Dreams 1999

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January 23, 1999 (Getting Shoot in My Throat)

It was daytime and kind of overcast outside. I was driving my car and slammed on my breaks at a 4-way intersection because someone was walking across the street. Then there was another older man standing at the corner. He had a shoot gun in his hand. He turned around and pointed the long gun at me. I was wondering if he was going to fire or if he was just trying to scare me. Then he shot me in the throat. As that happened I went into a meditative state and said to my self, "I’m enlightened" just as the bullet(s) hit me. Then I woke up and felt a tingling sensation all over my body for a few seconds.

March 1, 1999 (Waves on Porch at Raquette Lake)

I was at my dad’s cabin at Raquette Lake and was standing out on the porch looking out over the lake. It was kind of wavy out there. As I watched the waves they became bigger and they soon started coming up to the porch and then onto the porch. As I saw the waves coming my way I went back behind the cabin. I don’t remember the rest of this dream.

March 1, 1999 (Floating on an Air Mattress on Raquette Lake)

I was in my car driving near Raquette Lake. I was driving on the side of the lake that has no roads on it in real life but in the dream it did. I was driving on the right side of the car and no one else was with me in the car. I stopped at a bay and parked the car.

I walked over to where some people were sitting. My Uncle Bob was fishing there and as he cast out his line it got caught up in a tree. As he reeled it in, it took some of the bark off the tree branch and fell into the water. Then a small weird shaped boat that was made of metal and had the nazi symbol on it left the bay and almost got in the way of my uncle reeling in the line.

Then I walked inland a little bit but I was still in site of the bay and lake. There was an old building there and it used to be a place where they sold lumber. I walked thru the building and sat on the small beach area in front of the bay. Some of my family was sitting on lawn chairs there that were sunken into the sand a little bit. I pulled up a small chair and sat in it for a little bit. When I first sat down the chair sunk into the sand a little bit. Just the legs of the chair sunk in about one foot. I looked out at the small bay. There were about 20 or 30 small boats with people fishing in this bay. Only about 5 feet in-between each boat. I was surprised at how many people were there at this time of year.

I woke up floating on an air mattress out in the lake. I saw there was no one else around out on the lake when I looked around. On my right there was a tree branch floating about 10 feet above the water. It looked like someone used it at one time when there was some other structure there so they could get up to it. I did not think anything of it at the time, but now I realize it was just there and nothing was holding it up.

I then began using my hands to swim back to the cabin on the air mattress. On the way I saw several objects floating in the lake. I saw a couple toy air planes. They were painted and made of metal and hallow inside. I grabbed one of them and set it on my stomach while I was lying down on the air mattress. Then I saw a New York State license plate floating on the water. I grabbed that also. After setting that on my stomach, the air mattress I was on slowly began to sink into the water. I quickly got off of the air mattress and set the items on it, and leaned against it and swam the rest of the way back to the cabin with it. By that time it was not to far away.

My dad was out in front of the cabin. I went inside with him and showed him the license plate I found. It was in the shape of a circle and the edges were raised a little bit. It was the size of a small plate. I noticed it was heavier then a normal license plate and my dad and I checked it to see if it was made of a metal that was of value. But it was not.

March 2, 1999 (Visiting Sissy at her House)

I was over at Sissy’s house. It is not the house she lives in now in real life. It was mid afternoon and I was in the living room watching TV. She was in her bedroom talking to a guy that was visiting her. I think I had to go home that evening. I wanted to talk to her some before I left since I did not know when and if I would be back there and I lived a long ways from there. I don’t remember anything past this point.

March 2, 1999 (Late for Class)

I was living with my mom in a new apartment that was in a city. My room was on the 7th floor. I woke up in the morning and Christy came into the room. There were a bunch of cats in the room and they needed food. I think Christy suggested getting them some food. I went downstairs and got some food for them. I think it was a bowl of cereal, or at least that is what it looked like. I spilled a little bit on the floor as I walked up the stairs. I set it down on the floor in my room for the cats.

A cable guy or some kind of a repair man (I don’t remember what he was fixing) came to the apartment and fixed something. I looked at the clock when he was done at it was 8:30am, I was late for a class. He asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast with him. I decided to go since I was new to the area and wanted to get to know people so we walked outside. As I walked outside the door I realized I forgot something inside the apartment. I told him to wait by the flag pole near the door and I would be down in a few seconds, then I went back inside.

I was looking inside my computer from the back. I looked at two hard drives on the computer. The one on the right was larger in physical size but smaller in disk space. I watched as they moved around and wrote data to the drive. Then I woke up.

I woke up at 6:50 because I forgot to set my alarm, and just made it to the bus stop as the bus was pulling up to it.

June 11, 1999 (Plane Trip from San Diego to go Back Home)

I was in San Diego or someplace south of San Diego with some friends of mine for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. We were on vacation sight seeing. Then we were getting on the plane to fly back. I was very hungry and asked if they were going to be serving any food on this flight before I got on the plane. I was standing outside the plane, and it was out in the woods instead of an airport. The stewardess was giving out food then. I started to eat it before getting on the plane, but she said that we would be leaving soon so we should get aboard.

I was going in thru the back of the plane. It was a small area and I had to crawl thru some tight places to get in. Once I was inside I walked up front to my seat. I was sitting next to Keith, one of my friends from Pittsburgh. He was already on the plane. I looked to the left and I saw there was a door there that I could have just walked thru to get on the plane, but thought at least I would not have to crawl thru that space again to get off the plane.

Then we took off. We were flying very slow, maybe 10 or 15 mph and low to the ground about 10 or 20 feet in the air. We were looking around at the scenery at some kind of old historic sight outside by San Diego. They were going to fast for me to read the signs that give a description of the buildings. Then after going in a circle around this area we started the trip back.

We watched the end of a videotape that we were watching before when we were on the ground before this plane trip. There were a lot of big windows on this plane like big bay windows you would see in a house. This kind of switched between this and normal windows at different points in the dream, depending if I was up close and looking out, or if I was at a distance looking around the plane. When I was up close I was looking out a normal window, when I looked around the plane to see out the rest of it, then it was the big bay windows.

I went over the left side of the plane and asked Ron who is a friend from the Art Institute if I could sit by the window to look outside. He said ok, so I sat by the window. It was around 2:00am when we started this flight, and it was around 3:00am or 4:00am now. It should have been night time, but we were high enough up in the air or something so the sun was up.

We were flying real close to the ground in an area with a lot of mountains. We were going up this big mountain, and at one point I could see where the mountain was higher then we were. We were flying up in a spiral motion until we reached the top of this mountain.

Ron was now sitting in the seat in front of my. We saw some construction workers on this mountain, and he reached out thru this thing below the window that let him stick his hand outside the plane. He waved hi to them and one of them waved back. I looked below my window and there was something there so I could stick my finger outside the plane. I did that and could feel the suction of the air rushing out around my finger. I thought it was weird they had something like that on the plane. Then we landed on a road on the top of this mountain. I think we were going to take off again and continue the rest of the trip.

Next thing I know I’m at my moms house. I don’t remember how I got there. I went to her bedroom, I was not sure if she or Bob were awake or not. I went to the door, and asked my mom how I got home. She looked up at me and started talking. This startled Bob. She told me that the airplane had arrived at the about 30 minuets early. I don’t remember exactly what she said next, but something like, I was no longer on the same level or plain that I was before, I was wondering if I was dead, and the last words I heard in the dream where her saying, "You’re alive".

July 17, 1999 (Slimes - Part Two)

I was at my dad’s house in Jamesville. I was upabove which is a fort in the attic space above the wood room. There were several other people with me and I had a feeling something bad was around. I went downstairs to look around. I saw a lizard that had been taken over by a slime. I dropped a knife or some sharp object on it, and it cut off the lizard’s tail. I saw there were other small creatures that had also been taken over.

I went back upabove. Then one of the cats jumped up there, and then a second cat jumped up there, I saw that this second cat was taken over by one of the slimes. I pushed it back down stairs and pulled up the ladder so it could not get back up. Then I went back in the room up there with the other people in it.

I was afraid the slimes might be able to get in thru a spot in the back of the room where there was a hole between the floor and the wall where the beams came up thru. There were pillows there blocking this whole. I asked one of the people there to hand me a pillow so we could see if there was anything back there or not. I looked at the pillow and there was a slim in it. It was all sticky and gooey. I stuck my knife into it and cut it in half, I was not sure if this would kill it or not, so I set the pillow up against the wall, and kept an eye on it to see if it would move or not.

Then the guy handed me another pillow. I looked at this one, it was covered with slime. I opened it up and there were three slimes in it, apparently they had been breading in there. One of the slimes took the form of a big chocolate chip muffin about one foot big. I started to squish this muffin and jump on it, but then I started to feel guilty about it. Why was I killing this newborn slime? I started to wonder if it was actually harmful or not. Then I saw another slime in the form of party horns, the kind that blew out the paper when you blow on them. I took one of them out of the package and blew on it. At that point I decided that these slimes were causing no harm and decided I would leave them alone. Then I woke up.


I do not get much detail from this dream (perhaps it is because I have a bit of a headache). What I do get is that you are breaking away from believing what you are programmed to think/believe and starting to look at a situation and come up with your own conclusions. Even though you defend yourself (and others), you reassess the situation. Very good!! It is really hard to break patterns. Not all yucky stuff is "bad". Not all karma that looks like it is awful, is really bad karma. It may be a blessing in disguise.

July 24, 1999 (Meeting an Old Friend From San Francisco)

I was at the Ashram in San Francisco and I was there with Keith (a friend I have in Pittsburgh). I was walking around some, then decided to go across the street to see if I could look up an old friend I had. I have not seen him since around 1981. I knew his name was Billy and his moms name was April, but I did not know their last name.

I went into the building not sure if they still lived there or not. I went up to the third floor and knocked on one of the doors. After knocking on the door I saw a hallway leading to another door on the 3rd floor. An old lady answered the door, and I asked if April still lived there. She said yes, and that their apartment was down the hall. I went down the hall and knocked on that door. She was there and she said her son was inside. Keith and I went inside and then I saw Billy. We talked for a while inside and caught up on old times and what we have been doing since then.

July, 1999 - I don’t remember the exact date (Caught by Aliens)

I was on a planet someplace far away from earth and was in a small building with someone else. We were being forced to work there and could not leave because the air on the planet was not breathable. There were two new people that came in there. They were supposed to work with us on some project. There were two rooms for working and a small living room with a couch and TV. There was another room, but I don’t know what was in it.

I was back in time and was a child on earth. I was walking with some friends. Up ahead we saw some alien space craft, they were very large. I knew in the past we had run up underneath to get a better look, and that is when they took us. I told the people I was with not to go near them, and to hide under one of the nearby bridges. One of them was under construction and I went under one of the bridges. Some of the aliens from the ship started coming down trying to capture the others and me. I ran around trying to avoid them. At one point I was crawling around on the bridge that was under construction.

July 30, 1999 (Attack from Three Levels of Creatures)

I was at my dad’s house at Gates Rd. I was outside in the driveway near the garage. There was this evil creature running around, and I was trying to kill it. I had to hurry, because if I did not kill it soon it would change form and become more dangerous. It was hiding under one of the cars in the driveway. I was throwing gravel from the driveway at it, hoping it would move out from under the car, but it did not work.

Then it changed into a cat. There were two cats under the car, one was a real cat the other was the creature. Then one cat walked out from under the car. I saw she was pregnant. I knew that cat was real, but the creature was inside her. I first thought I would wait till the creature was born before I killed it, so I would not harm the cat, but then I realized that the cat would die when the creature was born. I think at that point I pulled out a shot gun and shot the cat while the creature was starting to be born.

I was standing by the side door into the house near the garage. It was the second level. There was a big box there with a bunch of wicker purses in it. I was with a friend, and he opened up one of the purses or what ever it was and emptied it out into the box. It looked like a bunch of white noodles that were a couple inches in diameter, and about 4 to 6 inches long. I asked what were they. My friend said they were sperm, and they were not dangerous unless they came in contact with an egg.

I opened up one of the other purses and there was something like looked like a T-Rex inside it. It was about 6 inches tall, and looked even more scary and mean then a T-Rex. It was dead. I set it down on the ground still in the purse next to about 3 or 4 others that my friend had set down. They were the same as the one I set down.

My friend opened up another purse. An egg was inside. It was circular and about 8 inches around. It was kind of glowing and multiple colored. When I looked down at the ground the dead creatures that looked like small T-Rexs had moved closer to the outside wall of the garage along the path. My friend said, "We better run and that we had no chance in fighting these creatures." I knew they were in the process of evolving into something very dangerous.

We ran up the hill and where on top where in real life there is a big tree. In the dream the tree was much smaller, had many broken branches and the top part of it had broken off and was gone. I started to climb the tree, but the branches just barley held my weight. My friend climbed up behind me, and I helped him get up to where I was. Then I looked down to the garage. The creatures now had the ability to fly. There was a swarm of them and they were looking for us and soon they would find us. I had a Walkman with playing music playing on me. I asked my friend if I should turn off the music in case they would hear it, and he said it did not matter, so I left it on.

Then I saw them coming our way. I held on to my friend. Then closed my eyes and started to meditate. I visualized a protective shield around both of us. I did this for a while and I knew the shield must be working because we would have been attacked by now if it was not working. I opened my eyes to see what was going on. Doing so lowered the shield.

My friend and I were both standing up against the tree. These creatures changed form, they no longer looked like demons. They were now small metal balls. Each ball was about half and inch in diameter. I knew I had to hit them a certain number of times in order to kill them. I had to do this before they attached themselves to me. One of them got thru and attached its self to me. It kind of looked like a bullet that had hit a rock the way it was shaped on my skin. I had to hit it a certain number of times to kill it, I had to do it fast, because more of them would attach themselves to the same spot and become stronger. I had a time limit. If I did not get rid of it before a certain time was up then I would be killed. I just barley made it with only a few seconds to spare.

I made it past that level and the third level was about to begin. They would be even stronger now then last time and would take more hits to kill. Then I realized that they were able to attach themselves to me because I was near the tree that was made of wood. I realized if I was not near any wood then they could not harm me. I told my friend this and we went away from the tree.

I walked to a clearing on the lawn and saw the new swarm of metal balls approaching. I looked on the ground, and saw a lot of twigs and sticks on it. I quickly grabbed them and threw them down the hill so they would not be near me. Then I lay down on the ground. They swarmed near me, trying to get me to go back near the tree, but I would not move. Then they changed form from the metal balls.

They took the form of human males and they were lying down next to me. They had no cloths on and they were very week and in the process of dying. They were dying because they were unable to attach themselves to me. I told them that I was sorry that I did not let them do that, and explained that it would kill me if they did it. We talked for a little bit, I don’t remember what was said. Then they changed back to the form of metal balls, and flew back down to the garage. I knew they told the others what we had talked about and they would no longer be a threat to me.

COMMENTS : From Rani

Hi, Cool dream! All things start from tiny seeds. Habits, good stuff, bad stuff, all stuff. In yoga, we strive to reduce our "bad" habits to their seed stage, and then eliminate them entirely. There are many opportunities for "evil" influences to gain control. They can be actual really evil things, or simply lesser habits that take hold and help us to become lazy, foolish, unkind, etc. The ultimate answer IS meditation. I don’t say that because I read it somewhere, or I think it is a good idea...but because it is the only thing I have found that really works. You can’t always block stuff out to keep it away, and you can’t always run or leave the area (although these things work sometimes, or at least help). The trick is to meditate and ultimately transform one’s understanding of the situation. Fear just keeps us bound to the object of fear. Hatred binds us to the object of hatred.

There are many (endless) opportunities for connecting with evil influences. They are more abundant or stronger at certain times. There are certain times that are called "crossroads" where choices carry a bit more weight because they set up the next steps of our journey. This dream seems to indicate to me that you are at somewhat of a crossroad, and are making choices about who you wish to become. Ultimately, we each get to choose what kind of person we become, what kind of life we wish to lead. Often we make those choices unconsciously, or to please/follow our parents, or because it is "easy"...various reasons. I don’t know what choices you are facing (could be large external choices, could be seemingly small inner choices) but it feels to me that this is a time where choices are being made. It is a good time to meditate, to feel out who you want to be, to feel yourself as a distinct person, not a son, or a friend, or anything attached to another being. What kind of being do you want to be?

By feeling these things out (and there may not be a strong sense of anything specific), you become naturally protected from evil influences. By the way... there is also karma. Some stuff comes to you no matter what you do. This is karma. Don’t worry about it, just deal with it, it will pass.

Enough on that for now. I just go with what I feel. hope you find it interesting or useful.

August 6, 1999 (Playing with Children in a Park Near Pittsburgh)

I was in a city waiting for a bus that took a while to get to where I was going. I was around 8 years old in this dream, and was in a park with a bunch of other kids. I knew it would cost $90 for the bus ride back home, but I had originally thought it would be $15. I counted my money and saw that I did not have enough.

At one point in the dream I was up on a hill holding onto a post that was sticking out of the ground. I was holding onto it with my left hand and flying around it in a circle holding my right hand out in the air. I was up at the top of this pole flying in circles. I saw the city, and the roads and bridges leading into the city. There was an avalanche before and dirt covered many of the roads and buried some of them. The bridges were destroyed by this, and they were collapsed. Other then this it was a nice view from up there.

Then the group of kids I was with started to walk up a trail on this hill. I stopped flying around the pole and went to the trail to go where they were going. I stopped to tie my shoe and someone else went ahead of me. Then I caught up to them and passed them.

I came to a house, it was more like a maze. It was nighttime now, and very dark. I navigated my way thru the maze passing several other kids on the way. I came to the end of the maze and there was about a 10 foot drop to the ground. I yelled back warning the other kids that there was a drop off up ahead, then I jumped down to the ground.

I saw some other kids going thru the woods to get back to the trail that we first came in on. I followed them thru the dense brush and got to the trail. Then the trail opened up to a big field. Once I entered the field it was light again and the sun was rising. I was walking thru an area where I could see what people had to leave to be here. There were some kind of scented bath soaps and stuff like that in a bundle. The one I had left I paid about $100 for. I saw some people had got the parts fore their bundle separately and paid much less. I only saw one that was more expensive, and several that were around the same price as mine.

I caught up with my friend. He told me that the bus trip back would only be $15 now, because they did not go to Buffalo or some other place they were originally going to go. I still was not sure if I had enough money. I thought I only had $7 left. I pulled my money out of my pocket and counted it. As I was going thru the ones I saw a $20 bill mixed in with it, and then I saw a few more. I had no idea how I got this extra money. Then I knew I had enough.

We crossed a street and started to enter a building. One kid came up to me and handed me a wad of bills the top bill was a $100 bill. He thanked me for being his friend. Then I gave the money back to him saying that I was not his friend so I could get money, but that I liked him. Then he gave the money back to me again and said for me to keep it and that next time we get together I could give him some if he needs it. I said ok.

We entered the building. Someone walked past my friend and kicked him in the lower part of his leg. We turned around the corner. I asked him what that was about. My friend said that the kid that kicked him did it because he was dead. I said, "What?"

He walked me back to where we first came into the building. There were no kids in there now. On the wall I saw a bunch of pictures. Near the center there was one that stood out. It was the kid that we were just with. The pictures on the wall were of kids that had died. A chill ran thru me and I woke up instantly and exhaled deeply as I woke up and the chill was still there for a few seconds after I woke up.


Now for the dreams...Powerful stuff. Looks like you are starting to make actual contact with the other dimensions. First, it is good that you seemed to be rolling with the situation and not getting upset about the changes in cost. This is important for growth. When you step upon a path, the important thing is to keep going and to do whatever it takes to get to where you are going, without getting angry, greedy, losing your basic decency. Teachers sometimes require great sacrifice from their students. It is important to recognize the true value of what you are receiving. It is also helpful in life to be able to see that sometimes the important thing is to get through the situation instead of getting upset about the requirements (and going into victim consciousness).

I feel that this was a real contact. You were young because this is new to you and you are just learning about it all. Life is somewhat of a disaster and you were moving about it just fine, including using the pole to fly and enjoy and get a good view of things. I feel that the symbology of the packet you left was that you left what you had to offer and that it was quite valuable in comparison to what most of the others had to offer you are somewhat advanced and have a lot to bring to a situation (whether you know it or not). This is more like being an older kid rather than being "special". Remember, everyone gets to the top eventually.

When the kid gave you the money, even though you needed it, you acted ethically, decently and kept your values intact. This was a test and you passed with flying colors. Things that are really important are always important, on every level, at all times. Things of transitory importance are only important sometimes, in some situations, on some levels. (Friendship, decency, values are always important. Money, stuff, knowledge etc. are only important sometimes, see?)

I will not be surprised if that dead kid shows up again. He let you know what the situation was and who he was (a spirit form). You always wanted this kind of contact. Here it is.

August 6, 1999 (Aliens on a Space Station)

I was flying in a ship thru space. I came up to a space station with aliens on it. I boarded the station and was inside it. It was kind of like an office building. I talked to them for a little bit. I don’t remember what was said now. Then I started to leave.

On my way out I realized that none of this was real. That these aliens did not exist on the physical level, and that all this was just for my benefit. I walked outside into space and could breath fine since this was all not real. Then I jumped off the space dock and landed in a big lake full of cold water that was also not real. Then I was back in my ship.


Again, an interesting lesson in "reality". We must function using the situations we find ourselves in, including being in a body on planet earth. There are various levels of reality. All are for our benefit. The center of it all is your true Self. While we must act according to the level/situation/circumstances we find ourselves in, we must always remember that it is all an illusion designed for our benefit. That is one reason that the really important stuff remain important no matter what the circumstances. That is why there is no real difference in the value of a rich person versus a poor person or of an educated person versus an ignorant one. We are all in this illusion together and all aspects have value. It is also helpful to learn to understand the various levels of illusion...there is the illusion of planet earth, which while it is an illusion, has the properties of being solid and contains certain laws of function (it is unwise to try to walk off of a cliff), there is also the illusion of hallucination, which can impart helpful information, but one should not swerve into traffic to avoid hitting one.

October 14, 1999 - Around this date (Monopoly with Gwen)

Gwen and I were playing a game of monopoly and Gwen landed on a railroad. She did not want to buy it. I asked why, and She said you just like to buy properties and did not care much for the railroads or utilities.

October 18, 1999 (Sick Boy at Wanakena)

I was at my uncles camp in the Adirondacks and was set up to sleep on the first floor. I went up to the 2nd or 3rd floor to use the bathroom. I had to walk thru a bedroom to get to the bathroom. There was a boy in one of the beds in that bedroom. He was about 12 or 13 years old. I went past him and used the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom I said Hi to him. I noticed he looked like he was sick. I thought I should stay and talk to him for a bit. There were several other people waiting to come in to use the bathroom but I felt they could wait. When talking to him I found out he needed an organ transplant or he would die. He did not know if he was going to get it or not. After a bit, I told the people waiting to use the bathroom that they could come thru and use it.

The boy wanted me to sleep in the other bed in the room that night so he would not have to be alone. I was not sure if I wanted to do that or not since I was set up to sleep on the first floor. I stayed with him and talked a bit longer then I woke up.

November 22, 1999 (Ten Car Pileup on Gates Road)

I was at my dads house in Jamesville and there was some kind of family reunion there. I was in my car and I was driving out of the driveway. When I got to the road I looked to the left up the hill and saw a car come down the hill. It skidded out of control and crashed into the ditch. I backed up the driveway a little bit so I would not be near the road then another car that was on the road also pulled into the driveway to be out of the way of the accident. Another car came down and had the same accident and there was about a ten car pileup.

Later I was looking along the side of the road where the accident had been. All the cars were cleared out of there and I saw a few items that fell out of the cars. Along with the items was a social security check and a few other things I grabbed. Then I started walking up the driveway with the few items from the crash. My dad was there and said even though the accident was over and it seemed to be calm now, there was still danger. I started to feel guilty for taking the stuff from the accident site so I started to walk back to return the stuff. Then I woke up.


My sense about this dream is that you are surrounded by great difficulties (the crashes). They are happening around you and to people close to you. It will be hard for you to move through the maze of trouble. The lesson seems to be to be careful not to "pick up" anything from the crashes. If you take in something (the check...bringing it home) that "object" (or energetic connection/attachment) becomes a seed, creating another loop of karma. Best not to begin that garden. I believe that Becky represents one of those crashes. Love her, help her, but don't identify with her situation. Don't bring it home. Sometimes there appears to be great reward to be gained (the check). The karmic price can be very high. Best to pick up nothing. Feel, but don't identify or attach. Good Luck!!!

December 10, 1999 - Around this date (Towed by a Rope High Above a Tuck)

I don't remember exactly how it started, but someone was driving off in a pickup truck. I wanted to catch up to them for some reason. So I ran after it and caught a hold of a rope that was in the back. Then the pickup started to speed up. I was about 10 feet behind it being pulled by the rope. I was standing up, but my feet were about a foot off the ground from the force of the speed. Then as it speed up I started going higher and higher and the rope extended.

Before I thought to let go of the rope I was too high. I was about 100 feet in the air holding onto this rope with my bare hands. I could see way off into the distance, and I was hoping my hands would not get tired because it was a long drop. It was a kewl feeling being up so high at such a fast speed. Then I noticed that the truck was about to go under a bridge. That was going to cause a major problem with the rope and I did not see how I was going to make it.

Then Ben came in and changed the channel to some other show. I told him to change it back and he did. When I was back in the dream again I was safely down on the ground, but I missed the part where I got back down to the ground so I had no idea how I got there. Then I woke up.

December 13, 1999 (War at Raquette Lake with Planes)

I was at Raquette Lake with my dad and there was some kind of war going on. Lots of planes were flying overhead dropping bombs. At one point I became a plane and went up in the air above the cabin. Someone shot a bomb at me and I turned back into myself on the ground. The bomb hit the ground but did not explode. It slid down the hill and hit a rock then went in near the water. That is all I can remember.

December 13, 1999 (Gwen’s Younger Sister)

I was on a road trip with Gwen and a few others I think and we were eating at a fast food place. When talking at the table it came out that Gwen’s younger sister died in a car I think from being out in the sun and it being to hot. This had happened about a year ago. In real life she has no sisters.

December 21, 1999 (Gateway to Earth Plane)

In this dream I was a higher level life form existing on a different level of life. I was in an educational environment kind of like a university or something. There were two ways of thought among them. One was that humans were good and beneficial, and the other was that they were not. The first part of the dream I was one of the life forms that thought they were good, but I don't remember anything from this part of the dream.

In the next part of the dream I was one of the ones that thought they were not beneficial. I looked over at a wall and saw there was some graffiti on it. It was just a small spec on the wall. I knew it said that the emotions of people can be beneficial. This was near an entrance to a building. I went inside, and from here you could experience life as a human.

I was at a funeral that was for an Indian man. Some people were walking in the room. One of them was my father so I went over and sat next to him. I started to cry since we had been separated for a long time and I was able to see him again. I don't remember if he was able to see me or not.

Then I woke up. I was at my dad's house in Jamesville in the back room. It was around 6:30am and dark outside. I was cold and only had one thin blanket over me. I turned on the light in the room to see if there was a heater in there and saw that there was so I turned it on. Then I woke up in real life and it was about 1:50am.

December 22, 1999 (Robot in Basement)

I was in the basement of the house on Gates Road and was with a few other people. We walked all the way into the back part of the basement that was around a few corners. It was kind of dark and damp down there. There was a radiation suit. I think I put it on. Then there was the robot there. It was trying to attack me. Both the robot and I changed forms several times in this battle. Then I became the world, and saw that it was going to blow up the world, so then I became a speck of dust on the wall, and the robot went over to the speck of dust and got rid of it, and there were lots of specks of dust on the wall, so one by one it was getting rid of them.

While it was doing this me and the people I was with ran out of there. It was nighttime outside. I knew I was safe from the robot once I got out of that section of the basement. But I was still was kind of scared about something outside, I'm not sure what. Then I woke up.


I think this is another expression of the fact that you are surrounded by danger and difficulties and you must continue to find a way out of the path of trouble. So far you are doing well. Om.

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