Dreams 2002

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January 1st, 2002 (Getting Some Food at Ananda)

I was at Ananda Ashram outside playing some sort of game with a ball. Maybe like soccer or something like that. Then I was upstairs in the Main House, sleeping in my room. I looked out the window and could see the stars in the sky. They were very bright and beautiful. I decided to put some cloths on and go outside to have a better look at them. After throwing some cloths on I went downstairs and outside.

There was a light there so I could not see the stars too well. I decided to walk down to the lake house and see if I could get a better view there. As I was walking down the driveway, I noticed a car without any lights on was coming towards me, so I jumped off the road and let it pass me.

Then I got to the lake house. I went through a series of doors, not sure if they would be locked or not, but they were all unlocked. I ended up in the kitchen where they prepare the meals for everyone. I wanted to grab something to eat. So I looked around. There was some bread and butter there, so I thought maybe I would make a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches for myself. There was something in front of the walk-in refrigerator. So I crawled up on top of that and opened up the top part of the door. The floor of the walking refrigerator was about 70% of the way up to the roof, so I would have to crawl to reach in there. I did see some cheese so I got that. There was also an assortment of other stuff along with leftovers from the previous meal they had.

As I crawled back down with the cheese a man walked in the door to the kitchen from outside. He told me that someone untied the dock down by the boathouse. I looked down there and saw that it was starting to drift out into the small lake. Then I woke up.

January 5th, 2002 (Creating a Dragon)

In the beginning of the dream I think there was three of us and we were drinking something from glasses each of us had. There was some kind of liquid in each glass. One of the people drank a lot, about half a glass of it. We were only supposed to drink a little. Then I went into this room. I had a straw with me and you know how you can put a straw in a glass of water or something and hold the top of it and pull it out and you will have some water in the straw?

Well I got some stuff that was half frozen and different colors in a straw and put it in some kind of mixture. I also put stuff in from two other straws as well. I was only supposed to use stuff from one straw. I was creating a dragon. Normally the dragon should have been small, but because of the one person drinking a lot, and using the 3 straws this dragon was a lot larger, and more wild. I'm not sure but I believe it was a red dragon, and yes dangerous. In part of the dream I think we were running from it. I did see it flying around. But I don't remember much from the rest of the dream. I think I was more concerned then scared.

March 28th, 2002 (Game with Dan)

I was battling this monster. I knew I was in a video game. And in the real world Dan and I were playing this game together. One of us had the controller and the other was giving advice in what to do in the game. I don't remember which one was which.

I was in this area. It was a room of some sort, but it was seemed like I was outside too. I was fighting this massive creature. It had three parts to it, two big claws and then the main body. I was using lightning bolts to attack it.

First I attacked the two claws and destroyed them. Then I wondered what would happen if I killed the whole thing. A part of me thought I should leave it alive. But I decided to kill it to see what would happen. Once I killed it, it said I gained a level like as if I was in a video game. It gave me a choice on a menu screen. I could leave this area now, or I could stay and a new more advanced monster would appear. I woke up then, but I had the feeling I would have chosen to stay.

April 2nd, 2002 (Looking into Dr. Mishra's Eyes)

I don't remember much about this dream. Just that I was at the ashram and I saw Dr. Mishra there. We were standing next to each other and we looked each other in the eyes. He had very beautiful dark eyes. As I looked into his eyes I could feel lots of love and energy.

May 8th, 2002 (Wedding)

I was at Ananda Ashram. In this dream the layout is different then in real life. Where the Main House would normally be was a big one-story building. It had a smaller room that you first entered into that lead into a very large room like a big banquette hall.

I went inside and many people were gathered there. It was early on in this event and food was just starting to be put out. One couple grabbed some of the food before all of the other food was out and ready to be served. I thought that was kind of rude, but I heard someone next to me say it was ok because they were getting married.

At one point I had to go outside to bring some boxes of wine inside. Several cars showed up with boxes of wine. They had some ridiculous fee for carrying the wine inside so I said I would do it. I grabbed the first box and came in the main entrance way. Now there was a security guard there. He checked me out and had me open the box so he could see what was inside. Then he said I could go through. I asked him if he was going to do this every time I came in since I had a lot of boxes to carry in. He said yes.

As I was walking past the couple that were going to be getting married the man grabbed the box away from me. I was about to grab it back so I could start packing the boxes of wine up against the far wall where I was supposed to put them. But someone stopped me and said that it was ok because they were going to be getting married. I sat there doing nothing for a few moments, before I decided I would just go and continue to bring more of the boxes of wine in and put them where they belonged.

The dream switched over. The wedding was about to begin. A band walked around the room and my dad was one of the people in this band. After that Dr. Mishra came in to perform the wedding ceremony. I was a little surprised because I did not know Dr. Mishra married people. Rani was up front and she gave a little introduction and then Dr. Mishra went up front where he would perform the wedding.

The man that was getting married in the dream switched over. He was no longer a stranger but now he was my cousin. Dr. Mishra looked around the room, and he said, "I can't do this". Then he walked down away from the altar and left the room. Rani was sitting next to me and I asked her what happened. She told me that he could not marry them because their energy was not right for each other. When she told me that I knew then that if they did get married it would not work out well and would end up in divorce.

The woman my cousin was very upset. She could not believe this was happening. She was mad for agreeing to have the wedding at the ashram. She was mad because of all the money that was spent for the wedding was now wasted.

May 9th, 2002 around 3:45 pm (Body Wrapped in White Sheets)

I was at some kind of party. I don't remember exactly what it was. Someone there almost died. They were very cold. Kind of frozen. In the next part of the dream a friend and I were walking down route 173 with him in a little wagon. The type of wagon kids would play with. The guy that was almost dead was in the wagon wrapped in three white sheets. My friend and I were having difficulty controlling the wagon and keeping it going straight. At several points I brushed up against the dead man and he felt very cold to the touch. As we continued to walk along towards Gates Road a thought came to me. I wondered if we were supposed to dump him in the stream or go all the way up to the house and call for help. The answer was to go up and call for help. I realized if I was supposed get him help maybe I could stop at a house that was a little closer then the one on Gates Road that I had lived in. But I knew at this time none of the houses that are closer now were built yet. So I decided to just flag down the next passing car for help.

I saw a semi truck and waved my hands to the driver. He waved back, but I continued to wave and signaled him that we needed help. He pulled over. When he saw the body in the wagon he asked if we needed any more sheets. I was about to say no because we already had him wrapped in three sheets, but the truck driver already was putting another sheet around him. We got the body into the truck and put him in the back. The truck driver had more blankets in the truck. He told us to put all of them over him. We did so and could tell he was getting warmer. At this point I knew the body was my dad. As he warmed up more he began to move. He was alive all this time but it only looked like he was dead. It was good timing, because if we waited until we got up to the house he would have died.

The dream switched over. I woke up in the dream into another dream. I woke up at Wanakena at my uncle's summerhouse. I had been crying in the previous dream when my dad had come back to life so I checked my eyes to see if I cried in real life as well and I had. Then I walked downstairs and was going outside on the porch to look at the stars and the sky. I knew it would be very cold outside, but since part of me knew this was a dream still I said I wanted to feel warm when I went outside. I went outside and did not feel cold but I knew it was still very cold outside because I could see my breath. It was a beautiful morning and it was starting to get light. The sun was about to rise. Then I saw several things.

I saw where the truck driver lived. It was kind of up in a castle locked away from most people. I got the feeling that he was normally an evil person or someone not that nice. When I saw that I was amazed that he was nice enough to help save my dad's life. So I knew the rumors and this guys reputation were not all true. That not every thing is as it appears to be from the outside.

Then it switched over to this area outside of several castles up on a mountain. One of them was the one the truck driver lived in. From another someone was calling on people down below in the courtyard I was standing in to speak. I was raising my hand and was going to share the dream I just had. But instead of calling on me they called on a little girl. She said that she had emperor's (or someone with a high title) cat. She told how she had found it. She found it when the truck driver stopped to help my dad. That cat was with my dad then and did not get in the truck with my dad. So this girl had found it.

May 14th, 2002 (Red Lake Near Ocean)

I was walking in the countryside with my father. The landscape was beautiful and it was a warm sunny day. We were in the northern part of Washington State. How ever the geography was different in this dream then in real life. In the dream the ocean was on the northern boarder of Washington State and Brazil was on the western boarder. We were up in some hills walking towards the ocean.

When I was looking over to the left my dad told me that the hills we could see not too far off into the distance were in Brazil. I was thinking it would be kewl to walk over there since I have never been to Brazil before. My dad was saying there was no reason since we could see it from where we were. But I still wanted to walk over there just so I could say I have been in Brazil.

We walked down to the ocean. I took some steps down to get to the beach. I walked along with my feet in the water for a little while. There was a lot of seaweed growing in this part of the ocean. I walked a little further down where there was not as much seaweed. Then I went swimming out in the ocean for a little while. After that I walked back the other direction. I went up in a tower that was right on the beach looking out over the ocean. It was about 100 feet tall. I went up to the top and looked out over the ocean. I could see land on the other side and realized this was a bay that was connected to the ocean. It was a wonderful view.

There were many other tourists there as well in the tower enjoying the view. When I was ready to leave I jumped over the railing and skipped a few steps on the staircase to get around a few people that were coming up the stairs. I was thinking it was odd that there was no one there to keep an eye on people up there. Then an undercover security guard pulled me aside and I was in trouble for jumping over the railing to get down faster. I told him I was sick and felt like I was going to throw up on him if he did not let me get to the bottom of the tower and go outside. That worked and I left.

My dad and I headed up away from the beach. Then I saw a small trail that lead to a beautiful lake just a little way ahead of us and to the right. The water in the whole lake was a bright red color. Then I woke up.

June 5th, 2002 around 4:45 am (Flying with Dr. Mishra Over a Waterfall)

I was at Ananda Ashram, standing outside the Main House. There was a warm freshly backed cookie sitting outside on a small metal trey. I picked it up and took a bite. It tasted wonderful. There were chocolate chips in it that were still very warm and partially melted. The cookie was so soft and creamy. It was the best cookie I have ever tasted in my life. Then Rodha came out from the main house and I could see she was coming to get the cookie. I knew then that she had made it. She said that it was for Dr. Mishra so I handed her the cookie that I had already taken one bite out of. She also took a bite out of it and she said that it was ok that I had a bite and not to worry. She and I walked down towards the Lake House.

I was dressed in my white karate uniform. Dr. Mishra, my dad and a few other people where up on a stage in a meditation room meditating. There were a lot of other people sitting in the room in front of the stage. The feeling I had was that Dr. Mishra had recently gotten back from some journey or trip he had been on for awhile. I sat next to him up on the stage. It seems he was talking about something, but I don't remember what it was now. Then there was silent meditation. After that I think someone else on the stage was talking for a little while. I was thinking I could ask Dr. Mishra some questions about dreams, or talk to him about the lightning dream I had with him, but I never said anything. It felt so peaceful just sitting next to him.

In the next part of the dream my dad and I were walking together in the basement of the Lake House. There were lots of small passageways. We were looking for Dr. Mishra. He wanted my dad and I to meet him down there. The passageways were clean and well lit. I walked around in a small loop and started to go around a second time and noticed there was a small area about the size of a closet off to the right. My dad and I went over to that area and Dr. Mishra was there. There was a bright light coming from Dr. Mishra or the area he was standing in. Dr. Mishra wanted to show my dad and I something. Then all three of us took off through the roof flying.

The landscape was very beautiful and it was a sunny day. We were no longer over the Ashram. There were lots of pine trees below us. A little way off into the distance I could see this thick fog around the pine trees that went up into the sky and blocked the view after that point. I knew it was not yet time to see what lay beyond the fog.

There was a river below us. We flew along that and there was a massive waterfall. We flew to the waterfall from the east and came up to the cliff it was falling over. First we came to the top of the waterfall and we could see lots of people standing and playing at the top of the river where the waterfall started. Then as we flew out over the waterfall we could see the rest of the fall. There were several points where it hit the ground and then went a little way and then fell down to the next level and continued falling again. At each level there were people sitting near the falls enjoying them.

As we continued flying there was a restaurant up in the air and people where eating there and looking at the waterfall. Then we started to land. It felt like we were landing in someplace like Disney World. As we landed the landscape at the bottom of the waterfall stayed the same, but the waterfall itself was no longer there, or at least no longer visible in this dimension. Then I woke up.

June 10th, 2002 (The Light that Would Not Go Out)

At the beginning of this dream I was in some sort of class. I don't remember much from that part of the dream. In the next part of the dream I was outside with one other person. It was nighttime and kind of overcast. We came across a dead animal. It might have been something else. I'm not sure exactly what it was. We dug a hole in the ground in someone's backyard to burry it. We did not have time to dig that deep, and it was clear that we dug a hole there because of the grass being disturbed. We knew that this dead animal was infectious and would be harmful to anyone who touched it. So I padded the grass down on top of where we buried it hoping no one would dig it up and touch it.

Someone or something was chasing us. We both had bracelets on. I thought perhaps they could track us using the bracelets, so we both took them off and threw them to the ground. After this the person I was with any myself separated and ran off in different directions.

I was in a suburban area walking down a sidewalk. A man and woman were walking down the sidewalk towards me. I said hello as they passed. They kind of looked at me strangely. I was wondering what was wrong with myself so they would look at me in that way. I looked down and noticed I was naked.

I turned around and asked the man and woman if I could come into their house and barrow some cloths. They said that would be ok. I went upstairs to their bedroom with them and the man got me some of his cloths. I wanted something I could use to blend in and look like other people in this area. I put on the cloths he gave me. Then I asked if I could stay the night there. They said that would be ok and that I could sleep down on the couch in the living room.

I went downstairs to the living room. There was a lamp on the floor near the couch. I grabbed a blanket and put it on the couch. Then I thought it was kind of weird that I was going to sleep when I was already asleep and in a dream. After thinking that I realized I was dreaming. I did not do anything to change the dream and just continued on with the dream. I went to turn off the light using the switch on it. But it did not work. So I unplugged it. However the lamp was still on. I decided I would unscrew the light bulb. After unscrewing the light bulb the bulb was still lit in my hand. I decided I would take the light bulb upstairs and put it in the bathroom. Once I moved a little ways away from the lamp the light bulb went out. I set the light bulb down in the bathroom.

When I got back downstairs there was still light coming from the lamp where the light bulb would have been. So I decided to take the lamp upstairs and put it in the bathroom as well. When I came back down from the bathroom, there was this small cup type thing on the floor and floating above it was a circle of light. At that point I woke up.

June 30th, 2002 around 10:00 am (Experimenting in a Lucid Dream)

I was in a large house up on a hill. I think the house was located in Upstate New York. I knew I had just recently moved into this house. I walked outside and it was snowing very heavily. I knew I would miss a lot of school due to snow days, and that school would last a lot longer into the summer to make up for all the missed days. There was about two feet of snow on the ground, and more was coming down quickly. I walked over to a car in the driveway that was completely covered in snow. I picked up a disk that was about 14 inches in diameter. It was made of ice and had a very kewl design on it with holes in certain spots. After looking at that up close for a few moments I set it down and started to walk down the driveway.

I was wearing some goggles and they were starting to fog up. I took them off and wiped them off on my shirt. My eyes were not used to seeing without them and things were still a bit fuzzy. As I was walking all of a sudden all the scenery around me changed. Now it was a warm sunny day and I was walking down from the woods to the driveway at my dad's old house in Jamesville.

Since it was a drastic change from being in a snowstorm to being a bright warm sunny day, I realized instantly that I was dreaming. I got down to the driveway and started walking up it towards my dad's house. I remembered there was something I wanted to try next time I had a lucid dream. I forgot what it was, but after thinking about it for a few moments I remembered. I wanted to find an object that seemed to be out of place and follow that object back to its source.

I looked around on the ground, and then up at the house. I saw a wall clock hanging on one of the outside walls of the house. I though it was odd for an indoor wall clock to be hanging on the outside wall of the house so I picked that item. I walked up closer to it and focused my attention on it. Then I thought that I wanted to follow this object back to its source. I voiced that thought out loud. At first I had trouble speaking, but then I got the words out and again the dream changed. I was aware that I was on the verge of waking up and tried to remain in the dream. I was flying through a tunnel or through empty space. I felt very relaxed. Everything was tinted red. Then I woke up. The sun was shining in the room so that is probably where the red came from through my closed eyelids.

July 13th, 2002 around 6:30 am (Meeting in Another Dimension)

I was in a small town I have never been in before in real life. It was in the evening and it was dark outside. I was in a small pizza shop on the left side of the main street through town. It was not a big chain, but a small store. I was sitting at a table and a guy came up to me to take my order. I said I wanted a large soda. He said they were out of large cups. So he gave me two small cups. He said it would still cost $2.00 for the soda. I asked if he could change me the amount of the small soda instead. He said they did not sell small sodas, just medium and large. I knew they did not give refills, so I asked if I could get some, saying Pizza Hut lets you get refills. Thy guy said sorry. That this is a small business and he can't afford to do that.

Then he went off to make my pizza. He never asked what kind of pizza I wanted or what toppings I wanted on it. So I asked him next time he walked past my table. He said most of the toppings they had there are very old. He said they don't get much business so they have been around for a while. I knew there was another pizza place a little further down the road on the right side. The guy then went in the back and came back out with some pepperoni. Each piece had spots of mold on it. He asked me if I wanted that on my pizza. I said no and then started to leave the place.

On the way out I ran into some people I knew who were eating there. I warned them about the food, but they did not seem to take me seriously. Then I was standing next to James and a friend of his. They were sitting at the table with me when the guy came up to me with the moldy pepperoni. They said I swore at him and said some racial remarks against black people to him. (The guy who brought the pepperoni was white). The two friends I was talking to now were black. They said they sat buy me and did not say anything when I made these remarks, but they thought it was really inappropriate and now thought less of me because of it.

I walked outside the pizza place. It was still nighttime. The wind was blowing and it was snowing. I walked down the street staying on the left side of the road. It was hard to see to cross a side street that intercepted with the main road through town. There were some cars out on the road and it was also hard for them to see in this weather. I crossed the street and then continued walking.

My house was in the other direction, but I wanted to visit an older woman. She was very wise and often had advice. As I was walking it started getting lighter outside and the weather was turning into a nice sunny day.

The dream splits in two here. Here is what happened first:

At that point I realized I was dreaming, because I knew it was still in the evening and morning was a long ways away. So I started to fly around.

The landscape beneath me was very beautiful. I was very high up in the sky. I saw words that were written vertically in stream or riverbeds. I flew down closer to get a better look and see if they said anything or if they were just random letters. As I got closer I saw they were just random letters. I looked to see if they were stable or if they were changing. They were stable for a few seconds and then they started changing. So I focused on one letter trying to make it stable so it would not change. Then I remembered that I wanted to look for an item in my dream and follow it back to its source. I flew around some more.

I saw a toy bicycle and flew down close to that. I decided to use that for my item. I stated my intention to follow that back to its source. I was not sure at the time if I also spoke in my sleep and said it aloud in real life as well. I felt like I was on the verge of waking up. Saw a picture of the toy bicycle on my pillowcase. At first it exactly matched the toy bicycle from my dream. Then when I looked closer I saw that it was not really there, but there were some bicycles in the patter on the pillowcase.

Note: I did not wake up in real life. I was still asleep. In real life my pillowcase has now patterns on it, it is just a solid color.

Now this goes back to where the dream split:

I continued walking down the road. I knew the old woman I was looking for lived in a house on the right side of the road. But for some reason I stopped at a house on the left side of the road. An old woman answered the door. I asked if it was (I said her last name, but don't remember what it was now), and she said that I had the wrong house. I asked if she knew her. She told me that she lived in the house across the street.

I went back outside and started to cross the street. A car pulled up. There was an old man in the front of the car and I knew he also lived in the house with the old woman I was looking for. He told me to get in the car and he would drive me the rest of the way to the house. I told him that it was ok, since it was only about 10 or 15 feet to the driveway. There were two people sitting in the back seat so there was no room for me. He had an older man or woman (I don't remember which now) get out of the car so there would be room for me. I told him he did not have to go to all this trouble for me, but he insisted.

I got in the car. Once I was in the car I was sitting next to a guy in the backseat who was about my age or maybe a little older. I looked at the old man in the front seat and he looked at me. I felt very comfortable with him. I felt so much love coming from him. Just being there next to him made me very relaxed. Then he disappeared. I'm not sure if I was still in the car or now I was in a different dimension in some room.

There were a total of three of us there. The guy that was about my age that I was sitting next to in the car, a third man that I knew was from another planet but looked human and myself. At first I heard the radio playing. It was a man's voice on the radio. It was saying bits of knowledge. It would say one sentence about one thing, then another sentence about something out. Very short sentences and strait to the point. I don't remember now what the voice on the radio said. Just that it was passing on knowledge about life.

After a little while that stopped and I talked to the two people that where with me. There was a television in the front of the room. The images I saw on it were from earth. However I knew that the alien who was watching the same television was seeing images from his planet. I knew the message that was being thought on the television was the same for both of us; just we each saw it as being from our own planet.

I told him that, and he had a hard time understanding. He wanted me to explain the images I was seeing so he could tell how they were different from the ones he was seeing. I knew that was pointless because once I described the images, my description would be translated into what he was seeing. And I knew if he tried to describe the images he was seeing from his planet they would be translated into the images I see on my planet. Since there was no way around this and he did not seem to want to talk about anything else at the moment, I switched my attention over to the other guy who was in the car with me. I asked him a few questions. I don't remember what the questions or answers were now. Just that they came from a higher level and were about life.

After I finished asking him a couple questions I asked if either of them had any questions for me. However I woke up before either of them could ask me anything.

July 14th, 2002 (Lucid Dream - Swimming in Lava)

Three men with guns were chasing me. I was in the woods and I was laying down trying to hide from them. I could see them off in the distance and they were getting closer to me. At fist I was scared. As they came closer they saw me. At that moment I realized I was dreaming. All the fear I had gone away instantly. I continued to lie there and they shoot me several times. Since I knew I was just dreaming I knew they could not harm me.

I got up and walked away. I was near the house on Gates Road. I walked in the woods near where we buried one of our cats that had passed away. Normally from there I could look down and see Gates Road. But in the dream it was a massive cliff. Way down below and as far as the eye could see were pools of molten lava. It looked similar to documentaries showing what the earth looked like when it was first forming. It kind of had that prehistoric feeling to it.

I jumped off the cliff and flew around for a little bit. Then I flew down to the lava and started to swim around in it. Since I knew this was a dream I knew that it would not hurt me to do this. After swimming around in the lava for a little while I woke up.

July 14th, 2002 (Aga Carrying me up a Hill)

I was in Upstate NY near Raquette Lake. Aga and I were walking on a small road that did not have much traffic. At one point we were walking up a hill and Aga was carrying me piggyback style. As she was carrying me I was looking around. I felt this must be very tiring for her so as we neared the top I got off and walked.

At the top of the hill was a place Aga had worked in the past. It was just a few abandoned buildings now. No one had used them in a long time. We looked around a little bit, and Aga told me a little about one of them. Then we continued on.

We were heading back to Raquette Lake. First we had to walk through an area we were not supposed to be in. It was kind of a school for training police officers or military people. Instead of just taking the trail and continuing on, I stopped and went inside one of the classrooms.

I sat down and pretended to be one of the students there. At one point they were talking about weapons of mass destruction. They spoke of a bomb the US had. I knew if they used this bomb on some other country it would affect the whole planet and pollute the US as well for around 50 years or so. When the class was over the instructor asked for my papers that proved I was in the class. I said I did not have them with me and asked if I could bring them in on Friday. He said this class was not held on Fridays. So I asked if I could bring the papers in on Monday so I could have time over the weekend to find them. The instructor said ok. Then I left.

July 27th, 2002 (Boat Ride to Another Country)

I was in some other country. There was a woman there and she wanted to escape from that country. I remember there was a paper I had to fill out, but it was in another language and I had to put the answers in this other language as well.

In the next part of the dream we were on this big ship traveling to some other country. At one point I went above deck to see if I could see land yet. Off in the distance I saw the new country we were going to. Then I saw it up closer. I could see lots of pine trees, but they were different then any kind of pine tree I have seen before, so I knew it was a new place I had not been before.

I noticed that there were not as many waves against the shore of this country as the one we had left from. The water was much calmer here and it was very clear as well. There were many rocks in the water. I watched in the 3rd person from behind the boat and saw it was leaving a trail in the rocks. It was digging a pathway into the rocks where it went. All of a sudden it hit the end of the pathway it had created from previous trips to this country. Then it was hard work to cut the path further. Every time this ship came here it added about one foot to this pathway. I was thinking this time we were in kind of a hurry so I thought we should forget about doing that this time and just get off the boat and go ashore.

September 8th, 2002 (Journey in a Different Dimention)

I was on a journey. It did not take place on this planet. Or if it was this planet it was in a different dimension. It was either dusk or nighttime. I was outside. It was kind of in a desert type area. There was a trail or dirt road. The road was kind of down in a small valley. I was up above walking along the top part of the valley. I could see the road down below me. I heard a voice in my head or just knew that I should avoid walking on the road, and I should also not stray too far away from the road. So I traveled off of the road. I stayed close enough to it so I could always keep it in my sight. I feel a lot of stuff happened along the way, but I don't remember any of it. Perhaps some stuff with other people or creatures. I felt confident that I would know how to deal with any situation should the need arise.

I got to a resting spot along the trail. It was in a partially enclosed building that was very old and made of stone. There were lots of vines and other small ferns growing on it. As I walked through this area I felt very relaxed and very much at peace. The view from there was amazing. I could look down into this other valley. At this point I realized I was dreaming. I was feeling intense peace and relaxation. It was so strong that I sat down to meditate. As I looked around at the beautiful view, I saw over to the right up on the ridge of the valley was the corner of a Wards Department store. This was very out of place from the rest of the landscape. It reminded me of my life here on earth in the modern day. Then a voice told me that it does not matter where I am, that I am still on this journey no matter where I am. I asked if everything was going well in my life, if I was on the right path, and the answer was yes that all is well. Then I woke up feeling very relaxed.

September 9th, 2002 (Going Back to School for a Basic Science Class)

I walked into an old school building through the main entrance. It had two floors. There were spots from the first floor where you could look up through the second floor and see the sealing. The architecture of the building was very beautiful.

I went up to the second floor where I walked over to one of the areas where the floor was open so you could look down at the first floor. There was a railing there so no one would fall. I continued up the hall and took a right turn. Then I saw another spot where you could look down at the first floor, but there was no railing there. I thought that was kind of odd. As I walked closer to that spot I realized that it was not really an opening to look down at the first floor, but just the pattern on the carpet that caused an illusion to make it look that way.

As I walked over that I looked at my schedule to try to find the room number my next class was in. It was kind of confusing because it had two sets of numbers for the class. Then I realized one was the room number and the other was the seat number. I wondered why they had a seat number for the class because normally you just go in and sit down wherever you like.

I finally found the room my class was in and went inside. I realized all the kids in the class were much younger then me. They were all around the 5th grade level. I went up to the teacher and asked her about that to make sure I was in the right class. She told me that this was a science class. She said that they put me in this class because my dad signed me up for this school and he said I have never had any science classes before so I was in a beginner class. I told her stuff I knew about science and she said that I did not need to take this class. Since I had nothing to do for the next hour if I did not take this class I decide to stay.

The teacher wrote down two long equations on the chalkboard at the front of the room. After a while there was a break. During the break I looked in my desk. I saw some old Garbage Pal Kids cards from my childhood in there. I pulled them out and looked at them. They were still in their wrappers. I remembered I used to sell them to other kids for 25 cents a pack. Now I knew they were worth $20 a pack.

September 23rd, 2002 (Sex with an entity)

In this dream I heard very beautiful music playing at a high volume. It was music I have never heard before. It was extremely relaxing. I was laying down listening to this music in a very relaxed state. I was very comfortable. I had the feeling there was an entity of some sort that wanted to have sex with me. With the music and feeling relaxed it seemed like it was the right thing to do. However I felt something odd about this and something made me feel this was not a good thing to do even though all the outside indications seem to be saying this was a good thing to do. The sex would not have been physical sex, but something different.

Since somewhere inside of me this did not feel right I told the entity, "No, this is not something I want to do." The entity respected my wishes. I wanted to tell Aga this dream so I woke up. When I woke up I was extremely exhausted and just wanted to go back to sleep. I feel back to sleep in just a few seconds. Then I wanted to tell Aga the dream again. So I woke up and again felt extremely exhausted and feel back asleep in just a few seconds. This happened about six or seven times until I finally just fell back to sleep for the night.

September 24th, 2002 (Morphing Camera)

I was in San Diego, CA with my dad. I was taking some pictures with my digital camera. I took a picture of a rabbit. After taking the picture the camera in addition to taking the picture turned into a little stuffed rabbit. It still had the buttons on it to function as a camera. At one point the camera was the shape of a hand. I could find one button needed to take the next picture, but the 2nd button I needed to press I could not find. Finally I found it between two of the fingers. Half the button was on one finger and the other half on another finger. I pressed on the left finger with part of the button and that worked.

In the next part of the dream I was in this house in a different dimension or a different planet similar to this one. It was dusk and the room of the house I was in was missing part of the outside wall. At one point a rabbit came inside through the wall and jumped into a box that had some of my things in it. This was not a normal rabbit, but something was odd about it. I decided to move into a different section of the house that was closed off from the outside.

I was watching something on TV. On this show there were two people talking to each other. Each one was speaking in a different language. However they started being able to understand gradually what the other person was saying until they reached the point where they both totally understood each other even though they were both speaking different languages the other person did not know.

A man came into the room and asked me to explain how this was happening. I remembered a similar situation from the past that I thought would help him to understand what was going on. Gwen was there and I knew she was evolved in this similar situation. I asked her to explain it to this guy. She said she could not because she had not been paying attention to the two men on the TV. So I explained to the guy the other situation.

In the next part of the dream I had just come back inside the house from being outside. It was nighttime and everyone in the house was asleep. The room I passed through to get to my room had a little boy sleeping in a big bed. I noticed he had my sleeping bag and some of my blankets. I told him I needed my sleeping bag back. I gave him some other blankets that I said he could keep and let him barrow a couple of blankets that had sentimental value to me. I told him that he would have to give those back to me in the morning.

October 1st, 2002 (Working with Becky on Chakras)

In the first part of this dream I was in a school type environment. Someone told me my Great Aunt Beulah had passed away. I went down to the nurse's office to check it out. When I got there the dream switched around so it was not my Great Aunt, but instead it was my niece Laura.

She was laying on her back on a bed. There was something stuck down her through to open up the air passageway. As I looked at her I could see they were mistaken and that she was not dead. I could see her trying to breath. As I watched she seemed to move around more and her condition seemed to be improving.

In the next part of the dream I was with my sister Becky. I knew she had passed away, but she was there in the dream. She was working with me on my 4th chakra. She also worked with me some on my 6th or 7th chakra as well.

October 3rd, 2002 (Cruse Ship)

I was riding with my family on a cruse ship. I was aware that this ship was going to meet a bigger cruse ship out at sea and that everyone would switch over to that ship. I walked into a small store inside this ship. I was walking along an upper rim to the room. It was kind of like a big shelf that went around the room that was about halfway between the floor and ceiling.

I was stepping over items that were on the shelf and was trying to walk around the whole room this way. Then I came to where there was a fireplace and a mantel. I was unable to get around this, and I realized that there was no point getting around it since the shelf ended shortly after it and did not go all the way around the room.

I looked at the items on the shelf and saw this kewl looking bottle. It was very large with a small neck and opening at the top. There was some different colored candy inside the bottle. It also some kewl spiral shapes. I decided to get this bottle as a gift for Gwen.

After I bought it I was thinking that it was probably a little to big for Gwen since she lived in a small apartment and something smaller probably would have been a more appropriate gift. Also I spent most of what little money I had on me on this. When I knew that once I got to the bigger ship it would have stores with much larger selections.

It was getting close to the time to switch ships. I was lagging behind everyone else. I was afraid I would be too late. As I got there the ramp leading to where the other ship should be just lead out into the sea like a plank. There was no bigger ship there. Instead everyone had just jumped into the ocean. I tried to change the dream so the big ship was still there but that did not work. Then I saw the captain of the ship I was on. He was controlling the ship just to the right of where everyone jumped off the ship.

There were three large screens he was looking at. At first they showed where the ship was going, then it switched over to a road, as if he were driving a motorcycle on the road. Then he showed me a trail that people could walk on that was inland. It was as if someone videotaped going along the trail at a high speed. When they were going strait it showed up in the middle screen, when they turned right or left it showed up in the right or left screen.

In this simulation he could ride his motorcycle on this trail. In real life people were only allowed to walk along it.

October 3rd, 2002 (Lucid Dream with Flying and Music)

I don't remember the first part of the dream. At one point I walked outside of an apartment and was walking around. Shortly after leaving the apartment I realized I was dreaming. I immediately took off flying. As I did that I thought about the theme from the movie Superman. That music played very vividly as I was flying around. Then the music switched to something that was played on a string type instrument. This music was also very vivid and was something I did not remember ever hearing before, either in real life or in other dreams.

I was watching the landscape below pass by beneath me. Then I woke up shortly after that.

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