Move to Raquette Lake 2008

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Lincon Building in Ballston Spa, NY

I decided to leave my job in Ballston Spa, NY and take a year off before getting another job. I first moved to Ballston Spa on October 31st 1999 and my first day of work at KAPL was November 1st 1999. My last day at KAPL was May 9th 2008.

This is the building I lived in at Ballston Spa, NY. It's called the Lincoln Building and is a little over 100 years old. I lived up on the 3rd floor. The window with the AC Unit and the one to the left of it was my apartment.

Raquette Lake Cabin

I have moved up to Raquette Lake and will be staying with my dad here for the summer.

Photo of our Cabin at Raquette Lake. My grandparents had this built when my mother was still just a kid. They enjoyed camping up at Raquette Lake so much that they finally decided to buy some land and have this cabin built on it. My mom spent several summers here when she was a teenager.

I have spent many weekends up here as I was growing up. There are no roads built that get to the cabin. You must take a boat 5 miles to get here from Raquette Lake Village.

Filled Room

Before I could move up to Raquette Lake several things needed to be done. First off what would become my room at Raquette Lake was filled with my dads stuff.

Photo of my room before moving out my dads stuff

Storage Shed Construction

So the first step was to build an addition on to the storage shed so we would have a place to put all that stuff.

On our first trip up for the year on April 25th 2008 we built the two walls.

Then I came up from May 12th to the 14th and we got the two walls up and the plywood on the roof. We then tarpapered the roof. All we had left was to put two more sheets of plywood on the walls and move the front wall with the door to the front of the new section.

Finished Storage Shed

Once the Storage Shed Addition was done we moved all my dads stuff from my room into the storage shed.

My dad and I finished the shed on May 20th, 2008. Well at least finished it enough to move stuff into it. We later put the metal sheets on the roof and did some finishing touches to it.

Mattress Drying on Dock

In the process of moving my stuff there was only one mishap. This occurred on the boat when we were brining the boxspring and mattress over for my bed.

I was standing up holding down the mattress. All of a sudden without any warning a big gust of wind lifted both the boxspring and mattress over my head and landed about 25 feet behind the boat in the lake. My dad quickly turned around and we were able to get them both back into the boat.

It took one day sitting out in the sun for the boxspring to dry out and two days for the mattress.

My room
My room

My room finally all set up at Raquette Lake
Porch Before Porch before it was rearanged
Porch After Porch after it was rearanged
View Across Lake from Cabin

View across the lake from the cabin

Duck at Raquette Lake

Picture of a female Common Merganser taken from the porch window using the zoom lens

Mergansers specialize on eating just fish. The Common Merganser breeds in NYS on big lakes like Raquette and rivers like the Hudson but also can be found on smaller bodies of water.

Deer in Backyard at Raquette Lake Deer standing in the backyard
Deer and Cat in Backyard at Raquette Lake Deer and one of my dads cats staring at each other
Snake in Woods Snake I came across while going for a walk in the woods


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