My Reiki Experiences

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My First Attunements

After visiting the Reiki chat room for a while on mIRC back in early 1997, I started talking to a Reiki Master. She said she would be willing to send me long distance attunements. When she gave me my first attunement I was sitting down in a comfortable position meditating. I could feel the energy all around me and I started to feel it stronger then I ever felt it before. That lasted about ten minuets or so, and after that I was level one Reiki. A couple months later she gave me my second attunement so I would be level 2. I did not feel anything special from that attunement like I did from the first one.

Sending Reiki Long Distance

At first I did not have anyone I could try sending Reiki to in person so I did it all long distance. One night I met this girl in a chat room and the topic of Reiki came up. I asked her if she would like me to send her some long distance Reiki. She said sure. I sent her some for a couple of minuets and I asked her if she felt anything and she said that she did feel it. I was not sure if she was just going along with me and saying that or if she truly felt something. So I stopped sending to her and we talked some more. Then I started sending to her a little later. A few seconds after I started sending to her again, she asked if I was sending more Reiki, because she was feeling it again. That kind of surprised me and that was my first sign that this stuff might actually work.

First Time Sending Reiki in Person

In late October of 1998 I visited a friend I met on the Internet. Her and I had talked about Reiki before and one of the days I was there I sent her some Reiki. She is the first person I sent Reiki to in person. I had her sit down on the floor in front of me with her back towards me. I moved my hands around her head some, just moving them with the flow of the energy, kind of letting them move on there own. Then I placed my hands on her shoulders.

After I sent to her I asked her what she felt if anything. She told me she could feel where my hands where when I was moving them around her head and that it was very relaxing. She said it was amazing once I placed my hands on her shoulders that she could feel this surge of energy past through her.

Then I asked if she wanted to try sending me some and she said sure. I also could feel the energy coming from her hands when she was moving them around my head so I could tell where her hands were.

Sending Reiki to Someone with a Brain Tumor

In early 1999 I started talking with someone I knew back when I was in High School. She has a brain tumor. I told her about Reiki and asked if she wanted me to try sending her some. At the time I lived in Pittsburgh, PA and she lived in Sherburne, NY. So this was all done through long distance healing.

I would call her on the phone and we would set up a time in the evening shortly before bed to do this. I told her a meditation technique to use where she would relax each part of her body on part at a time including internal organs. While she was doing this relaxation at her home in Sherburne, I would visualize the Reiki going to her. I laid down on my back with and moved my hands around in the air with the flow of the energy. Sometimes I would picture she was there with me and I was sending directly to her, and others I would picture a stream or flood of energy going straight to her. Both methods worked, so I just went with whichever one I was in the mood for at the time.

She had told me that she always has a headache. Sometimes it is really bad, and others it was not quite so bad. But it is always there to some degree. The next day after doing this with her for the first time I sent an e-mail asking her how it went. She told me that she did that meditation I told her about for around an hour and for the first time that she can remember her headache totally went away. After she stopped doing the meditation it slowly came back in about half an hour.

Another time when sending to her I felt something inside my head. It was just above my right ear about one inch inside my head. It was kind of a slight pain and I felt that was where Erica was feeling the pain at that time. The next day I asked her in an e-mail if that was the location of her tumor and that I felt something there. She told me that was the location of her shunt. That surprised me and confirmed to me that I was not just imagining this feeling.

More experiences to come soon...

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