Dreams 2001

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January 8, 2001 (Dancing to Music on a Picnic Table)

I was at Ananda Ashram. There was some music playing, I don’t recall if it was a live band, or just a radio. Chris Dems and I were standing up on a picnic table. We were kind of dancing to the music. He put his arm around me and I put an arm around him (in a way of friendship, nothing romantic about it). Then Gwen came by and she was watching us for a few seconds. I became nervous and started messing up with the dance staying with the rhythm of the music. Then I just closed my eyes and forgot about everything except for the music. My body just kind of automatically moved to it and I was not even fully aware of what it was doing. I just had this real kewl feeling in me when my eyes were shut and I was focusing on the music. Then the music stopped and I opened my eyes. I got down off the table and as I was walking away I had tears in my eyes because it was such a powerful experience.

I met up with another friend. He was about to go home. He lived near the ashram. I decided I would go with him and hang out with him for a little while then go back to the ashram later that day. He had another friend in the car. I don’t know who she was but she seemed kind of familiar. I looked at her palms and there were many complex lines on them. I could not make out too much. We sat around at his house for a little while and we talked.

His father got home and gave me a ride home and the girl came along for the ride as well. His father asked me about my job and how things were going. Then he suggested moving to Ananda if I was able to find something in that area. Then we arrived back at the ashram. I got out of the car but then I realized I for got a road map in the car so I went back and got that. When I did I saw the girl in the back seat. I leaned over and gave her a hug and told her I loved her. I was surprised when she told me she loved me back. Then I woke up.

January 11, 2001 (The Death Card)

In the first part of this dream I was in my car with Steve (A person I work with at KAPL). We were driving down a highway in some other state I think. Somehow I was controlling the car from the back seat. We almost got into an accident and hit another car but we just hit their tire and no damage was done to either car and we continued on. Then we were in some kind of mall. We saw Ben there and talked to him about something. Then I ran into my old English teacher. She had quit teaching after she got married and had one kid and was pregnant with another. After talking with her for a few minutes I hugger her and said goodbye and we left the mall.

In the next part of the dream I was in a classroom and Gwen was sitting in the row of seats behind me. The teacher instructed all the females in the class to play Monopoly (or some other board game of that sort I don’t remember for sure). Then she said all the males would do Tarot readings. Gwen handed me her tarot deck and I shuffled them. The teacher was standing in front of me. As I was laying out the cards the teacher instructed me to find the King of Five’s (I know there is no such card but in the dream there was) so I found that and added it to my layout of cards in front of me. Then she pointed to a bad card. It had a picture of some kind of a monster or something of that sort on it. She told me to take that card and put it back in the deck since I was replacing it with the King of Five’s. Then she pointed at the next card in my layout. It was Death. I said "oh nooo" in a sarcastic way, thinking that this reading was not serious and did not mean anything. Then she told me that it represented the death of the relationship between Gwen and I. This sounded right to me and it made sense that was what the card represented.

In the next part of the dream I was driving my car. Bev was in the front passengers seat and Gwen was in the back. At one point I applied the breaks and Bev put her hand out in front of me in a protective nature. I told her how I appreciated it and was happy she cared about me and felt protective towards me. I then went on to say how most men saw it as a put down when a woman does that because they see it as the woman treating them like a child and it lowered their self esteem and made them feel belittled.

In the final part of the dream we were at a rest area. I walked over to Gwen and told her about the Tarot reading. First I told her that it meant the death of our relationship. Then I amended it to my perceptive of the relationship that was dead and I did not see us getting together. I told her that if she wanted to get in a relationship still it would be ok, but I knew that would not happen any time soon. In ten years at the earliest if it ever happened.

February 20, 2001 (Hang Glider by the Ocean)

I was standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze. There was a man standing next to me. He was telling me about when he went hang gliding off this cliff the day before. He said the wind was stronger then usual and it was carrying him too far out over the ocean. He was told that if he got in that situation he should drop down from the hang glider and fall into the ocean then swim back to shore, and to do this before he was too far out to swim back.

He told me that he thought the wind would switch directions and bring him back to shore so he went out further then he should have. He was about half a mile out or so before he realized the wind situation was not going to get any better so he dropped down into the ocean and swam back to the shore. I noticed that there was some land on the other side a peninsula I think that would have been closer for him to swim to, but he said that he wanted to come back to this sore since he did not know too much about the land on the other side, and this was the side he wanted to be on. I was impressed that he was able to swim as far as he did with all the waves.

Now I was by myself laying down on the edge of the cliff. The ground was sandy and I noticed there was not too much ground under me when I looked over the ledge and I saw I was on an overhang. It was a beautiful view down to the bottom where the beach was and the waves were washing up against the shore. I knocked some of the sand down to see how sturdy this spot was and I found it was not all that sturdy so I moved back inland some.

In the next part of the dream I was down lower closer to the ocean. I was out a ways on a peninsula and I was with the guy I was with at the start of this dream. I went down into this little valley and down to the shore. I was thinking to swim back to the other beach from here but it was a long ways and the waves made it look like a very difficult swim. I waded into the water a little bit then changed my mind. As I walked back up the valley water came up behind me and filled part of the valley. I was glad I decided not to swim to the other shore since a wave that strong would have sent me underwater for good.

In the next part of the dream I was laying down on the beach I was looking down at earlier. I was with some other people. My mom (not my mom in real life, but she was my mom in the dream) came down and asked if we had been up all night. I told her that we came down to the beach at 3am and I did not sleep at all that night. As we were talking I saw a wave coming our way. It was a small wave but the tide was coming up and we had to move to avoid getting wet. As I was running away from the wave I was carrying my blanket with me, trying not to let it drag on the ground or get wet from the approaching water. As the wave started retreating another one came after it bringing the water closer to me. I ran a good 50 feet or so before I was on a high enough section of the beach to stay dry.

As I was running to keep dry I noticed there was a man sleeping on an air mattress. The water came up to him and he started floating off on the air mattress. The water was only about 3 or 4 feet deep where he had been laying so he was not in any real danger. After getting to the higher part of the beach I woke up.

February 21, 2001 (Swimming in a Stream in the Woods)

I was with my father off in the woods someplace by a stream. The water was not too deep, only about three feet at the deepest part. I took off my shoes and socks and went in the water and floated on my back for a little while. After swimming for a little bit I walked up a trail. I followed that for a little while and looked down in a valley and saw an old abandoned train there. I remembered a previous dream where I rode on that train, but in this dream it seemed to have been abandoned for a few years or more.

February 21, 2001 (Poor Kid Selling Nintendo 64)

I was outside on a street in a poor section of town. Everyone in this area was on assisted living and welfare. Some of the houses were very small, just one small room that was made out of glass. Then there were many buildings with small apartments in them. There was also one house that seemed kind of out of place since it was so much nicer then the other places. I walked inside this house. There was almost no furniture in this house. I noticed the phone did not work. There was a Nintendo 64 there but no games for it. Then I was outside. The kid that lived in that house was trying to sell the N64. One guy on the street offered him $5 for it and he said ok. I felt bad that he was being ripped off knowing that the guy would have been willing to pay at least $50 for it. So I went up to the kid and told him not to take the offer for the $5.

February 27, 2001 (Meeting a Little Girl - Part Three)

I was riding down the road with my dad. He was driving the 58 ford. We were on the dirt road that goes between Gates Road and Broadbarry. I realized that a girl I had visited in the past lived up a side street. I wanted to see her again, but I did not think my dad would have been willing to go out of the way to stop by her house. There was a detour sign pointing down the road she lived on. We went past it and the road we were going to go on was blocked off with signs saying to take the detour. So we went back to the road and parked the car.

We had to get on an elevator to take the detour. It was kind of dark and creepy in the elevator. It seemed to be very old and dusty. We went down a few levels and then got out. We were in the woods and there were tall trees all around that blocked out most of the sun light. There was a trail and we followed it out of the woods and to the road that the girl lived on. The woods were also kind of creepy but once we got out of them and to the road the girl lived on the creepy feeling went away. I felt safe now and was looking forward to seeing her again. I was contemplating hitch hiking up the road to her house since that is what I did last time when I left her house and returned to my car that had the flat tire. I completely remembered the previous dream I had with her.

But her house was not far and soon as we got to the top of the hill and around the corner we were there. My dad and I went inside. The girl and her mom was home. I said hello and talked to the girl for a little bit. In this dream she was about 3 or 4 years old. I asked her how she was doing. Her mom asked her a question about who someone was. And she said it was a baseball player (or some sport, I don’t remember for sure) and she seemed to be very knowledgeable and knew all the stats on the guy. Her mom said she did good and that she could have a lollipop. She said that she did not want it because she would rather talk to me.

She started telling me the status of something. She said that I was at 87 out of 88 (or some numbers similar in the 80’s). She also said that a little while ago I was something like 102 out of 103 but I had dropped down a little and the rate fluctuates. She said I was higher then the last time I saw her. I think she said I was in the 70’s then. As we were talking I noticed my dad talking to her mom and he thought it was kind of odd for me to be friends with someone so young.

I was then laying down on the floor in the kitchen. The girl was sitting down on my stomach and looking down at my face. Then all of a sudden she just vomited. It got all over my face and onto my shirt. Some almost got into my mouth, but luckily it was just almost. I leaned over to reach for some paper towels to clean up the mess. She looked at me and told me not to leave and she started to cry because she was afraid she upset me. I told her I was not leaving, and that I just wanted to get some paper towels to clean up the mess. Then I woke up.

March 3, 2001 around 4:00am (Wanting to Adopt Laura when Diana Past Away)

I don’t remember too much from the first part of this dream. I was viewing the events in the 3rd person and I was not actually there. I was just seeing what was happening. It seemed like I was in Jamesville, but I was also near a dock or a pier. Andy had a job there and his boss was upset with him and did not treat him that well. I think there may have been a fight of some kind but this part of the dream is really fuzzy. Andy’s boss thought Andy was dead.

In the next part of the dream I was at my dad’s old house on Gates Road near Syracuse. It was nighttime and I was in the living room with two other kids. I think one of them was Dan when he was around 7 years old and I don’t know who the other one was. They had gotten a hold of a playboy magazine. Once I noticed what they were looking at I took it from them. It was hidden inside of a Disney book and I think it had Mickey Mouse on the cover. I went off into the bedroom wing of the house while the Dan and the other kid remained in the living room. I went in room 3 and hid the book on a book shelf on the top shelf out of their reach. When I got back to the living room they ran off to go try to find it. I wondered if I should have tried to find a better hiding spot, but I figured I was safe since I put it out of their reach.

I laid down on the floor. It was still nighttime but it was light enough that I could see outside the window. I was noticing how the leaves on the trees were changing colors and said to myself it must be fall now. The wind was blowing the leaves around some, and one leaf flew up and went down the chimney and landed next to me. I thought that was kind of kewl.

In the morning I got up and went over and looked at some papers in the corner of the room that were sitting on top of some cupboards. My dad came in and said those were papers for Andy’s parents. I sent them to my mom before but got them back now and should send them to his parents. They said that Andy was not dead. But he wanted his old boss to continue to think he was dead so he would not bother him.

As my dad told me this he said however that Diana had died. This took my by surprise. I hugged my dad and we both cried some. After that my dad told me he had the number of the person that was taking care of Laura. We went to my dads bedroom in room 1 to make the call. He had the number written down in pencil on a small piece of paper sitting on the corner of the desk. He dialed the number and got the wrong number. He said he might have wrote one of the digits down incorrectly and he tried again and it worked. He handed me the phone and left the room.

The man that was watching Laura answered the phone. I asked him if I could talk to Laura, but he said she was asleep. I did not want him to wake her up since she had been through a lot and I felt she probably needed the sleep. Then I realized I did not even know how Diana died. Just as I was about to ask him I lost connection with him on the phone.

In the next part of the dream I was back home in Ballston Spa. Except my apartment in the dream was not the apartment I live in, in real life. In the dream it was much smaller and just one room. It was during the day and the sun was shining brightly in thru the windows. I was worried about Laura. I wanted to adopt her and take care of her. I was thinking I needed to get a two bedroom apartment so she could have her own room because the place I currently lived in was too small for the two of us. I was wondering how and if I would be able to get custody of her and I was not sure how much the person that was taking care of her really liked her, and whether or not he would want to give up custody.

Then I was in the 3rd person again kind of floating high up in the sky looking over the landscape. I saw that the new place I was living was a little further away from work but closer to the Albany Airport and further away from the Schenectady Airport (Not a real Airport, just something in the dream). Then I woke up.

March 5, 2001 (Crashing of a Pier Into the Ocean)

I was at my dad’s house on Gates Road. My dad said we were going to go someplace. Somehow he was able to drive the entire house down the road. I could feel the vibrations in the house from going down the road while I tried to sleep in the living room. After a little while the house changed into my Aunts motor home, then shortly after that it change into my dad’s ’58 Ford. It was nighttime and we were approaching the ocean.

We went over a metal bridge and I heard the tires going over the metal. My dad was going about 60 miles per hour and he slowed down to about 30 miles per hour. Just after the bridge I could see we were on a pier that when out over the ocean. There was a guard rail about 20 feet in front of us but my dad could not stop in time.

I switched over to seeing the dream in 3rd person and I watched as the car smashed through the guard rail and dropped about 100 feet down into the ocean. My dad and I jumped out of the car and landed into the water. We were about a mile out to sea.

The dream was now in first person. My dad looked at me and said, "In case you did not notice we are not on the road anymore." I knew it was January and the water was very cold. I started sinking down into the water and I knew I would loose consciousness shortly. Then I woke up.

March 6, 2001 (Slimes - Part Three)

I was in a cabin out in the woods far off from any other places, and I was with a few friends. I had a friendly slime creature with me but somehow I had lost it outside of the cabin. There were other slim creatures inside the cabin but somehow these slimes seemed dangerous. We were not able to communicate with them. One of them was stuck to the wall and had a hand print in it from when one of us placed our hand on it to try to communicate with it. There seemed to be a lot of them around and I was starting to get a little worried.

We left the cabin and walked a couple miles to where we had parked our pickup truck. We were going to leave but for some reason we changed our minds and went back to the cabin. Once back at the cabin one of the people I was with started getting violent with the slimes. He drop kicked on out the door. I felt these negative actions might anger the slimes and right now the only problem was we were unable to communicate with them. I felt this was just making things worse.

Between March 10th and March 18, 2001 (Lucid Flying Dream)

I was standing at the top of a valley looking down at a stream. I remembered that I had been here before in previous dreams where I had swam down in the stream. Then Gwen came up to me. When I saw her I realized I was dreaming. I looked at Gwen and said, "This is a dream", and then I jumped off the cliff and started to fly around. Then I was standing on the beach by the ocean. I thought to myself since this is a dream I can breath underwater so I started to walk into the ocean, but I woke up just as I was entering the water.

Between March 10th and March 18, 2001 (Giant Turtle)

I don’t remember too much about this dream, except in part of it someone cast a spell on me and I was turned into a turtle. I was about the size of an elephant and I wondered around as a turtle for a while. There was a task I needed to complete to become human again, and I was able to complete it and I returned to my normal form by the end of the dream.

March 21, 2001 (Breaking Free)

I was in a sky scraper located in a city in Florida. I think I may have been with some other people but I’m not sure who. We were about halfway up the building in a big area near the elevator. We were waiting for Jean Wittman. I think it was for some kind of meeting or that she was going to show us something. She finally appeared and she took us into this room filled with young children between the ages of 2 and 4 years.

They were all mentally retarded and had no hope of recovery. I was standing next to one boy who was about 2 years old and he was laying on his stomach and looking in my direction. I placed my hand on his back and sent him some Reiki. He had a smile on his face and was pleased I was sending him energy. I had the impression that this would not fully heal him, but would make his life a little better.

In the next part of the dream I was in a room all by myself. This may have been my bedroom in the dream, but is not a room I have ever seen before in real life. There was a force field going across the room that prevented me from leaving the room. I could only move around in about half of the room because the force field blocked the rest of it. I had the impression that this force field was gradually making the space I could move around in get smaller and smaller.

I said four different words, I don’t think they were in English and I don’t remember what they were now. But one of the words I said eliminated the force field and allowed me to leave the room.

When I left the room the dream switched over to me being in another room. There was a lot less stuff in this room. Only about 10% of what was in the last room. My dad was there. He said, "There may not be as much stuff here, but at least this stuff is real". Then I woke up.

March 26, 2001 (Dead Deer Turning into Wolves)

I was at on Sweet Road near Jamesville. I was ridding a dog, kind of like how someone would ride a horse. I don’t know if I was smaller or if the dog was bigger, but somehow I was able to ride it. When we came to the intersection of Sweet Rd and Rt. 173 we turned left. The road was blocked off just a little ways ahead. There was a pile of dead deer blocking the way. There most have been at least 100 of them.

At first I tried to steer the dog so we would go over the dead dear. But the deer came to life and changed in to wolves. The dog and I were thrown back and I was thrown clear of the dog. The wolves went after the dog. I could see three wolves with their teeth sunk into the dog hanging on while the dog was trying to run away.

March 28, 2001 (Space Flight)

I don’t remember exactly how the dream started. I was in a small space ship taking off from earth. This flight would normally cost me $10,000.00 to ride on but I got it for free somehow. We flew past some planets and I was able to see them up close through a big window. I also saw the earth from way up high at night and saw all the lights from cities and the light from that was reflecting on the moon. The ship I was in was casting a small shadow on the moon. When we went back to earth it did not seem like we were moving that fast until we hit the earth’s atmosphere then we were falling at a very high velocity. After a little while before we hit the ground a parachute attached to the ship opened up and slowed us down for a safe landing.

Then I was going to go on a second flight. We took off, but this time we went up a little ways and then back down and into the ocean. We started going deep underwater. Then the dream switched over and I was in this building underwater. There was a woman there giving a lecture on the different kinds of life that lived this deep in the ocean. She was holding on to some creature, I’m not sure what it was, and she was talking about it. Then I woke up.

March 28, 2001 (The Book)

I was in this old house. This whole dream was in the third person, and I was everyone in the dream. There was this old man in the house and he was looking for a book. It was an old mystical book that contained vast knowledge. There were also some kids in this house and they were also looking for the book. A little girl found the book and was leaving the house with it. She would have gotten away without the old man noticing but on her way out she was singing, "I got the book, I got the book". The old man heard her and followed her part way out of the house.

He came up to this statue or painting of some older guy. He stopped and talked to this statue or painting and said that this book was too powerful to be in the hands of children and it could be dangerous. The man in the painting said that the book was a positive force if in the right hands, and that it would be ok with these children, and there is nothing to worry about.

April 1, 2001 (Vision Problems While in a Meeting with Dr. Mishra)

I think I was at Ananda Ashram. Dr. Mishra was in a room with me and I think some other people where there as well. He was talking about something, but I don’t remember what. I could only see out of one eye. For some reason I could not open up my other eye. I could only half see out of the one eye I could open. I don’t remember anything else about the dream.

April 3, 2001 (Shaped Coffee)

I was on another planet. It seemed to be a desert planet, or at least the section I was in was in a desert like area. I went inside a cave where this woman lived. I think her husband passed away. There was some coffee there in a jar. I made some coffee from it and it tasted good, like real coffee from earth. But the strange thing is there was nothing on that planet that could be used to simulate the taste of coffee.

She told me her husband made that. I asked how he made it. She told me that he discovered that by taking a kind of nut or bean from that planet and by carving it with a knife and giving it a less rounded shape, one with more edges, then it would change the taste so it tasted like real coffee.

I also saw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich floating in front of me showing an example of how this same technique of manipulating shapes of different food from this planet could make it more editable and taste better.

Then me and an older woman (probably in her 60s or 70s) started cutting up nuts to make some coffee. She was cutting them each into four sections. Then I was taking those sections and carving them into the proper shape. At some point in the dream this switched over to bread she was slicing instead of nuts.

Then the thought came to me. What if this bread is a natural life form on this planet. One that is intelligent and just communicates in a different way then us. Shortly after this I woke up.

On a side note: In real life I don’t like the taste or smell of coffee at all.

April 4, 2001 (Three Planets)

I was on a Navy ship. There were announcing that there would be some women in costume in some kind of show in part of the ship. I went to that section of the ship but stayed at the back of the room to see what it was about. Gwen was one of the people in the room but at first I did not recognize her. Then she came up to me and said something, then from her voice I knew it was her. She was carrying about eight suitcases four in each hand. She told me she was having trouble carrying them. I offered to carry them for her. When I took them I noticed they were all empty because they were so light, but they were bulky witch made them hard to carry.

In the next part of the dream I was at the house on Gates road sleeping in the back room. I woke up and it was dark outside. I knew Gwen was sleeping in the living room. I was thinking I could go out and see if she was awake. But I decided not to. Partly because I remembered in a previous dream I saw a ghost at the end of the hallway I would have to go down to get to the living room. I did not want to risk seeing it again. I looked out the window. I could see the sun was out but it was being blocked by the clouds. The clouds got a little lighter and allowed some of the sun to shine through. Then the clouds started moving rapidly and they all cleared off so it was a clear sky. The sun shined through and it was a nice sunny day.

Then a second later it was night time. The sky was still clear. I could see two moons parallel to each other and they looked exactly the same, except the one on the left was about half as bright. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and perhaps I was seeing double vision. So I rubbed my left eye and then the view changed. I now saw three planets in the sky. They were very large and beautiful.

The three of them started merging into one planet. Then they were three separate continents. Then the three continents started merging together into one continent. Then I was looking at a piece of paper in the room. I was kind of seeing in two dimensions or realities. In one reality it was just a normal piece of paper with nothing important on it, in another reality it had words written on it that I could not understand. They were not written in English and some of the letters where not letters from our alphabet. It was a map of the area the three planets were from. I knew I was seeing this from a dream so I was copying it down on another piece of paper in the back room. I was telling my dad about this. Then I looked out the window looking towards the stream. My dad told me to look up because there was a space ship out there. He triggered a vision and I saw out into space and saw a ship. Then I woke up.

April 12, 2001 - around 9:00pm (Scorpion That Would Not Die)

I was at my dad’s house at Gates Road. I was in the kitchen with a friend. There were tons of bugs all over the house. Our main focus was spent trying to kill this reddish orange colored scorpion. Most of the time it was in hiding, but sometimes it would run across the kitchen floor. At one point we put something over it and where trying to hold it down around it so it would suffocate. That almost worked, but just before it ran out of air it got free and hid again.

When it came out next time we tried to enclose it in a small box or something and then burn it. That did not work either. It got away just before it was burned to death. I was starting to get a little frustrated. I saw two cement blocks on the floor. I asked my friend, "If I smashed it with a cement block, would that be enough to kill it?" He told me that he thought that would have worked. I was kind of mad that we did not think of that when we had it in the small box and were trying to burn it.

I looked under the kitchen counter and saw a spider about 5 inches big. I ran out to the bedroom wing of the house. There were a few more spiders just before the door that lead to the bedroom wing. These spiders seemed to be in shells kind of like a crab shell. I ran down the hall into the back room. This room seemed to be free of bugs. Then I ran back out to the kitchen to try to deal with the scorpion again.

I think there may have been some other attempts to kill the scorpion but I can’t remember them from the dream.

April 13, 2001 (Me as a Female Going Around Town)

I was in a town in some other state visiting someone. I was in a museum there by myself and I was a female. I was around 25 years old and I had brunet hair that went down a little past my shoulders. I had on a long dress that went all the way down to my feet.

When I finished looking at one section of the museum I went to look at another section, but it was closed. It was getting late and was dark outside. I was trying to figure out how to walk back to my friends house that I was visiting. There were two routs I could take. I decided to take a route around town that was a little longer so I could avoid this guy that may have been waiting for me. I don’t know if he was an ex-boyfriend or just some guy, but I did not want to see him.

On my way a taxi pulled up next to me and offered me a ride home for $4.00. I told him I was not interested and I thought it would probably be a little more then $4.00 since my friend lived a little ways outside of the town. I continued to walk on and then I woke up.

April 17, 2001 (Meditation with Dr. Mishra)

I think I was at Ananda Ashram. I was meditating in a room with Dr. Mishra and a bunch of other people. It started very early in the morning. At one point in the late morning Dr. Mishra was drawing something but I’m not sure what. Later that afternoon everyone left but I was still there. I started crying and it felt like I was working through something.

April 18, 2001 (Going Down a River at High Speed)

In the first part of this dream I was in a classroom. The other students and I had just taken a written test and we were getting the results back. I got around 97% percent on it and the instructor wrote in red pen up in the corner that I got the highest grade in the class. Almost everyone else in the class failed this test. I felt it would be best if I did not show anyone else how I did because I did not want the other people in the class to resent me.

In the next part of the dream I was laying down on my back in a small boat like a rowboat. I was looking up at the sky and the river passing by. I was looking towards the back of the boat so I was seeing the scenery as I was going past it. No one was controlling the boat and I was worried about if it would stray away from the center of the river and drift off to the side and hit the shore. But it seemed like it would stay in the center and I would be ok, so I stopped worrying and just relaxed and enjoyed looking at the surroundings. The river was lined with trees on both sides.

The boat I was in started to move faster until I was going about 50 miles per hour. The valley the river was in became deeper. The river had steep cliffs on either side about 30 feet tall. Above I could see some buildings and other structures zoom by as I went under them. Now I was going around 100 miles per hour. At this point I knew I was in a dream and was thinking how kewl this felt and how beautiful the landscape was. I woke up shortly after this.

April 22, 2001 (Lucid Dream - Swimming in the Ocean)

I was at my dad’s house on Gates Road. I was walking around down in the basement. While I was down there I remembered that my dad sold this house in real life so this had to be a dream because I would not be walking down in the basement there in real life.

I decided I wanted to go to the Ocean and try to walk on the ocean floor under water. I walked out of the basement and the door from the basement lead to the ocean. I walked up to the water and stuck my head underwater testing to make sure I would be able to breath underwater. I found I could breath just fine, so I walked out into the ocean. I was having difficulty staying on the bottom and kept on floating up to the top.

So I decided just to swim around in the waves. It was very kewl because these were big waves at least 5 or 10 feet tall. I did not have to worry about being pushed under water since I could breath underwater just fine. I had great fun just swimming around in the rough water.

May 24, 2001 (Meditating in a Gold Room in my Subconscious Mind)

I was falling very fast. It was kind of like I was on a ride or something. I was going through a tunnel. At times I could see a very beautiful landscape outside. Then I was falling in total darkness. The thought came to me that I was going deeper and deeper into my subconscious mind. Then I ended up in a small room made of solid gold. There was nothing in the room and I was sitting in the center of it mediating. I woke up shortly after this.

May 24, 2001 (Small but Powerful Heater)

I was at Rod's house. I was in a room off to the left of the front door I had never seen before. (I thought this room was just made up for the dream, but in real life the weekend after I had the dream I saw that the room was real.) Rod and Joann were in the room and I was talking to them. It was kind of cold in the room and Rod suggested I plug in a small heater that was sitting on the floor.

In order to plug it in I had to connect two cables together. At first when I tried to do it I saw that each cable had a male end so I thought they would not fit into each other. Then I realized that each cable also had a female connector in it and that they both fit into each other. I connected the cables and the heater started pouring out a tremendous amount of heat. I was surprised such a small heater could produce so much heat. Then I decided I better move some stuff that was next to it away from it so it would not catch fire. Joann set her feet by the heater to warm them up. I then sat down on the piano bench next to the piano. Then Ally came into the room. In the dream she was around 7 years old. She came up to me and I picked her up and set her down on my lap and then gave her a hug. Then I woke up.

May 28, 2001 (Backstage for a Play)

I was at the entrance gate to Disney World with my dad. We had been in Florida for a week or so now and Gwen was with us for the first week but she had gone back home the day before. They had this deal where I could get half off the entrance ticket price. So I only had to pay around $8 to get in by showing them the ticket I used all of last week to get in.

My dad and I walked into the park. There were two directions we could go to get to two different sections of the park. One looked fairly crowded and the other had almost no people in it at all. I suggested that we go to the less crowded section so we would not have to wait as long in lines.

My dad and I went into this one building. It seemed to be an older building and was made all of wood. It was a play house with rooms and stuff upstairs. As we were walking around behind stage my dad pointed up at the hallway from upstairs and said he saw Gwen. I yelled out hello to her. She came down stairs and I found out that she got a job there as an actress. This would be her first performance. She was either a queen or princess in the play.

Gwen went out on the center of the stage and sat in a thrown. I could not see her from back stage so my dad and I were going to move to the front where the audience was, but there was not time. They did not want us backstage either but they said it would be ok since there was no time for us to leave since the play was just starting.

There was a lot of action going on back stage. At one point Indians where shooting arrows at other people from back stage to people that were on stage and coming to the backstage area. They were right behind me and rested their bow on my shoulder while shooting the arrows. It was kind of kewl being right there in all the action.

At one point this man covered with light bulbs came in and stood to my right. Someone was breaking the light bulbs. Since this was happening back stage the audience could only hear it. I could see the smile on the guys face who had all the light bulbs on as he made sounds pretending like he was being killed.

All of a sudden all these little plastic beads started falling on my father and I. They represented the glass that was being broken. They were burying us, and I turned away from the direction they were falling so I was looking down at the floor and held my hands over my mouth and nose so I would be able to breath. I was afraid they would burry us alive and we would be so deep in them that we would not be able to get out. But they stopped falling shortly after they were over our heads and we were able to get out from under them.

The play was now over and I was sitting next to Gwen and one of her friends that was in the play with her. I realized Gwen did not have any lines in the play at all. She just sat there and observed everything that was going on from the thrown. I was talking to Gwen's friend. I asked her if she had known Gwen before or if they just met here at the play. She said they had just meet. I told her Gwen was a kewl person and she should hang out with her sometime after work. I suggested if Gwen lived further they she wanted to drive perhaps they could hang out at the near by Burger King together.

After this I was in the third person. I saw a tornado off in the distance where the Play took place. It totally destroyed everything there. It also collected oil that was underground. It was about to spread it all over the place. I thought it would be kewl if the oil would go into containers and land by Gwen's house so she could sell it and make some money from it. Just after I thought that, it happened. The oil flew into containers and those flew over near Gwen's house. Then I woke up.

June 13, 2001 (Tons of Teeth)

I wasn't in this dream. I was just observing it in the 3rd person. There was a guy laying down on a table, or in bed, I'm not sure which. I just saw a close view of his face. Someone else touched him on the shoulder, this triggered a virus in the guy that was laying down. This virus was dormant and now it was starting to take effect. I think he also gave it to the other guy.

The guy who was laying down started to have his face became a little distorted. He then grew a second mouth. It was above his first mouth on either side of his nose. He opened that mouth and there were tons of teeth in it. Layer after layer of teeth. There must have been at least ten layers. Then his whole face changed into nothing but teeth. I was thinking that the computer graphics that were creating this image were kewl. But it was a little creepy. Then I woke up.

June 16, 2001 (Braiding Hair)

I was sitting in a room with Ally. In this dream she was about 23 years old and I was braiding her hair. She had much longer hair in this dream then she does in real life. After I finished she stood up and spun around once. Then I woke up. I had no trouble braiding her hair in the dream but in real life I have no clue how to do it.

June 16, 2001 (Eaten by an Alien)

In this dream I was a woman in her late 30s or early 40s. At first I was inside my house that was located in the country. I had a video camera hooked up to my computer that allowed me to see what was going on outside. At one point a bunch of aliens came down and took a bunch of people with them. Then the next day they returned the people.

This guy came over to my house. He said that the alien would be coming to try to get me, but he would try to hold it off. I took my baby that was about one year old with me and went out the back door and started running off into the woods. The guy only managed to slow the alien down slightly. I'm not sure what happened to him.

As I was running in the woods I saw the alien coming up behind me. It was about the size of a small two-story house. It reached a gigantic claw out and grabbed me. I was still holding onto my baby. Then I could tell the alien was debating whether or not to spare our lives. It decided not to and thru use in its mouth. As it was doing this, it realized it made a big mistake. Once I was in its mouth there was a weak spot I could hit that would kill this alien. As the alien was thinking this, I knew what it was thinking so I knew right were this weak spot was. I was debating whether or not to kill the alien then I woke up.

June 17, 2001 (Traveling thru Time and Dimensions)

I was at work. We were playing Lufia II for the Super Nintendo. We were not trying to make much progress in the game. Just kind of had it on and were not doing much with it. Then one of the people I worked with started to work at the game and build up levels and move further along in it. I decided that it might be a good idea to progress in the game as well. We got a homework assignment to get to a certain point in the game that was fairly far along. Now it was like I was at school instead of at work. I left the building and went out into the parking lot. I knew my car was there so I could drive home and not have to wait for the school busses to get there.

I saw this guy in a red pickup truck that was brand new. He had two other kids in the car and were giving them rides home so I decided to catch a ride home with him and got into his truck. He dropped off the first kid, and then he said the other kid was his son and he going straight home from there and not going past my house. I was thinking he could just drop me off there and I could walk home, but for some reason I continued to ride with him.

We were in a village, and I was trying to figure out where we were in relation to my house. Then there was this huge mirror that went miles up into the sky that reflected part of this town to make it look larger then it actually was. It also had the purpose have having boundaries to this place that were hard to see so you could not tell the boundaries were there.

Then he told me there was only one way to get back home. He also told me that we were in a different detention and we had to go thru this special thing to get me home. We were inside this large building right next to where the large mirror was. We were walking up flights of stairs working our way up. We stopped on one floor and could see thru the wall to a different time period. The time period we saw into was the 1960's.

I knew that my time period was on the next floor up, but we stayed on this floor and watched what was going on. There were two kids, a boy and a girl, there that had just been returned to this time period. The person that returned them used a small ship to do it. He was in the process of leaving when he crashed into something. This crash unstabilized things in this time period.

All of a sudden the two kids started rapidly growing and changing into adults. The problem was it was happening too fast for them to work. The boy exploded. The parts of him that exploded turned into pretzels and the girl started to eat some of the pretzels. The boy told her not to do this, but she continued. Then the boy tied a rope around his foot. At this point he had no body, and the foot was just laying there and the rope seemed to be tying itself around his foot. Then I woke up.

June 19, 2001 (A Talk with Dr. Mishra)

I was at Ananda Ashram in the main house. My dad was running water for a bath and he was in the room next to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and asked my dad if I could take a bath first. He said that would be fine so I got in the bathtub. Then Dr. Mishra came in and started talking to me. During this time I was half awake and half asleep. I was aware that I was laying in my bed and what position I was laying in, in real life. I also still knew in the dream I was laying down in the bathtub. When I heard Dr. Mishra talk it was like I could hear him both in real life and in the dream at the same time. At one point he clapped his hands together once. The sound from that was so vivid and real. I could have sworn he was standing just a few feet behind me in real life as well as in the dream. When I woke up I felt very relaxed and I had a tingling sensation through my entire body that lasted about 30 seconds or so.

I had been kind of concerned about some of the dreams I have been having recently, and Dr. Mishra was reassuring me that there was nothing to worry about. He said that I was just working through some stuff on the subconscious level.

I don't remember the exact words he used in the dream, but that was the general idea of what he was talking about.

June 20, 2001 (Running from an Animal and Falling into the Ocean)

I was on a stage like area by the ocean. There was a wild animal on the stage with me. I'm not sure if it was a lion or tiger. But it was something around that size. I had a long stick with a stuffed animal about the same size as the real one attached to the end of it. I was able to keep this stuffed animal between the real animal and myself in order to keep it from attacking me.

At one point I lost concentration for a little bit and forgot about the wild animal that was on the stage with me. When I remembered it was there it was so close to me that the stick was too long to stick in front of it and the stuffed animal dangled behind it rather then in front causing it to come closer to me. So I jumped back to get away and landed in the ocean.

The water swept me away from the area where the stage was real quick. Soon as I came to the surface I was about 200 feet away from the stage. I tried to swim back to it but I made no progress. I knew further out in the ocean were many waves that were about 20 feet tall. One of those waves hit me but I was prepared for it. Then I decided to just swim into the shore instead of trying to go back to where the stage was. Soon as I turned around to swim to the shore I found myself out of the ocean and on the shore. Then I woke up.

June 21, 2001 (Driving around in CA)

I was visiting Rani in San Diego, except in the dream it was completely different then it was in real life. Nothing like where she really lives. I don't remember the whole dream, but I know in part of it I was out driving around. I missed the turn to get back to Rani's house. I thought I would just continue on and go around the block to get there, but after I made the first right turn that road just kept on going and there was not another road to the right so I was not going to be able to go around the block.

I decided I would have to turn around once I got to a place where I could do so. I was up in the mountains and the landscape was very beautiful. The rocks had a beautiful shade of red from the clay in them and the trees on top of those rocks also added to the scene.

I was kind of glad I made the wrong turn so I got to see all this. Then I woke up.

June 26, 2001 - around 3:00am (A wild Adventure - One part as a 20 year old female)

I was inside a building. More happened before this but I can't remember what. At this point I was up stairs sitting outside of a room. There was a woman inside this room and I was supposed to be protecting her. The door was open just a crack so I would be able to keep an eye on her and make sure she was safe. At one point this guy came up to me and got right in my face and started yelling at me at the top of his lungs. His basic message was to stop being so protective of this woman.

I guess that caused me to relax some because I fell asleep, and was woken up by someone telling me something happened to this woman and I needed to find her. I told someone else about this down stairs and then began my search.

I was outside and it was nighttime. It was a warm evening and the stars were out. I was with some other people up on some roofs. We were walking along some kind of pathway. At first there seemed to be a dead end. People were milling around not sure of where to go next. I noticed there was another roof I could jump to. That roof had a slide going down from it that went down to the ground. I jumped over to that roof and slid down the slide.

I was now walking around in an area in the country by fields. I saw this one woman. She was in bad shape and was wearing very old and dirty cloths, possibly infected with bogs of some sort. Someone else was walking by and I asked if I could have his shirt to give to this woman. He gave me the shirt to give to this woman. I then gave it to her and told her to take off her old shirt and put this one on.

She took off one of her old shirts, but still left one on underneath and then put on the old one. I told her she should take off the one underneath because it was dirty as well. She left the new one on and took the one underneath off under it so no one would see her topless, and then thru the old shirt away, and was just wearing the new one.

In the next part of the dream I was in a tunnel system. This system followed along a main road, but not many people knew about it so the tunnel was much less crowded then the roadway. I came to the end of the tunnel system and I knew I had to back track a little bit and get out and connect back in with the main roadway to continue on my journey.

I was now in the middle section of an airplane that was sitting out on the runway. I had been in California or someplace on the west coast. I was looking thru my stuff. There were some cloths there and some Christmas presents from family that I planned to open at a later time. I wanted to go back to the terminal. I felt the best way back was just to stay on the plane since it was going back to the terminal next. I went into the first class compartment. I walked up to talk to the pilot. The guy sitting in the front seat just before the pilot told me he was cold. He looked kind of sick. I then told the pilot this guy said he was cold and I could tell the pilot was hot. But the pilot turned up the heat on the plane anyway so this guy would be more comfortable.

This pilot looked very familiar and I realized I had seen him before on previous flights. I told him I had been out in CA (or someplace on the west coast) for a while and now was going to Florida next, then after that I would return home.

After telling him that I went back a few seats and sat down next to a woman who was holding an infant. The infant was about 2 and a half years old. She was very frightened by being on the plane. The infants mother told me that the infant was on a plane once before about a year ago and last time she had a seizure on the plane and this made her very afraid of flying and the infant was afraid she would have another seizure.

I reached out and held the infants hand and started sending her warm and loving energy, thinking to her that she would be all right and not to worry. This seemed to calm her down.

In the next part of the dream I was a female around 20 years old. I had a baby with me, but it was not mine. I think someone else had abandoned it, and now I was looking after it. I was in a city sitting out on the sidewalk during the late evening. After a little while people with guns and other weapons came out on both sides of the street. They were at war with each other. They were about to start firing at each other across the street. I felt I better get out of there and since I had the baby with me I felt they would let me leave before they started shooting. So I got up and left.

As I walked away I was thinking it was time to move into a different section of town and find a new Apartment. I knew I did not want to live on the ground floor, because I was afraid someone would break in through the window. I wanted to at least be on the 2nd floor. I came up to what looked like an Apartment complex and I went in to check it out. I went up to the 2nd floor and saw that it was a library for a college campus.

I went inside to look around. After I was inside I went to the front desk to get a library card. She asked me for my library card, and I told her I did not have one. Then she asked for my student ID, saying I could use that to get a library card. I told her I did not have one of those either. Then for no reason my baby started crying. I set her down next to me and started doing all these acrobatics. This calmed the baby down and she stopped crying. The librarian and another guy that was standing next to her were very impressed by the acrobatic performance I just did. She said it would not be a problem for me to get a library card now. It also felt like I was going to start going to college here as well. Then I woke up.

September 2001 - around the middle of the month (New set of teeth)

I was in a large building in Syracuse, or a city similar to that. I was on the 2nd floor of the building looking down at a theater or something like that on the first floor. I was leaning up against the railing. One of my teeth fell out and crumbled on the railing. Then the rest of my teeth were gone. I noticed new teeth had gown in, in their place. They were just newly formed and were still kind of soft, but I knew they would harden soon. There was someone else there as well that was going through the same situation as me so I did not feel so bad since I was not alone in this.

September 23, 2001 (Puzzle at the beach)

I was sitting by myself at the beach putting together a puzzle. I noticed that the water level of the ocean was rising when a small wave came real close to getting the puzzle and I wet. So I picked up the puzzle to move to a higher part of the beach. I noticed I dropped two pieces and they almost got wet, but I picked them up in time. I ran a little ways with the water just at my heels. Then I got to a part of the beach that was high enough so the waves would not get to me, and I put the puzzle down to continue working on it.

September 25, 2001 (Buzzing around)

In the beginning of this dream I was Laura (my youngest niece). I was sitting down at a table in the living room and my mom was in the kitchen. We were arguing about something I could not do. I felt the emotions Laura was feeling that this argument was causing. I felt helpless, aggravated and a little upset. Then the dream switched over to me when I was around Laura's age when I was in a similar situation with my father. I ran away. I wanted to go someplace where my dad could not find me.

I was out in the woods, and kind of in a game at the same time. I was trying to figure out what level I could go to that my dad would not think of looking for me in. I went to what I felt was a very advanced level. Once I entered the level I was a small bumblebee. I was flying through the level and since I was so small and fast I was able to easily maneuver around all the obstacles in the course. I remembered that in the past, I went through this level before. But then I was bigger and had all this complicated stuff with me to help me get through to level. I was able to get through it then, but it was a struggle and I had to use all this equipment to help get me through. I was amazed that now as a young bumblebee this level was easier then when I had all that other stuff. I saw that all that other stuff was completely unnecessary.

My dad found me in this level. It was the first place he looked, and I thought it would be the last place he would look. I thought this level was very complex, and it turned out it was very easy. I had only made it more complex then it needed to be in the past.

September 27, 2001 (Driving over a stream / setting up plans)

I was driving my car following my mom and step dad that were driving a little ways ahead of me. We were driving through a beautiful part of the country. I was looking at the hills all around us. I was thinking we were pretty close to a location I was at before in a dream where I went downhill skiing in the winter. Now it was spring, or sometime in the summer. We were going over a bridge and I could see a large stream flowing beneath it. The bridge was about 50 feet above the large stream. I switched over to the passenger side to get a better look. I was amazed at how beautiful it was and how much positive energy I felt coming from it. I wanted to stop and walk down to it, but I was following my mom and Bob at the time so I continued on my way. The car had no problems driving while I was in the passenger seat looking at the river down below.

In the next part of the dream I was with my mom. She was eating a bowl of ice cream. She handed me the bowl because she wanted me to get her some more. There was a little left in it and I finished it first.

In the next part of the dream I was at my dad's house in Jamesville. I was in the living room. I was staying home sick, that day, and my through was sore. I had some difficulty talking. My niece Laura was sitting next to me and I got a phone call from my nephew Dan. He said he was going on a trip and wanted to know if I wanted to go with him. I wanted to know the timing of the trip. I told him I was thinking maybe we could time it so I could go with him on this trip as part of my trip to move to Oregon. Soon as Laura heard that she gave me a big hug and I realized she had not known that I was moving there yet, and I accidentally let it slip out on the phone when talking to Dan.

After the phone call I reached over to grab a bag of combos. It was there from when I visited my dad the week before. I was questioning if they would still be any good sitting in that house for a week left open. But the house seemed to be in good shape. Temporary moved back into before it would be moved out of again. There was a fire going in the wood burning stove and it was sometime in the fall. The combos were still good.

November 12, 2001 (Falling)

I was falling down a pit that seemed bottomless. There were four cords going down this pit. Each one was a different color and they seemed to go on forever. I was wondering if there was an end to the cords and the pit or not. Something brought the end up so I could see that it did indeed have an end. Then they dropped it back down. At that point I knew the pit did have a bottom. I accelerated my fall so I could get down there sooner and see what was there.

Once I got to the bottom, I was in an underground room or area. There were hundreds of video monitors built into the walls. Each one was firing some kind of weapon out of the monitor at me. They were hitting me, but they did not harm me at all. Whatever they were they were old and out of date.

I walked along some, and then I noticed I had a gun of some sort in my hand. I fired it at one of the monitors and it turned it off. Nothing came out of the gun and it did not put a bullet through the monitor or something like that, it just turned it off. As I turned it off, the monitor stopped firing whatever it was firing and the noise it was making stopped as well. I turned off quite a few of them, making it much more quiet and peaceful down there. I was thinking I should go back to where I first landed and shut those off as well. Then I woke up.

November 12, 2001 (Carpooling)

I was with my dad some place around Syracuse. We were going to go see a movie. We were at this place where you could sign up to carpool to various places. We had the name of the person that was going to the same theater that the movie we wanted to see was at. We had trouble finding him. Eventually a guy pulled up in a red convertible sports car. His name matched the person we were supposed to go with. We got in the car with him and he sped off. He ran one stop sign, and shortly after that pulled into a big mansion.

There was a very large swimming pool there. It was actually several pools all connected together. He had thought that was were we wanted to go. I put my foot in the water and felt that it was 54 degrees. It was warmer then the air, but still too cold to swim in. It was a heated pool, just not warm enough for me to want to swim in. There was one section of the pool higher up that was warm enough to go swimming in, but that part of the pool was only about a foot deep and formed a small waterfall that went into the other set of pools. I was wondering if they had a hot tub or something in the area, but there was none. So I decided to leave. Then I woke up.

November 14, 2001 (Old Secret Room)

I was in my bedroom. There was a vent on one of the walls of my room. I noticed that there was a secret room behind that vent. I looked into it and it appeared to be some kind of small storage area. It looked like no one had been in there for at least 100 years. The room was completely empty except for some glass bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors sitting on a shelf. The room was covered in a think layer of dust.

November 15, 2001 (Forgotten Places)

I was at my uncles summer house in Wanakena. I was with my mom down by the lake. The lake looked very calm. Her and I went out in a canoe. I did not bother taking any paddles along so I just used my hands. As we got further out into the lake the water started getting rougher. There were white capes on the waves. We were heading straight into them. At one point I turned the canoe around to head back, but the wind was two strong and there was no way to move against it. So I turned back around and headed starting into the waves and the wind. It was kind of fun bouncing over the waves.

We stopped either at an island or someplace on the other side of the lake. There was one place there that had a hot spring. But it was just a little hole in the ground. Not enough room to get in it or swim around in the hot water. Then we went inside a house. It seemed like a place I had not been in a long time. There was some stuff there from my past that I sorted through. There was also this chair on the metal beam that is could slide down. The metal beam was about 5 feet long. If you set it up right and sat in the chair it would slowly go down the length of the beam. If you did this while listening to music and closed your eyes it felt really kewl. Like you were moving much faster and for a longer period of time then you actually were.

November 15, 2001 (Evolution)

I was looking at a close up view of the sun. It was kind of like a view from space. I could see a ring of energy around the sun. This energy was not naturally there, but placed there by some one or some force. I think normally this energy would have been inside the sun. This energy was affecting everyone on earth. It was slowly changing people into aliens. The end result was only slightly different then what we look like now. It was more of an internal thing. People were more in tune with nature and everything around them and were more able to tap into their higher selves. This was a very gradual change that has only started taking place recently. It will span over a long period of time before it is finished. Then I woke up.

November 15, 2001 (Lucid Dream in Arizona)

I was someplace in Arizona. At one point in the dream I stopped at a gas station. Then I was looking out over a cliff. The view was very beautiful. Then I realized I was in a dream. So I jumped off the cliff and started to fly around.

November 19, 2001 (Space Ship Going Underwater)

I was on a space ship. There were many other people there with me. Aliens were doing something to some of us. Some people had weird stuff growing on them, like layers of skin (or something) hanging from them. Some people were connected with it. One person came in and he had a chip in his head. I think he was dead or near death. We put him in a tub of water. Where going to do research on the chip in his head, try to figure out what these aliens were doing to us. But then one of the aliens came in. So we had to hide him under the water in the tub, and hope that the alien would not see we had him.

Then the dream switched over. I was outside of the ship, in the 3rd person looking at it from a distance. I saw a bunch of smaller alien craft land on the ship. The might have exploded (don't remember), but they forced the ship to land in a deep lake. This was with some of the other people I was with on the ship at the beginning of the dream. One of them told me that this was not good. He said we had a lot of technology on that ship that we did not want the aliens to get a hold of or find out about. Also some of our people were still on board that ship.

I went underwater to see what was going on. I saw the aliens also underwater and they were going in to the ship. I waited for them to get inside, then went to a window of the ship to look inside. Then I woke up.

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