 1998 (Becky’s Daughter)

I was at my dad’s house at Gates Road. I saw that one of the windows on the back room was damaged. My dad and I worked on it and got it fixed. Also at one point I saw that a tree had fallen down in the yard outside the kitchen window. It was a very large tree and took up the whole yard. Then I was inside the house. There were a few other people living there. One of them asked me where the spoons were so I showed her the trays that had spoons in them.

Then I was walking down the hall in the bedroom wing. I went past the computer room, or room 4. I noticed that my sister’s daughter was in there. She had just been born recently. I went in the room and she was lying down. She was only about 6 inches tall and was kind of wrinkly. I held out my finger and she grabbed it with her had. I started talking to her and asking her questions. She was answering them. During the whole conversation I was amazed by how smart and tiny she was. Then she asked if she could ask me a question. It was a two-part math question. The answer to the first part was 7. I got the wrong answer for the second part. Then I woke up.

December 30, 1998 (Laser Tag in Shopping Town Mall)

I was at the laser tag place in the Shopping Town mall in Syracuse NY. It was after hours and I was in there alone. It was dark in there, and I was looking around trying to learn my way around the course. I was looking for the different bases (Red, Green, and Yellow or Blue). I found two of them but could not find the third. As I was walking around I heard someone else walking around in there. I think it was just a maintenance person.

I walked out of there into this other section. I was in a large room, and all the lights were off. I turned on one dim light that just lit up the section of the room I was in. With this light I was able to see that there were many people in another section of this room. I turned on two more lights to brightly light the room. This seemed to bother them or hurt their eyes. They wanted me to turn the lights back off, so I did and then left this room. Then I woke up.

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