Dreams 2003

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July 2003 around this date (Escape and Return to Prison)

I was in a prison. There were others staying in there as well. This prison was located in San Diego, CA near the ocean. The section I was in had a hallway with maybe around 10 to 15 different rooms. There was also a room where anyone could hang out in. Even though this was a prison we could freely walk to different peoples rooms and in and out of our own. We just could not leave this area.

I was looking out the window and I saw a wave from the ocean come up onto the law out in front of this building. It was not a huge wave, just water from the wave coming up onto the law. Seeing that made me want to go outside and walk down to the beach in the water. So I climbed out the window and walked down to the beach and was wading through the water. I had rolled up my pants legs. However before the next wave came the one that had come up to the lawn was on its return back to the ocean. I was looking out into the ocean so I did not see it coming up behind me. It was a big wave and pushed me further into the ocean. A woman that was at the beach with her family grabbed me and helped me so the wave would not take me out too far. Then I came back in a little ways on the next wave from the ocean. I enjoyed playing in the ocean for a while.

Then I was inside a building. I was following the woman that helped me in the ocean. She was taking me down to the basement of this building. However I could only get down to the 1st floor. She had to squeeze through a crack in the stairs to get into the basement. I saw I was not going to fit, or even if I might fit I did not want to be in that cramped space. So I decided I would take the elevator down instead.

Then I went back into a different part of the prison. This part was the first part you come into when you first go there, and sometimes they would move us from one part to the other. However this was a time where I would normally still be in the part with all the rooms. I decided to leave that part and crawl back in through a window to get back to the part I was supposed to be at. Some of the prisoners there saw me leaving and I told them to be quiet and not tell the guards I was leaving. I also told them that I would be back and I would be doing stuff to help their situation so it was in there best interest to let me go and do my stuff.

I left and crawled back into a window to the other section I was supposed to be in. I saw there was a child that had also left through the window before me. I think she is the one who gave me the idea that I could just leave through the window. However the guard was there just after I got back and he was walking to where he would see this girl coming in through the window. So I asked him a question about something in the other direction so she could get back in safely.

After the guard was gone I went over and talked to the girl. I told her she should leave a cretin window open so she could get in quicker and not have to waste time looking for one she could get in through.

August 6th, 2003 around 4:50am (Pink Foam in Elementary School)

Gwen and I were in the S8G hull at KAPL. We were looking at something there and standing around chatting. I think we were with Steve as well and perhaps a few others. I noticed people were leaving. I saw Gwen up a head a ways and was walking quickly to catch up with her. There were lots of other people around. It was kind of like we were walking around in a mall. I was weaving my way around people to catch up with Gwen. I finally caught up with her as we left the plant. Now it was like we were in a High School.

It was lunchtime and we went into the cafeteria. Gwen was ahead of me in line. I grabbed a small plate. I put a Big Mac type sandwich on my plate and grabbed a can of Mt. Dew. Then as I went down the line further and I saw there was salad as well. There was not enough room on my plate for the salad. People were behind me becoming impatient how slowly I was going. I told them they could go around me if they wanted to. I walked back and got a bigger plate so I could get some salad as well. I saw Gwen was patiently waiting for me by the cashier. When I got to the cashier she rang me up and my total came to around $5.98. I paid and Gwen and I left.

We needed to transfer to a different location. We left the HS and got into her car. I'm not sure if it was her car or not. It was a smaller vehicle and it drove by its self to our next destination. It was about a 30 minute drive there. On the way the view was very beautiful. There was water coming down rocks. I think some of it may have been frozen. I told Gwen that I wish I brought my camera along so I could get some pictures. On the way there I ate part of my sandwich. Gwen was not able to eat any of her food since she was driving.

Then we arrived at the new destination. It was kind of like an Elementary School. I was looking there to see if there was a cafeteria there. This switch from HS to Elementary School was something that Gwen and I were going to do on a daily basis. I thought it might be easier just to get lunch on this end. There was a fancy restaurant there. I think a Ponderosa. There were also several other places to get food there as well including a pizza place.

I split off from Gwen and wondered around by myself. I explored the building. I went back down hallways that were not for the general public. I was looking in doors seeing where they led. At one point someone came up to me and asked me what I was doing back there. They said a janitor told them I was looking all around. I told them I always explore new buildings when I first go there. This answer seemed to be ok with him and I continued wondering around. At one point I went into an elevator, but it did not seem to be fully functional yet. Parts of this building were still under construction or renovation.

It was getting dark outside and I realized it was time to go home. Gwen and I were back in the main part of the building. We were going to leave, but I realized a part of me was manifesting itself in this building. I could not leave because I was connected with this stuff I was manifesting in the building. I told Gwen I was going to sleep in the building. She helped me grab some blankets from one room and then we walked back into the "off limits" area from the public section of the building. When looking up at the ceiling I could see it pulsating with this stuff I manifested. There was so much of it that it looked like this stuff was going to break through the ceiling. It was growing by leaps and bounds. I realized if I stayed the night there it would fill the entire building by morning. I decided I better not spend the night there. I went to leave, but this foam like pink substance blocked the door.

I had a feeling this was my consciousness manifesting in physical form. If not that some other word that started with a "c". There was an emergency exit this stuff was not blocking. I was going to try to go through that, but as soon as I thought to do that it came up and blocked that door. It started coming in the door heading in my direction. Then I woke up.

I was telling someone else the dream in a room with many others. The dream caught some of their attention. They were surprised I remembered such detail about it when I remembered the food I ordered and the exact price it cost me. As I was telling about the part when Gwen and I were in the automated car and about the part with the water I appeared there during the night.

I walked along the road for a bit. Then I woke up again. I wrote the words from the dream down on a piece of paper to remember them. Then I woke up in real life.


My take on this dream is that you are involved with something that is taking you backwards.. i.e. the school stuff. In doing this you are getting stuck in the past...as in becoming part of the building. Look at your life and see what part of it is not moving forward and is returning you to past patterns that are not helping you to move on and grow into the next stage. You are getting stuck in a pattern that is stunting your growth. Be careful or you will get stuck there for a long time and it will be more and more difficult for you to break free. and move on. Even others will help you stay stuck as they are fascinated by the details of the situation rather than seeing it for what it is and having your best interests in mind. Others love to help us wallow in self-created unhelpful situations...as in the first wake up. I think this is a very significant dream. Be careful.

September 2nd, 2003 (Lucid Dream with Tiger Statue)

I was in a school of some kind sleeping in a room. An instructor or some other staff member came in and said there was a problem with one of the computers. He said someone had put a virus on it. I asked him if he thought I did it and he said yes. I asked to see the computer that was infected hoping I might be able to solve the problem.

He took me to the computer witch was in a computer lab. I looked at it and the problem was it was unable to read from the hard drive or any of the other external drives. I tried several things but was unable to get it to work. Someone was printing something out in the room. Around this point I realized I was dreaming.

I was flying up in the sky above a landscape from a video game. The game had a limited landscape and I flew up higher to see more of it, but it just repeated the one landscape that was already there. I flew up higher several times before I decided to shift to a real world area rather then one from a video game.

When I shifted I appeared at the house on Gates Road where I grew up. I was flying through the hallway in the bedroom wing of the house and flew through the window in the end room. Once I was outside I was walking around in the driveway. At that point I tried to remember if there was anything I wanted to try to do in a lucid dream.

I decided to try something I read in the "Art of Dreaming" book. I looked for an object that was kind of out of place so I could follow it back to its source. I looked around in the driveway around the turn-around and saw two small statues. Each one was bout 5 inches tall. The first was of a gargoyle or some creature with wings. I picked it up and looked at it but I felt more of a draw to the 2nd statue. It was of a tiger.

When I picked it up and took a closer look I realized it was of two tigers and not just one. There was a male tiger lying down and a female tiger next to him. As I looked even closer I realized that the female tiger was in the process of giving birth and the baby tiger was almost halfway out.

At this point I decided to try to meditate in my dream. I sat down and closed my eyes. I was very relaxed and in a very meditative state. I was seeing colorful patters and stuff. I was thinking how it was kewl that I was seeing all this stuff while mediating in a dream since when I do so awake I don't get much in the way of visuals. It was still a bright sunny day and I could see bright white light coming in through the corners of my eyes. It was kewl because I knew in real life where I was asleep in bed it was dark. When I opened my eyes I saw it was nighttime.

The stars were out and very bright. I lay down on the ground and got into the same position that I was sleeping in in real life. I lay there for a little bit and then I rolled over onto my back and looked at the stars for a bit.

After a little while the stars straight above me started to dim a little but the ones off to the sides were still bright. I decided I wanted to drive some. It was now daytime and I was in my car in the driveway. I needed to back out of the driveway to get to the road. When I looked behind me to back up I could not see much of anything. I certainly could not see well enough to back up. So I just used my memory of the driveway to navigate out of it onto the road. (This was a fairly long driveway and has turns in it).

Once I turned out onto the road I look forward and found that I did make it down the driveway all right. I pealed out and started driving down Gates Rd. towards Jamesville. As I was driving I looked at my hand. Then I leaned over to look in the rear-view mirror. In the dream I was wearing sunglasses, but in the mirror I had no glasses on. I looked about the same as I do in real life, but in the dream my hair was thicker and more of it, but it was about the same length as it is now in real life. Then I looked back to the road and I woke up.

September 7th, 2003 (Taking Notes in High School)

Gwen and I drove to school. We were at the Sherburne-Earlville HS in a classroom. There were a bunch of other students in the room as well. The teacher was using and overhead projector to display notes for us to take. He had the projector sitting on my desk so when he switched pages he would set the one that just came off the display on my desk. That way when he took it off before I could write down all my notes I was able to look at it on my desk to finish taking the notes on that page.

At one point the teacher was saying I should not be taking notes from the page on my desk while he had another one up on display. I told him that he was going too fast and not providing time to get all the notes down. The teacher and I argued for a little bit.

September 7th, 2003 (Advance College Course in Mountain)

I was in an advanced class. It was a college type course and there were around 100 people in the class. It was my first day of class and I was there with Darlene. We did all sorts of things in the class and it was all very interesting and I was learning a lot of stuff. The class was very long it was a 10-hour class. The class met 6 days a week with only Sunday off. After class got out Darlene and I wondered around some. Outside of the classroom in the main area was a gift shop. Then there were other areas as well. Some of the areas we had to climb up to get to. At one point I was able to see outside and I realize all of this was inside a very large mountain.

Darlene and I went downstairs to our room. I was exhausted from the class and ready to go to sleep. It was then that I decided to drop out of the class. I did not think I would be able to take 10 hours a day of this class. I knew that soon as I got out of class each day I would be so exhausted from it that I would go to sleep and wake up in time to go to it again the next morning. I knew that even for the one day off a week that I would be sleeping all day to catch up on sleep from doing so much during the week. So I would have no free time at all for the next year or so while the class was in session.

September 17th, 2003 (Lucid Dream trying to Enter Someone Else's Dream)

I was reaching up about to grab hold of a post to climb up onto a higher ledge. I examined the post closely to make sure it would hold my weight before pulling myself up. While I was examining it I realized that I was dreaming. I could see the energy in this object was different then the energy in objects in real life. Once I realized I was dreaming I immediately got a running started and took off flying. While I was flying I tried to remember if there was anything I wanted to try to do in a lucid dream. Then I remembered I wanted to try to enter into someone else's dream. Soon as I tried to enter their dream I felt a strong spinning sensation. I was moving very rapidly up higher and higher. This was an extremely kewl feeling. However I woke up before I reached the person dream I was trying to enter. I was in the bedroom (Room 1) at the house in Jamesville. I lay in bed for a little while and then I woke up for real.

September 17th, 2003 (Hundreds of Sparkling Wavy Lines in the Sky)

I was walking along a path in the woods. It was starting to get dark outside and I had a large flashlight with me. Even with that flashlight it was kind of hard to see along the trail. I wanted to go to a cabin out in the woods.

I knew I was visiting earth and that the ship I came here on was up orbiting the planet. I was in contact with the ship and they told me that now was not a good time to go to the cabin. They told me that it was too late at night and that I needed permission to walk on someone property to get there and they could not get this late.

As I continued walking along I came to a clearing. From there I could see the night sky. There were hundreds of sparkling wavy lines in the sky. They seemed stationary and were very beautiful. I asked the people on the ship if I could stay the night here on earth and they said it would be ok.

I crawled up into a tree and layer down on one of the branches and looked up at the sky for a while. I was also in constant contact and talking with one of the people on the ship. At one point I could see a point of white light that I knew was the ship I came here on. Then I saw a sparkle on that point of light. I knew that meant they fired a weapon at me. I knew they targeted just me, and that it would hit about a five-foot radius of where I was when they fired it. So I crawled out of the tree and moved away a little so I would be out of range of it. Then I woke up.

September 18th, 2003 (Evil Diner)

I was visiting my dad at his house. His house in the dream is no place I have ever seen before and I had the feeling it was located somewhere in Central NY. I had been there for about a week. My dad was telling me about a secret lake. Almost no one knew about it and no one has found it before. This like was located somewhere near Ananda Ashram so we were going to drive down and look for the lake and then stay the night at Ananda.

He told me the name of the lake, but I don't remember now. I just remember it was the same name as a lake in Upstate NY except the last letter was removed. When we left I realized I had forgotten a pair of shoes at my dads, but figured it was not big deal because I did not need them.

As we got close to where we were going to start looking for the lake we stopped at a diner for dinner. My dad got a dessert and I was looking at the menu and I saw all this place had were desserts. I was not in the mood for a dessert. I wanted something for dinner. Then some guy said he could make me a hamburger and gave me one. I took one bite out of it and the meat in it tasted weird so I thru it down to the ground and did not eat the rest of it.

I went into the bathroom and from in there I could here voices from different people. These people sounded in pain. I realized they were being held at this diner against their will. At this point I decided it would be best to get out of this place. My dad and I left. We drove down a dirt road a little ways and then we saw a road sign. The name of the road was the same name as the lake we were looking for, so we figured it must be along that road. We pulled in a driveway so we could walk around and check it out.

I noticed at that point that some people from the diner were following us. My dad and I ran into the house whose driveway we pulled into so we could hide there.

Three or four policeman came into the house just after we went inside. I had a feeling these were the people from the diner in disguise. I asked to see all their badges and called the police department to verify the badge numbers. They all checked out ok, but the third policeman's badge had some other writing on it that did not exactly match what was supposed to be there. It was very close and meant the same thing but it was different enough that I knew these were not real policemen. One of the guys told me not to tell them anything about the song. Then the leader got mad and told that guy to shut up because the police could hear him on the phone. Then I hung up the phone.

The leader of the group told me I better not tell anyone about the song. I told them I would not tell anyone and that it would be safe to let me know and that he could trust me. Then I woke up.

September 19th, 2003 (Meeting with John)

I was at Aga's apartment in Portland, Oregon. I had been visiting her for about a week. I was looking at the mail and there was a piece of junk mail addressed to me at that address. On it was a thin strip of something. I was reading it and then I noticed the strip of whatever it was started smoking a little. Then it just burst into flame. I quickly put it out.

There was a knock at the door and it was Cathy (A childhood friend's mother). There was also someone else that came in as well that I felt a close connection to but I don't remember who it was now. I was talking to them and I mentioned that they timed their visit well because I originally was going to be leaving that day but at the last minute I changed plans so I would be staying for an extra day.

I asked them if they wanted to go over to the pool for a little bit and they said sure. Then I noticed Aga was crying. I knew she was crying because I was giving the two visitors all of my attention since I had not seen them in a long time. I talked to Aga for a little bit to comfort her. Then there was another knock at the door. I answered the door and saw that it was John (a friend from Norwich). At that point I told the other two people that were visiting that we would have to cancel the trip to the pool. Instead they ate some breakfast.

John and I talked for a while. Then we moved into one of the bedrooms. There was no furniture in that room. The five of us just sat on the floor. John and I talked for quite a while. Then we shifted back into the living room. That room also had no furniture as well. It was kind of like a kindergarten classroom. There were tons of arts and crafts stuff strewn all over the floor. It was extremely messy.

I was working on cleaning up the area. There was a boy around 6 years old near me and I was sorting through pens and pencils. I told him to put all the pencils away in the closet. He did not want to do this. I knew it was because he thought he would have to sharpen all those pencils first. I told him that he did not have to sharpen them and that he just had to put them away. Once he knew he did not have to sharpen them he happily put them away. I put the pens away and grabbed a bunch of poster paper off the floor and put that away as well.

By the time we were done we had gotten everything put away. The floor was in serious need of vacuuming and there were small pieces of paper on the floor, but all the big stuff was taken care of. It was shortly after this that I woke up.

September 24th, 2003 (Three Rainbows on a Road Trip)

Gwen and I were driving along I-87 (The Northway) on our way to Canada. At one point on the way there we saw 3 rainbows. All of them were compete full arches. The bottom two where very bright and the top one was not quite as bright, but were still perfectly visible. For a moment I thought I might have spotted a fourth rainbow, but then I realized it was just part of one of the three I already spotted.

We arrived at a boarder crossing. I was talking to a woman at a booth. She was asking where we were traveling. I told her we had no destination planned. We were just driving and we would end up where we would end up. The woman kind of thought that was odd. Since each of the two possible roads to take needed a different kind of pass, she just gave us one pass for each route. They were both blue in color and had writing written with a black pen on them.

Shortly after crossing the boarder Gwen and I saw a park off to the right. We decided to stop there and have a look around. There was this large waterslide type art form there. It was about 50 feet tall and it was not a slide meant as a ride but more as an art form.

Gwen and I were at the top of the waterslide. There were protrusions coming out of it facing upwards shooting out water. These prevented anyone from sliding down the slide. However they made the slide look kewl when looking up at it from the ground. Gwen and I slowly walked down the slide. We had to watch our step since it was not a flat surface and we did not want to step on the protrusions shooting out the water. Also the water was deeper in some spots then others and we did not want to step where it was too deep to see the bottom. It was no deeper then two or three feet in the deepest part, but with the twirling water from the jets we could not see the bottom in those deeper spots. So we figured it was best to avoid stepping there.

At one point I had to take a very long step to get to a spot with good footing. I helped Gwen across that spot. As we got to the bottom of the slide we saw that it was not finished being constructed. I started carving out more of the slide. Then I woke up.

October 20th, 2003 (Working with an Autistic Person)

I was inside a house someplace. Nothing I recognize from real life. I was with an Autistic boy. During the course of the dream his age changed around ranging from a kid to a young adult. We were playing together. I remember at one point I was laying down on my back and held a small straw made out of paper in my mouth. He had some pixy dust sugar type candy and was pouring some down the straw. He instinctually poured too much down some a bunch of it spilled on my face and shirt. We both laughed about that. We did a bunch of other stuff, but I don't remember the specifics now.

At one point I saw a little baby. Actually this baby looked around 8 years old or so except he was only about 4 inches tall. I used my finger to gently tickle him. He had the cutest little expression on his face while I was tickling him. The next part of the dream is hard to explain. It was like I was watching a movie and I saw different camera shots of him and thought how they could be making him look like he was only 4 inches tall. Then slowly through different activities (the only one I remember now is him playing basket ball towards the end) he became normal size. Then the dream was back to normal perspective not seeing things as a movie and he was normal size still.

Then I continued playing with the Autistic person. For a while I was starting to feel what he felt. I was seeing things from his perspective. I saw how incredibly intelligent he was. It was frustrating because he had this great intelligence but could not express through his body. It was like he was trapped in that body unable to express his true self. This allowed me to fully understand him and what it was like to be him. I felt tremendous love for him at that point.

October 20th, 2003 (Opening the Flood Gates)

I was in the backyard at the house I grew up at in Jamesville , NY . There was a stream down below the backyard. Across the stream was land my mom and dad used to own, but it was sold a while back and someone built a very expensive house on that land. In this dream they also build a very large damn in the stream. This made a large area of water that people could swim in. The damn was around 20 feet tall.

There was a boy and a girl swimming in the water. I recognized them from my childhood. They had lived up the street a little ways from where I lived. I got in the water and swam with them for a bit and was talking with them. Some other people came in the water as well while the kids and I were swimming. At one point the boy was holding onto my back as I was swimming around.

I was thinking to swim up stream a little ways since the damn made the water deeper for around 150 feet up stream. When I looked up stream I noticed the water was more turbulent all of a sudden. There was also more water then normal starting to come down the stream. I realized there must have been a thunder storm with a lot of rain somewhere up stream and all that extra water was coming down stream now.

I swam with the boy on my back over to the ladder to get out of the water and into my backyard. I got the boy out safely and all the others that were swimming there got out safely as well just before the extra water came to were we were just swimming moments before.

The water was chocolate colored due to the large amount of dirt that was washed into the stream from the torrential downpour upstream. The damn was severally damaged. A lot of water had broken through it and some was still following over the remaining parts of it. This formed several waterfalls that would be very dangerous from someone to go down.

I saw a small motor boat with two people coming down stream. I warned them of the water falls they were about to go over and told them to quickly jump out of the boat onto land. Instead they tried to turn the boat around and go up stream. But the little motor in it was not powerful enough to fight the current. It was now traveling backwards down stream. The two people wasted the time they had to jump out onto land with turning the boat around and now they had no time to jump out. Both the people and the boat went down the waterfall. I would have been very surprised if either of them lived much past that moment.

I decided to run inside the house real quick and grab my camera to take some pictures of the stream in this state since I had never seen it flood as high as it was now. I got back with the camera and took some pictures. As I backed further away from the stream I could see how wide spread the flooding was. The water was at least 100 feet across in some places.

There was some sort of family reunion going on now in the backyard. One woman came up to me and said some famous singer was coming to perform shortly and wanted me to give her money to take either take him out to lunch or to go out and get him something special. I saw no reason why this guy should be treated anymore special then anyone else there so I gave her $10 and told her to go get him a sandwich.

October 20th, 2003 (Telling Gwen the dream about the Autistic Person)

In this dream I woke up early in the morning. I wanted to tell Gwen the dream I had that night about the Autistic Person. I knew she would be up getting ready for work at this time. The building we live in was slightly different in this dream.

I had to go outside from the 2 nd floor to get up to the door to her apartment. There were two different ways to get to her apartment. Gwen was with me and asked what way I wanted to take. I chose the shorter path. However that shorter path was not as sturdy as the other one. Gwen went up ahead of me, however I was not sure if some of the boards would take my weight or if I would crash through and fall to the ground. I took a long step to skip over some of the unsturdy boards. Gwen held out her hand to help me get across and I took it and stepped across.

Once we were inside her apartment I started telling her the dream I had earlier that morning. As I started talking about the Autistic person in my dream I entered his mindset and felt what it was like to be him again. My speech became slurred and it was very difficult for me to form the words I needed to. There were long spaces of silence between words. As I was telling Gwen about how connected I felt with him and how intelligent he was but unable to express it she started to cry. As I continued telling her the dream she threw up. Some of it landed on my hair and then she moved so the rest landed on the floor.

We both hugged each other for a while. Then we kissed. At first I was afraid I would taste the residue of vomit in her mouth, but fortunately I did not. It was a very emotional time for both of us. We kissed a few more times after that. One of those times her hair got in the way and I had to brush it aside.

December First Part of the month, 2003 (Sending Reiki to Woman in Metal Chair)

I was with another guy and we went into this house. I had never seen this house before. The guy I was with had a shotgun and we were in the kitchen area. Then a man came inside the house. He was the father and he had a shotgun as well. The guy I was with started to fire his gun at the father not realizing that he lived in this house and the father shot at the guy I was with because he thought he was breaking into the house. I yelled at both of them to stop and explained the situation. It was too late one of the men were wounded. I think it was the father. We needed to get him to the hospital.

We went outside and started walking up the long driveway going in a circular direction up a hill. The father's family was outside as well and they walked with us. I was almost to the top of the driveway and I looked behind me to see how everyone else was doing. The daughter was a ways behind and I wanted to get her to hurry up. However it was like I was in a movie and everything was scripted out and I could not change the speed that she walked.

In the next part of the dream I was walking along the streets in a small city. It seemed to be wintertime and was cold outside. I saw a woman sitting in a metal chair on the sidewalk. I don't know if it was the daughter that was walking up the driveway earlier in the dream or someone else.

The back of the chair was up against a stone wall that was about three and a half feet tall. I saw that the metal chair was soldered to the top section of this wall. The woman in the chair was wearing a long dress. Something that someone from the 1800's or early 1900's might wear.

I saw a man come up from behind her and he put some hot wax on the wall where the solder was. I saw that the hot wax melted the solder in a few inches. I knew he was planning on dumping more hot wax there and I saw that if he did this it would continue melting the solder and go through the back of the metal chair and into the woman's back. This would be extremely painful for the woman sitting in the chair.

This woman was not able to get out of the chair. I don't know why, but it was like the woman that could not run any faster up the driveway. It was just scripted that way and could not be changed.

I woke up from the dream. (Note the rest of this in not a dream and took place while I was a wake in real life).

I was a little cold so I turned on the heater in my room to heat it up a little and then crawled back into bed. While I was awake I thought about the dream I just woke up from. I felt that something should be done to help that woman. I had a vivid image of the situation from the dream in my head while I lay there awake. In that image I pictured a plate of strong metal being placed in-between the back of her chair and where the wax was melting through the solder. This worked and stopped the solder from getting to the woman. However I knew this was just a temporary fix. That after a little while the hot wax would work its way through the plate of metal I placed there.

Then I figured since I so easily visualized the plate of metal there that I could just visualize the woman getting up out of the chair so she would be out of danger. However no matter how hard I tried I could not visualize that.

So I tried to think of what else I could do. I decided to send her Reiki and thought that might help the situation. As I started to send her Reiki I saw her on the energy level. I saw that the solder from the chair went deep into her back. That most of her back was made from metal. That most of this woman was just a shell. However there was something inside of her. It was a life form but I had no clue as to what kind of life form it was.

It was in the center of the woman's chest and in spherical in shape. It seemed to be either black or very dark in color. It was about the size of someone's fist or perhaps a little smaller. I kind of got a dark feeling from it but not in a negative way.

Then I felt like I was being tested. I wondered if perhaps I should not interfere. Maybe this was something that should be destroyed and I should just let the hot wax come in and kill her.

However I decided to do something about this since I was only getting dark feelings from this life from and not negative ones.

I visualized large explosions of Reiki energy taking place inside of this woman at the point where this life form was. Those explosions destroyed the shell this life form was in.

Now it was on the ground out of harms way of the hot wax. Now that it was free from the shell it started to grow in size and was becoming its full size. It was about 4 or 5 feet tall and was dark in color. It had many tentacles, arms or whatever they were. It kind of looked like a bug or insect, but not like any I have seen before.

At that point it was free from the danger and I knew I had done the right thing. Then I lay awake thinking about what had just happed for a little while. I looked over at the clock and it was 3:03am and then I went back to bed.

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