Darlene and Tony
Binghamton, New York

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Tony and Darlene in their living room

Things went well at Darlene's and Tony's in Binghamton, New York. I got their place on Thursday morning February 7th around 8:40am. That morning I went with Darlene into an auto shop so she could drop off her car to get some work done on it. That day we mainly played Tetris on the Playstation and watched movies on TV. We watched an old TV mini series that was around 6 hours long called "V". It was made back around 1983 and was Sci-Fi about alien invaders that came down and pretended to be our friends and were really trying to steal all the earths water and take people up to there ships and store them away as a food source. It sounds pretty cheesy but it was actually pretty good :)

That evening Darlene Tony and I played a game of Risk. I won :)

The next day Troy (A friend of Darlene's that is from the Pittsburgh area) came to visit. He was pretty kewl. He is also into Reiki and stuff along those lines, so it was interesting listening to some of the stories he had. After he left we played more Tetris and watched more movies and some TV. Then later that evening I sent some Reiki to Darlene. After sending to her she told me she heard a pop in her heart chakra and a couple pops in her shoulders. And over all felt a bit better and more relaxed and that her chakras were a bit more open then they were before.

After that Darlene Tony and I talked for around 3 or 4 hours about several different topics. Among those was good ways to deal with anger and how to watch yourself and realize that anger won't solve any problems but in fact just makes them worse.

Saturday morning I left around 10:35am to head to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Darlene and I standing in front of their apartment building

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